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A circle is drawn that intersects all three sides of triangle PQR as shown below. Prove that if AB = CD = EF, then the center of the circle is the incenter of triangle PQR.

Please include a diagram if you introduce any new information into your solution.



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Find the center of the circle.....call this  " O"


From O.....draw  bisector OG  to chord AB   and bisector OH  to chord EF 


But, by Euclid,  a radial line bisecting a chord does so at right angles


And since AB  = EF = CD.....then equal chords are equal distances from the center of a circle


Now....connect  O  and  P


So.....OG  = OH,  OP  = OP   and angles OGP  and OHP  are right


So, by HL,  have two  cogruent  right triangles formed, ΔOGP  and ΔOHP


But  angle GPO   =  angle HPO....so  angle P  is bisected


By similar reasoning, we can draw bisector  OI  to chord  CD  and  also connect  QO

This will form  two congruent right triangles - Δ OGQ and ΔOIQ

And angle GQO  =  angle IQO, so Q is bisected


And since PO  and QO are angle bisectors of triangle  QPR  that  meet  at O....then ,by definition, the center of the circle is the incenter of triangle PQR 




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 Mar 4, 2018
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Thank you so much!


Just for anyone who doesn't want to draw the pic. ;)

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