May 29, 2021

CPhill has answered you and you have not responded to him.


Do you think this is polite?


If you do not understand, you can at least acknowledge CPhill's answer and ask if he can explain more.

If possible, tell him which bit you do not understand.


If CPhill is not around to answer, someone else may respond to you,

But at least have the courtesy to acknowledge the given answer and respond to it.


Please let guest respond to CPhill's answer before anyone else steps in. 


(Note: to date the question has never been locked)





I have just realized that you asked the question 3 hours ago and posted this repost also 3 hours ago.

Do you think that you gave people reasonable time to answer before you reposted?


Stop being so demanding

You expected people to answer you immediately but it has been over 2 hours and you have not responded to CPhill.

 May 30, 2021

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