why does math exist

Guest Mar 3, 2017

...unlike physics or chemistry or biology, can't be seen or smelled or observed....

something I found on the internet so Math does not exist

Davis  Mar 3, 2017

I mean- is there a universe where U see all the mathematical formulas that ever existed??? No! It is just a imaginary tool humans made to understand the universe.

Davis  Mar 3, 2017

I can observe that 1 dorito plus 2 doritos equals 3 doritos. 1 dorito plus 2 doritos will always be 3 doritos. Is math really unobservable? If math was not observable, 1 dorito plus 2 doritos might equal 3 doritos sometimes but other times it might not. ^-c^

hectictar  Mar 3, 2017

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