can some one please work this out by finding the length of the sides using sohcahtoa. thanks

it is a right angle triangle, from point B to A is 8m long and the angle is 29 degrees.

please i need help.
Guest Jan 28, 2012
Ok, what I think you're asking is this:
What's the length of b and a?
| \
| \ So we need c and a. First, we need C (the angle). The sum of all angles in
b| \ a a triangle is 180, and we have 2 angles: 90 and 29. 180-90-29=61, so C=61.
| \ Now for the equations. Let's look at a first. a/sinA=c/sinC. This gives us
| \ a/sin(90)=8/sin(61). Now balance to isolate a;
|_______\ a=8*sin90/sin61. Punch that in to a calculator for 9.14 (rounded). so a=9.14m
A 8 B=29 Now for b. b/sinB=c/sinC. This means b/sin(29)=8/sin(61). Now take the
(not drawn to same steps; b=(8*sin29)/sin61. Give this to a calculator to get about 4.43m.
So a=9.14m and b=4.43m
Guest Aug 23, 2012

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