I think the site should have a way to identify different guests.


They should be assigned a serial number


for example Guest 3142112


This way we can identify who is who because for a long time I had problems knowing which guest is which.


I dont know if this is a good idea or if it has any flaws, but I guess you guys can consider it.

 Jun 24, 2019

Thats  A pretty Good Idea! Hear are some reasons! 

  1. Some guest are rude
  2. Some guest are nice (well lets hpe they are 
  3. You cant tell which guest is which so you start blamming one for ometing they did not do! 
  4. I think this shoud be taken to the admin to discuss! 
  5. smiley
 Jun 24, 2019

I totally Agree with Nickolas 

Cubeman  Jun 24, 2019

What would happen after they break the policy?

 Jul 2, 2019

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