I think that all proper maths questions, asked recently, have received an answer by me or by someone else.
If your maths question didn't get answered bump it up by 'answering' yourself. State that you still need help.
If you need more explaination post again and explain what you want.

Other people who answered questions today (Sydney time) were
Professor Lopez.
If I missed anybody I am very sorry.
Thanks guys, I appreciate all your input! This site can't work without people like you!

I would like to stress that this site is best used if we help people to learn.
If you just give the answer that, most likely, won't help learning.
If you give very full worked answers, that might be good but it might be better to give half answers or to answer a different, similar question so that the person who posted has to do some of their own thinking. It is also okay to throw some ideas or questions back at the person who posted. If they are seriously interested they will get back to you. If you can interact with the person they will learn better.
I am a qualified mathematics teacher, a good one I believe, if you want any guidance, or if you want to comment, or maybe you have some great ideas of your own, you can talk to me in a post or you can send me a private message. You will need to be a member before you can access private messaging.
Thank you
 Jan 9, 2014

Best Answer 

Thank you Puzzled, I am glad that you are enjoying the forum. That makes me happy. Puzzled, if you have done some graphing of trigonometric functions you may like to dig out a recent post by 'Nobody Special'. You may find it interesting. I think it was yesterday or the day before.

That's it for today.
There are a couple of very recent questions that really haven't been properly answered but the rest are all answered.

some of the helpers today were
aaaa, Bliu1, Bob, 1<3 Algebra, Kitty<3, omkar, At least one guest and DavidQD.
There may be others as well. Please accept my appology if I missed you out.
A big thank you to all of you. The site can not function if people don't answer questions.

We are very fortunate to have DavidQD with us. He is a very clever mathematician. He is busy so he probably won't answer that many questions but if he answers yours you can consider yourself very honoured. Please make him feel very welcome.
Thank you David for joining us.
David, there was a question a couple of posts back by Lomsor that you might like to take a look at. I have played around with it a little but maybe you could offer input.

Good night all. (there are no sleepy smilies - what a pity)
 Jan 10, 2014
Thank you Melody for helping us.
I read a lot of the helps you have given to others here. Its helped me a lot too.
I really like the games too.
 Jan 10, 2014
Best AnswerThank you Puzzled, I am glad that you are enjoying the forum. That makes me happy. Puzzled, if you have done some graphing of trigonometric functions you may like to dig out a recent post by 'Nobody Special'. You may find it interesting. I think it was yesterday or the day before.

That's it for today.
There are a couple of very recent questions that really haven't been properly answered but the rest are all answered.

some of the helpers today were
aaaa, Bliu1, Bob, 1<3 Algebra, Kitty<3, omkar, At least one guest and DavidQD.
There may be others as well. Please accept my appology if I missed you out.
A big thank you to all of you. The site can not function if people don't answer questions.

We are very fortunate to have DavidQD with us. He is a very clever mathematician. He is busy so he probably won't answer that many questions but if he answers yours you can consider yourself very honoured. Please make him feel very welcome.
Thank you David for joining us.
David, there was a question a couple of posts back by Lomsor that you might like to take a look at. I have played around with it a little but maybe you could offer input.

Good night all. (there are no sleepy smilies - what a pity)
Melody Jan 10, 2014
That appears to be it for the day.
Helpers and 'joiners' for today were Lil_Rosey, cbaa2, PuffyJon, djr56 and Kitty<3.
Thanks guys
 Jan 11, 2014
Another day down. It is sunday night (actually monday morning) here in Sydney. 3:40 am and already hot.

Zamarroncis gave me a great answer to a continuing thread that i only just started - on the divisability of numbers.
Jazz gave some fantastic answers.
A guest also gave a good answer - it would be nice if you had a name.
fsad gave an answer, which is good, and I am sure next time he/she will try to make it more helpful.

I'm going to take this opportunity to point out the sub and sup buttons above the smilies on the posting page.

