I think another name is called: Binomial Coefficient. Like 4 choose 3 = 4! / (3!*(4-3)!)

When would this be used in the real world, if that make sense.

DeadRight  Jul 14, 2017


The number of ways that 5 children can be chosen from 8 is     8 chose 5     or 8C5


So it is used in counting problems.


Also note that every time 5 children are chosen, 3 are not chosen.

So 8C5=8C3


Or more generally

nCr  = nC(n-r)


If that is not quite what you want to know then say so and someone, maybe  me, will try to help further. :)

Melody  Jul 14, 2017
edited by Melody  Jul 14, 2017

Thank you. THat make sense.

Guest Jul 14, 2017

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