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Suppose Solid X and Solid Y are similar. The surface area of Solid X is 539 cm2, and the surface area of Solid Y is 891 cm2. If Solid X has a height of 28 cm, what is the height of Solid Y in centimeters?

 Jun 26, 2018

The surface area  of  Y  to X  is   (  891/ 539)  = 81/49


For any dimension from Y to X.....we can take the square root of 81/49  = 9/7


So....this is the scale factor  for  each dimension from Y to X


So....the height of Y  will be  =


Height of X  * ( scale factor of Y to X )   =


28  * (9/7) =


28 / 7  *  9   =


4  * 9  =


36 cm



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 Jun 26, 2018

Asd an adddendum.....when we are talking about volume comparisons of similar solids....we are either taking a cube root to find a scale factor....or we are cubing the scale factor to find a voliume


For surface area......we   are either taking a square root to find a scale factor, or we are squaring the scale factor to find a surface area


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CPhill  Jun 26, 2018

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