Does anyone have any tips? This affects my highschool placements, and my FUTURE!....


I heard the vocabulary and the grammar on the PSAT scrutinizes the smallest things you have learned in Middle School, like antecedents, appositives, and compliments. 


Any suggestions on how to prepare, this is kind of important, and I probably will have a sleepless night...

 Sep 23, 2019

Not really sure why they are making the PSAT affect your future or your highschool placements.... 
but I really really suggest that you go over the material you don't really understand and just take a look at maybe things that you think will be on the exam. 

Also please take this advice from the heart, 
I really truly mean this when i say get a good sleep, and don't stress things. You'll do great :)

 Sep 24, 2019

same advice I give for all timed tests.


Go through the entire test answering what you are sure of.


Then go back to the problems you aren't immediately sure of.


Repeat but spend a bit more time on each problem now, if you have no clue move on.


Continue until you have finished the test or run out of time.

 Sep 24, 2019

i absolutely agree with rom! 

Nirvana  Sep 24, 2019

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