1. DeMarco draws triangle PQR with verticies P(-4,2), Q(2,2) and R(2,-6). Then he dialates the triangle with a scale factor of 5 to create triangle P'Q'R'. How are the areas of the triangles related?

The area of triangle P'Q'R' is _______ times the area of triangle PQR.


2. Which postulate theorem can be used to prove that triangle JKL is similar to triangle MKN?

Options--> SAS Theorem, AA Similarity Postulate, SSS Similarity Theorem, ASA Similarity Theorem

3. What is the volume of this square pyramid?

Guest Apr 17, 2017

1. Dialating the triangle by a scale factor of 5 makes the base 5 times as long as before and the height 5 times as long as before. Therefore answer is 5 x 5 = 25. The coordinates are just useless. XD


2. SAS Theorem


3. You have the base length and the height of the pyramid and more actually XD, But you just need to use the base length and height.


Volume = \(\dfrac{1}{3}(\text{base length})^2\times \text{height}\)\(\dfrac{1}{3}\cdot 16^2 \cdot 15\) = 1280 cubic ft

MaxWong  Apr 18, 2017

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