I heard this idiot on the internet say the total number of atoms in the universe was 10⁸⁰, and I thought that was stupid of him to say because, although I'm not a scientist, neither is he, and even if he was I highly doubt any scientist can conclusively say how many atoms there are in the universe, for what I believe are obvious reasons. Anyway, since I am a science/math pleb, I proposed these simple questions to Google, how many atoms are there in the average human(7*10²⁷), and how many humans are on earth(7.3 billion). With these 2 figures I tryed to calculate how many atoms that would be, but the calculator on this site literally broke and gave me infinity. So my question after this length of text is, can you get a better calculator? Because that doesn't make any sense at all, unless I'm an idiot and not using a calculator properly, I'm pretty sure there isn't an infinite amount of atoms in all of humanity, its a FINITE amount because there is a FINITE amount of humans. Right???

 Jun 25, 2019

7.3*10^9 * 7*10^27 = 5110000000000000000000000000000000 = 5.11e33 = 5.11*10^33


The calculation worked for me. 


 (I used the web2 calculator)

 Jun 27, 2019

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