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A utility pole is 38 ft tall. The pole creates a 53 ft shadow. What is the angle of elevation of the sun? Round your answer to the nearest degree. Please show STEP-BY-STEP work and explanation, I'm really trying to understand and learn from this.


*i think this is what they triangle would look like...




Thank you

 Dec 15, 2018

Not that difficult.....


We know an opposite side to the angle [ the height of the pole]

And we know the adjacent side to the angle [ the shadow length ]

"x" is the elevation angle [ what we are looking for ]


So....the trig function that relates  opp / adj    is the tangent


So....we have


tan x  =   38 /53


Now....to find the angle use the tangent inverse 


The other problem I anwered went through this step-by-step.....let me know if you didn't understand it......




arctan (38/53)  ≈  35.64°  =  36°   =   x




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 Dec 15, 2018

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