Apparently the first ever question posted on this site was posted on January 25, 2012 by a guest. The immedieate next question was posted by admin (yes, that is an actual person on this site's name) on the next day. I might not have gone back far enough, and some questions might have been deleted, but I went all the way to the page labeled page 1 on the "all questions" part of the forum.


Seems like the site has come a long way! I only found out about your site in August (and had signed up yesterday). That is a long time, huh?

tanmai79  Nov 24, 2018

Another time waster. I'll try to resist the urge, but I felt like some of you would have liked to see how long the oldest accesible post has been around.

tanmai79  Nov 24, 2018

Hi Tanmai,

You don't need to appologize. 

I like it that you are poking about into this site's history.  

There have been some big changes since 2012. I was not even here till near the end of 2013!

Before i came along this site was mostly just used by a few children as their own private chat site. 

Some questions did fall in via the calculator but they were rarely answered.

The forum has come a long way since then thanks to all our wonderful members and guests. 


We used to have a lot of fun here before the site became 'all grown up'  LOL

It is still good though, it is just more mature :))

Melody  Nov 25, 2018

Yep...I joined in Mar 2014.....


As Melody said.....it used to be more "wacky".....before we got "grown-up".....


[ and more stodgy ]





cool cool cool

CPhill  Nov 25, 2018

I saw the first question posted was a math question posted by a guest (and answered by admin), and the one posted by Admin was also math. I didn't see many, but maybe I should check out more from that time.

tanmai79  Nov 25, 2018

Here is the first 'daily wrap' thread that I ever post.

Maybe you will find something interesting in there.   :)



Melody  Nov 26, 2018

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