what is .3456 as a simplied fracion

 Aug 2, 2017
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what is .3456 as a simplied fracion




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 Aug 2, 2017

Questions like this one appear to be asked frequently on this forum, so I will attempt to break it down for you so that you are not confused at all.


1. Identity Place Value The Decimal Extends To


\(0.3456\) extends until the ten thousandths. That is all this step entails. 


2. Take the Decimal Value over That


Since our decimal extends 4 decimal places, we want to make it equivalent to that number over ten thousand.




3. Find the GCF of the Numerator and Denominator and Divide by It


GCF stands for "greatest common factor." Your goal in this step is to find what that is. If it is difficult to determine it, like it is here, you may want to try to reduce the fraction little by little.


For example, 3456 and 10000 are both even, so it is divisible by 2

However, someone more observant might notice that the last two digits of both numbers, 56 and 00, are divisible by 4, so the GCF is, at least, 4.




Yet again, 64 and 00 are divisible by 4, so divide it by 4 again.




4. You're done!

 Aug 2, 2017

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