Which graph represents the solution set to the system of inequalities?

AngelRay  Dec 17, 2017

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The line  y + 6  =  -3x  has a y-intercept at  (0, -6) . This rules out the top two graphs.


The line  y = \(\frac13\)x + 4  is graphed correctly on both of the bottom two graphs.

The inequality says that  y  <   \(\frac13\)x + 4  , so the side below the line must be shaded.


That rules out the fourth graph. (It would have been right if the inequality was  y  >  \(\frac13\)x + 4 ).


So the third option is correct.  Here's a graph of the three inequalities from desmos:


hectictar  Dec 17, 2017

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