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I am a 6th grade currently taking Algebra 2 or Math 3 and AP Physics 1. High schoolers say I will be stressed in high school, so I shouldn't take high level courses. I made it to the state for mathcounts and science olympiad. I made national for science bowl. I made the natoinal for biogen spark video and geochallenge. Also, I made state for geo bee. I am a nerd, but should I take hard courses. This is a good website to learn math. BTW i was the one who solved the last two problemss

 Oct 13, 2018

You will be good just learn and if you love it you will be a good student and maybe a good scientist in future! Best wishes!

 Oct 13, 2018

Hi, this question is kind of off topic.


First off, if you are a 6th grader taking Algebra 2 and AP Physics 1, you are way off the curriculum according to any middle school (including private schools) in the US. Besides the science bowl and geo bee, if you are getting really high grades and acing those categories in math, I don't know why you would feel inclined not to take a higher course.


That is yet my opinion, but it is up to you to decide.


P.S. if you need time to learn more on doing math on websites like these, I would recommend cheking out LaTeX if you haven't done so. If you want to help people on this website get the answers they need, LaTeX is a great way to organize your solution so that it is easier to follow.

 Oct 13, 2018
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