Frederick wants to cover a birthday cake with vanilla icing. The cake is in the shape of a rectangular prism with the measurments 15 in x 10 in x 3 in. How much vanilla icing will Frederick need to cover the top and sides of the cake? I need help with this math problem as I am very confused. Thanks.

 Mar 6, 2018

Well, you need to find the surface area of the cake. If you fold the prism out, you can find each side and add it out. You can fold it out like so.



You should then find the areas of all the sides except the middle square. The reason for this is because the middle square represents the bottom of the cake and you don't ice the bottom.



Then add all the areas of each square.


45+45+150+30+30 = 300 in2

 Mar 6, 2018

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