Also can they get unflagged

 Jan 30, 2023

I've had several answers flagged for seemingly no reason compared to when they arent not sure why

 Jan 30, 2023



They can be flagged for many reasons and occassionly they are flagged for no discernable reason.

Yes, moderators can unflag them.


Some reasons:

1. Too long or the title too long.

2. bad language

3. Certain words such as AOPS, as recognised AOPS material is banned. (They do not want their students here)

4. Moderators can also block questions.  I might do this if the question is incomplete or simply does not make sense.

5. Or I might do it  because the question has been repeated in a short space of time.

6. Or maybe I think the student is trying to get all of his/her homework done by people here.

7. If there is more than one question on a post I may block the whole post.

8. nonsense, time wasting or abusive answers are often blocked, either automatically or by a moderator.


If a question is blocked for what seems like no understandable reason. which does frequesntly happen, then members can write a private message to a moderator asking them to review it.  Please provide a link to the question/post.


(note: I had to unblock this answer,  maybe because it was to long.  Not sure why, )

 Jan 30, 2023
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Ha It was probably because you mentioned the "math course that shall not be named" (else this post will get flagged)

I tagged one of there instructional videos when trying to help someone, (probably why it was banned) thanks for the clarification

YourAverageDummy  Jan 30, 2023

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