Sub stands for subtext. If you want to put a little number (or text) just below the normal text line then you highlight it and press the sub button. example; X 1

Sup stands for supertext. this is for when you want to put something just above the normal text. It is what I use when I am writing powers and it is easier to read than using the ^ button.

so 8^(3b) = 8 3b

to get this I wrote 83b then I highlighted the 3b then I pressed the sup button.
It makes it a little harder to read when you are actually making the post but that is what the preview button is for.
The preview function should be used to check that everything looks as you intended.
 Jan 12, 2014
Another day and all questions are answered.

There were sum fantastic answers today from Doc, Zamarroncis, Gene, and Sp3ctr3.
Thanks guys - that's fabulous.

Doc, I would like you to go back to the divisability post and reply with some examples of what you meant.
Some people wont understand if you don't illustrate what you mean with an example or two.
 Jan 13, 2014
Sorry guys, not all questions are answered to this point. I've run out of time.
There are 5 posts that I seriously want to return to, I might not get to all but i will try.

There were lots of great answers given by helpers today. Otherwise there would be even more posts unanswered. Thank you so much.
Helpers today were
Sudenpur, Bagelfood, mathnut 8, unicornrainbow, 2548, MissLuna, Zamarronics, Dee, and a couple by 'guests'
oh, and there was a great little sketch by NoTrees.

Good night all.

 Jan 14, 2014
Okay, I have finally got through all todays questions.
They all have good answers either from me or from one of you.
There are still 2 left from yesterday that I still intend to get back to
I should be able to do them tomorrow.

Helpers today included
Mighty, Sammy, Q-Who, Zamarronics, Kitty<3, one or more 'guests'
plus an WFT- an ocean of rice (who has been asked a clarification question which is not answered yet)
A really big thank you to all of you.

I was thanked by Echo and by a 'guest'. I appreciate this, i give my thanks in return.

When people post offensive material generally I think it is best to ignore it.
If it doesn't gain attention then the poster will probably decide it is not worth while and will either go away or will improve the quality of their posts.
That's my theory anyway.

Today someone used a post to bully another member. I don't think this sort of behaviour can or should be ignored or tolerated.
I told the person that this was not acceptable behaviour in this forum.
Last time this happened, Professor Lopez told the bully that their behaviour was not going to be tollerated and the bully just gave a little mouth full and left the forum.
I was very grateful to the Professor for her action.
I hope that my words will be equally effective. Of course, no one needs to leave the forum, they just may need to change their behaviour.
I would like you to support me, and let bullies know that that type of behaviour is not acceptable here.
Don't start calling them names or anything just be very sensible about it and show that you support the person being bullied and not the person who is doing the bullying.
If anyone has any good ideas on how to handle this sort of problem i would love you to speak up, or if you would just like to comment, that would be good too.

Thankyou all for making this forum so worth while.
 Jan 15, 2014
Everything is all up to date now.

Helper today included reinout-g i_luv_math_300, cxz\xc, and a couple of guests.
Thank you, your answers are really apreciated.

I would like to remind everyone that the aim here is to help people learn. If you give an answer without an explanation then not much learning is going to happen.
Therefore please try to explain how you got your answer.

Iwilli28 offered a number question. I think it was intended as a sort of number puzzle. '28 tacked it onto another post.
I reposted it awith the green smilie symbol.
Thankyou Iwlli28 for your contribution.

I know people are getting very busy with school and other activities but could you please make a contribution to the puzzles and continuing posts from time to time, just to keep them rolling.

Thank you everyone
 Jan 16, 2014
We appear to be finished for the day

Helpers today were Brooke, Nobody Special, Adam, sik, Adam, Greatlordlucina, Brad, Jazz, and one or more guests.
If I forgot someone please forgive me.
A big thank you to all helpers.

That is it I think.
 Jan 17, 2014
Helpers today were DJ-7809, Habndbdk and sportsguy007.
Thanks folks.
 Jan 18, 2014
Another day over,
A big thankyou to AA22 and Lexi24 for your helpful answers today.
I might take this opportunity to suggest that when you make a post you
a) give it an appropriate title
b) Say something about what you have attempted yourself and why you are having problems.
(eg I don't understand the neg signs or I'm not allowed to use a calculator)
c) Give some indication of your age or level of study.
An answer that is good for a standard 14yr old may not be best for a year 12 or a year 6 student.

