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Today I want people to take a vote on wheather or not we should have a daily disscussion. Yes we should no we shouldn't, pretty simple right. People who are part of the WebCalc forum team I have put together will get two points for their vote. You can still talk to me or Synth and be on this Group. Moderators will get an aditional two points for their one vote considering they are the ones who control the site. Coment and tell me your vote choice and we will have an off topic disscusion of the day starting tommorow depending on how we are set up. People in our group will also have the benifit of choosing what we get to discuss by vote between us. Any questions...shouldn't but if so talk to me. Remember you must message me or someone else you know in the group to be apart of it.

 Mar 15, 2018

Sounds OK to me.....



cool cool cool

 Mar 15, 2018


 Mar 15, 2018

That sounds a little interesting. Just need to make sure we stay on topic with whatever we are talking about.

 Mar 15, 2018

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