Hi everyone

Its me, MysticalJaycat

I made a new account for a new name because you unfortunately can't change an existing username crying so I had to start fresh. #BCat posts will continue just with this account instead of my old one. Please do call me by my new name, Rosy, or Rose would be fine! Just thought I'de update you all so you know why MysticalJaycat is no longer active, and, so you know its me. 


RosyWintercat  May 6, 2017

Also, to Leli, if you can see this

When you make your account let me know but message RosyWintercat not MysticalJaycat, please!!

RosyWintercat  May 6, 2017

hi i decided to restart too

Britney.Flitter  May 10, 2017

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