Jenny bought a DVD that was 45% off, the original price was $12.50, and GST is 5% in her province. What is the final price? (Sorry if this doesn't make ANY sense)

PsychoBaker  Jun 5, 2017
edited by PsychoBaker  Jun 5, 2017

I'm pretty sure that GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. It's a Canadian tax, so the rest of the world may be unfamiliar with such:


Anyway, let's calculate the amount paid for a DVD. To find it, find how much the discount affected the price of the DVD:

\($12.50*0.45=5.625\) This is how much the discount affected the price. Subtract 5.625 from the original price of the DVD.
\(12.50-5.625=$6.875\) In the context of money, money is always rounded to the nearest hundredth place, so round this number to that decimal.


Okay, now we know what the cost of the DVD is after discount is applied to the price. Now, let's add the discount. Normally, you would multiply 6.88 by 5% and then add it to 6.88, but there is actually a faster method that requires one fewer step: Multiply 6.88*1.05. See how that saves a step? Let's try it together:


\($6.88*1.05=$7.224\) Yet again, round to the nearest hundredth.
\($7.22\) You are done! This is your final cost for the DVD.
TheXSquaredFactor  Jun 5, 2017
edited by TheXSquaredFactor  Jun 5, 2017

X^2: You made a slight error by adding 15% sales tax instead of 5%. So, your final result should be: $6.88 x 1.05 = $7.22

Guest Jun 5, 2017

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