Hi all! So basically the AoPS staff doesn't want me to post anymore on this site (if it has anything to do with AoPS), so I'm rarely going to post from now on. Even if I were to post, it wouldn't be all of the steps to the the solution of a problem; it will just be a tiny hint or something. I'm also pretty busy with online school and everything... anyways, just a reminder to everyone again: Don't be desperate for answers, because it's more important to understand the steps to the solution. It's also never okay to plagiarize someone's solution they worked hard on. NEVER EVER do that. Seriously. I can't explain how serious a situation like that could get. I also don't know how to end this message so yeah... laugh:)smiley




(I suddenly forgot how to post an off-topic question, yikes)

 Sep 29, 2020

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