I'm looking for resources to help write essays and assignments for my high school curriculum. I hate writing so much like persuasive, essays, expository, etc. I am good at math, chemistry, grammar, Spanish, and all that except writing. I have a writing work now in English because of my teacher giving out so much writing assignments that I try really hard on; I just don't have the talent. Why can't it be an elective only? Can someone please tell me why it is important? Also please share any better custom essay writing service to solve my problem on writing completely.

maryafleming  Feb 17, 2017

Cash me ousside, how bou dah

ilovestrepsils  Feb 17, 2017

You should go to your local Library and look up books on "Essays writing", such as:"The Sacred Beetle and other Great Essays in Science" edited by Martin Gardner and published by Meridian. Also, look up ANY books written by Carl Sagan and Stephen Jay Gould. Carl Sagan's book" Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" is excellent for the prose in it. Good luck to you.

Guest Feb 17, 2017

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