Thank you and good night.
 Jan 19, 2014
Another day done.
There were a couple of top answers posted by teach and Walt plus some others by one or more guests.
A big thank you to each of you

There were 2 questions that i have not done yet.
I think they were called "Measurement" and "Teacher trying to flunk me"
these were both difficult questions and I didn't have much time today. Maybe I will suceed tomorrow, or maybe one of you will beat me to it.
Most of you would have the skills needed, they are just difficult puzzle type questions.

I wrote an information post today on how to deal with negative indices. If these give you any grief you should take a look.
I put an i symbol next to it to help it stand out. I have decided to use that symbol for information posts.
That's all folks,
Good night.
 Jan 20, 2014
There were some excellent answers today from Sportsguy007, Walt, Zamarronics, Nobody Special, and guest. I really appreciate your efforts and I am sure that the people who posted the questions all did too. There really are too many questions for me to answer them all, plus the fact that I don't want to.
Walt answered one of the difficult questions from yesterday so there is just the one unanswered one left (Walt posted it)
Zamarronics, I thought you might like to take a look at Walt's questions. I'll bump them up so they are easy to find.

Please note that indice (exponent) questions and answers are much easier to read if you use the superscript button 'sup', that is located above the smilies, instead of using the ^ key.
Try and keep that in mind.

Thanks everybody.
 Jan 21, 2014
Another day gone and we will never get it back again. or

There were some great answers and participation today from joelhdzfdz, Nobody Special, Lauren1213, Homelesswolf, Kitty<3 and guest.
Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.
NOTE: When I talk about a guy (singular) I mean a male, but when I talk about guys (plural) it includes both males and females.
It's not just me, everyone in Sydney uses the words like this. I guess I can't really speak for the rest of Australia. Is it different overseas?

I bumped up some old posts that I want more people to see, or perhaps, to keep seeing.
Walt's questions (2 in one post) still haven't been answered but I think all the others have.
I answered one a bit - not a proper answer - really just some thoughts.
I still challenge Zamarronics to answer them, or anyone else, that would be great

Pleasant Dreams,
 Jan 22, 2014
Wow, that was the most posts that we have ever had in a day. Just as well I have so many people helping me now days or I would never cope.
I would hate to think that some people's perfectly good maths question would go unanswered. That would be very sad.

Helpers today included SnowRobin, tanker_girl7777. Kitty<3, Yugarian, Walt, Justsmile, lol at this, hhh....., MathNerd741 and a few guests.
There were also a couple of thankyou's from people, that is always nice (one of them was for Kitty)
These days most people give excellent answers. I would like to remind people that generally speaking 'answer only' answers are usually not much help. Plus, if you use a formula in an answer it is a good idea to write the formula out first, rather than just going straight to the substitution step.

My friend Romsec has done one of Walt's difficult questions. I haven't given the entire answer to Walt. I am going to make him do some of it on his own
A few of my friends have banded together to do walt's other difficult question. I am not sure but the final answer might be in.
Walt i am still waiting on you to simplify your divisabilty by 4 test. I am sure one of you others could do it. How can you tell easily if a big number is exactly divisable by 4?
This is in a thread called " how can you tell what a number is divisable by". (It is denoted by a green smiley in the margin) I'd love to see a simple answer posted on this one.

I think that's it for the day. Some of the helpers I haven't noticed on the forum before. If you are new, welcome, I hope you like it here and that you stay and answer more questions.
Thanks guys and good night.
 Jan 23, 2014
Lot's more questions today.
I never could have answered them all on my own, I am so lucky to have so many people helping me.
Today there were some really great answers given by Walt, Serjio, Kingcong, Kitty<3, Lucas, zoomasd, and I like Serena.
Thankyou all for your efforts. The quality or your answers is really great.
I like Serena only joined today, welcome to web2 forum, we hope you like it here.

