Hi everyone! I would like to say that when your question gets answered and the work is shown, please try to follow along with the work and at least try to understand how to get to the solution. If you do not understand part of the work that is shown, feel free to ask again! This is really important because just writing down a solution without knowing how to get to it will not help you learn at all. Thank you for those who do try to understand the work that is shown. :)

 Aug 23, 2020


Good advice, jolie (?) it's so small I can barely see it, much less read it.  Sorry if I misspelled it.  Also, here's advice to the ones who answer:  Show the work.  It's not much help just to post an answer.  Heck, they can turn to the back of the book and get the answer. 


 Aug 23, 2020

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