axel and lethna are driviing along a motorway. 

they see a road sign shows the disstance to Junction 8

it also shows the average time drivers take to get to junction 8

To junction 8, 30 miles, 26 minutes.

The speed limit on the motorway  is 70 mph.

lethna says "We will have to drive faster than the speed limit to drive 30 miles in 26 minutes"

is lethna right?

You must show how you get your answer

Guest Jun 15, 2017



Distance / Time  = Rate   .....so......


30 miles / 26 minutes  =   (15 /13)  miles per minute  →  90/78 miles per minute


And 70 mph  =  ( 7/6)  miles per minute →   91/78 miles per minute


So......70 mph  is fast enough



cool cool cool

CPhill  Jun 15, 2017

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