I need to use the calculator to calculate tan of -5/4 what are the steps please and is there a user guide available 

 Jun 16, 2018

Open the calculator interface, which is the home page of this site. You should see "tan," a calculator input located as the fourth option in the first column. After inputting this, you should see that "tan(" appears on the command line. The tangent needs an argument, so input in the measure of the angle, \(-\frac{5}{4}\) in this case. Press the equal sign located on the right side of the calculator. 


If on radian mode, you should get \(\tan (-\frac{5}{4})\approx -3.010\)


If on degree mode, you should get \(\tan (-\frac{5}{4})\approx -0.0218\)

 Jun 16, 2018

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