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The temperature of a liquid during an experiment can be modeled by the function  f(x)=3.8cos(πx20)+2.2 , where f(x) is the temperature in °C and x is the number of minutes into the experiment.

What is the lowest temperature the liquid reached during the experiment?

Round to the nearest tenth of a degree if needed.

Use 3.14 for π .


I think it is -1.6

 Jan 14, 2019

The amplitude of the cos wave will be 3.8          and it will be shifted UP  2.2


Max will be   3.8 + 2.2 = 6 C

Min will be   -3.8 + 2.2 = -1.6 C    as you found!  


Note: this assumes the expiriment runs through at least  ONE half period of the wave starting at t=0    !     

        (    Period of wave =  2pi/(20pi) = 1/10 of a minute=6 seconds..... 1/2 period = 3 seconds)

 Jan 14, 2019
edited by ElectricPavlov  Jan 14, 2019

Thank you  I wanted to double check with someone and your explanatation has helped with that . smiley

jjennylove  Jan 14, 2019

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