why is math so hard

somehow i am supposed to turn x - 7y = 4 into slope-intercept form

and after i have that i am supposed to plug in into another equation but i have no idea what im doing

someone pray for me.

Guest Feb 14, 2017

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Slope-intercept form is   y = mx + b    where m= slope and b = y-axi intercept

So solve your equation,  x - 7y = 4      for 'y'

x-7y =4      Add 7 y    and subtract 4 from both sides

x-4 =7y     rearrange for ease


7y=x-4   Now divide both sides by 7

y = 1/7 x - 4/7           there it is....  m= slope = 1/7    and   b= -4/7

ElectricPavlov  Feb 14, 2017

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