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The cost of an adult ticket for a Saturday matinee at Turtle Cinema is $7.00. The cost of a student ticket is $2.00 less than the cost of an adult ticket. For a particular Saturday matinee, the cinema sold 45 tickets and collected $265.00. How many student tickets were sold for the Saturday matinee?

 Dec 16, 2018

cost of an adult ticket: $7.00, let adults be (a)

cost of a student ticket: $5.00. let students be (s)


We have a+s=45 and 7a+5s=265, based on systems of equations.


Therefore, by multiplying by 5 for the first equation, we have 5a+5s=225 and 7a+5s=265.


So, 2a=40, a=20. Thus, the number of students tickets sold were 45-20=25 tickets.

 Dec 16, 2018

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