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Here's a trig problem for you from my homework. I'm honeslty a little burnt out from a big trig. review so I thought I'd post this and by the time I come back to it answered I'll be able to think more clearly!


Any help would be much appreciated!


Sorry it's a little blurry


 Feb 3, 2016

Hey, ND.....good to see you!!!


Here's my take on this one......


If the Celestial North Pole traces out a complete orbit every 26,000 years, it must move through 360°  during that time....so.....in one year it must move:


(1/26000) * 360°   =  (9/650)°  = about  0.01384615° =


about    0.8307 ' 50"  [roughly]



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 Feb 3, 2016
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