Two circles are drawn below. The diameter of the smaller circle is a radius of the larger circle. What is the ratio of the smaller circle's circumference to the larger circle's circumference?

Give your answer in fully simplified form. It should look like "x:y", where x and y are replaced by integers.

 How bout ratio of the smaller circle's area to the larger circle's area?

Guest Aug 15, 2017

Let the area of smaller circle area be x and the larger circle be y

The larger circle have radius R ,than the smaller circle have radius R/2

so x/y =pi(R/2)^2 per pi(R)^2

equal 1/4

so,ratio x:y is 1:4

Guest Aug 15, 2017

what about part 1 boii

Guest Aug 15, 2017


Ratio of smaller circle's circumference to larger circle's circumference  =


   [  2 pi * (1/2)R ] / [ 2 pi * R ]   =


[1/2 R ]  / [ R ]     =    1 : 2   =   x : y



cool cool cool

CPhill  Aug 15, 2017

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