sadwhat is a log?????!!!!!!!

Guest Jul 21, 2017

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A log is an exponent.

For example  log28 = 3  because 23 = 8.

                      log28 = x  can be converted to  2x = 8  (where x becomes the exponent)

    so, the answer to the log problem (the 'x') becomes the exponent.

geno3141  Jul 21, 2017

A log is a "system" that allows for you to determine what power you need to raise a number to to get a specific number.

Ex: log2 4=x  x would be equal to 2, and the base would be the subscrtipt which is 2. So esentiallty what it is saying is that 2 squared equals 4.

Guest Jul 21, 2017

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