A certain school had a fund raising activity. Each board member was requested to sell two (2) tickets on the first day and double the sales each day for 10 days. If Mr. Santos, a board member, met his quota. How many tickets did he sell on the 10th day? If a ticket costs 50 each and a seller is given 5% commission of the total sales. How much will Mr. Santos receive for his commission?

Matimatix  Jul 4, 2017

On the 10th day, Mr. Santos should have sold =2^(10-1)=2^9=512 tickets.

Guest Jul 4, 2017


By "doubling the sales." I'm assuming that you mean the previous day's sales......


We can find the total number of tickets sold with this sum



∑  2n  =  2046 

n = 1


On the 10th day he would have sold  2^10 =  1024 tickets


His total sales   =  2046 * .50  =  $1023


Since he makes a commission of 5%, he receives  $1023 * .05  =  $51.15



cool cool cool

CPhill  Jul 5, 2017

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