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Previous Repost: https://web2.0calc.com/questions/very-hard-math-question-for-my-profile-picture-rerepost


Once again, I post this. This time, I get 2 replies, neither of them helpful at all. For the people who posted last time, if you had read ALL of my descriptions, you would know that it is my mistake heureka didn't get the right answer. I accepted the blame and explained, so everyone PLEASE, for my own sake, could we figure this out, or does nobody know the answer?

 Oct 20, 2017

Hi HelperId

Look back here.  These are on the original thread.



and a better response here:



I have not answered I have just worked out why you keep re-asking and why you were not happy with Heureka's ealier answer. 


I have not looked at  the guests answer on your last re-ask. So I cannot say whether or not it was relevant or helpful. 

 Oct 20, 2017
edited by Melody  Oct 20, 2017

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