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Please help with this question. Thank you!

 Apr 19, 2019

You can find your answer here. 

Post the answer so everyone else knows too  :)



 Apr 19, 2019
edited by Melody  Apr 19, 2019

I believe that  "theta" is known as the  "argument"


cool cool cool

 Apr 19, 2019


Are you too lazy to scan through a short internet page to find the answer you are looking for.  Even when someone else has given you a direct link?

How do I know your displeasure?    That is easy.     I can see how you allocate your points. 

You should be very grateful that someone is prepared to provide you with the internet links that will help you.  I guess you are not looking for long term help.


Like many people here.  Your attitude is     "JUST GIVE ME THE FRICK'N ANSWER!"


Well some others here are always happy to oblige.  Arn't you lucky.

 Apr 19, 2019


I just looked at your profile page.

Why don't you EVER say thank you to ANYONE! 


Saying it in advance is not be a replacment for a proper thank you when help is given to you.

Giving points is good but they should be additional to a thank you.


If you do not respond to my criticisms there may be consequences for you.

 Apr 19, 2019

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