suppose Solid A and Solid B are similar. Solid A has an edge length of 18 cm, and the corresponding edge in Solid B is 12 cm. If the surface area of Solid A is 1836 cm2, what is the surface area of Solid B in square centimeters?

chitsuii  Jun 26, 2018
edited by Guest  Jun 26, 2018

The scale factor from B  to A  is  (12/18)  = (2/3)


So...the surface area  of  B  =   the surface area  of A  *  the scale factor of B to A squared


So we have


1836  *  (2/3)^2  =


1836 *  (4/9)  =


816  cm^2



cool cool cool

CPhill  Jun 26, 2018

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