Walt gave a great answer on the 'What is a number divisible by' thread. Now I am waiting for another contribution! (maybe from someone else)

Zoomasd answered the "number puzzle" thread. He had problems with it but that is okay. I have given him some help and i hope he has another try tomorrow. I really appreciate your input Zoomasd.

Kitty had a couple of great thank you's from people she helped. That is always nice. Ayee got upset with me. That's okay, I deserved it and i am sorry I upset her.

Oh, one more thing. Acronyms are commonly used in maths. for example. LCM of HCF but if you use these in your answers could you please write the whole version as well. People do need to learn the acronyms, but they can be very confusing if the person doesn't know what they mean.

Thanks everyone. See you all tomorrow.
 Jan 24, 2014
Another day done,
some good answers were presented by I like Serena, kitty<3, Lucas, bechapm, DavidQD, and Anonymous4338.
Anonymous4338 pick up on it when I didn't interprete a question the way we both think it was meant. That was really great.
DavidQD gave a fantastic final answer to Walt's "My teacher wants to fail me" question. So now, Walt you should be able to 'knock your teacher's socks off'

Aadilk96 did the most recent number puzzle. That was really good to see.
I have posted two more puzzes on that same thread. They are similar but one is difficult and the other is much easier.
Take a look and answer, or ask for a hint, on the one that best suits your ability level. Playing with numbers really will help you to understand them better

'I like serena' answered the next bit on the 'what is a number divisable by post. He? was being a bit cheeky really, 'I like Serena' is a very good mathematician and I am hoping he/she will stay and answer lots of questions, especially the physics question. We would all really appreciate it if you stay and help us out. (Now I need a clapping emoticon, we don't have one, what a shame)

The last thing on my mind is that I would really like some people to think about what an appropriate title for their post might be.
It can make quite a big difference to how quickly your question is answered. It also makes a big difference to how easily it can be refound if it is not answered straight away.
There may have been an extreme case today. I like Serena was answering questions, with what appeared to be a preference for physics questions. Princess Sophie had posted a great physics question but the title was 'math'. I think 'i like serena' simply didn't see it and it is the only question that has not been answered today. If it had been called Physics or Forces, it probably would have been answered already.
That's it, for me it is Saturday evening, for most of you it is Friday night. So, have a great weekend.
 Jan 25, 2014
Well, my Saturday is finished. It is even later in New Zealand, that is, just after midnight, Sunday morning.
But, almost everywhere else in the world is behind Sydney (in time, that is).

We had some great answers today from Anonymous4338, Anonymous#16, Princess Sophie and Kitty<3
I like Serena and DavidQD also gave Princess Sophie great answers on her difficult question from yesterday.
Thankyou everybody. You all did a great job
Please when you write your questions could you be very careful to use brackets to make your meaning clear.
Too many brackes is usually less confusing than too few. Just try to keep that in mind.
good night.
 Jan 26, 2014
Monday (for me) is over. It's been a great day. (It is Australia Day long weekend so we had a traditional Aussie BBQ)
Once again lots of fantastic answers came in. Contributors were puzzled, I like Serena, Hello, Kitty<3, imfifteen, reinout-g and a guest.
reinout-g has shown him/herself to be a very capable mathematician.
However reinout-g is having a problem with a matrix question that I cannot help with.
If anyone has good knowledge of matrices could they please try to help reinout-g with this question.
I think the title is 'Stuck on proof'.

There was another incidence of bullying today. I think i have handled it. This sort of behavior should never appear to be condoned. That is very important.
I am very pleased with how the forum is progressing.
Thankyou everybody.
 Jan 27, 2014
hi everybody,
Some great answers were posted today by reinout-g, I like Serena, mathsabi, superman Seth Rocks, Kingcong,Walt, Kitty<3, Puzzled, guest and The dumb guy, (i think that i will just refer to you as The Guy in future, unless you don't want me too ) The quality of your answers is consistantly high. I am thrilled.
Thanks guys

I started this Forum rolling almost exactly 4 months ago, until that time, very few people posted questions and most of those were not answered. The forum has grown enormously since then. Up until today i have always checked every single answer. This is no longer necessary, your answers are great, and soon it won't even be possible. So I will no longer be doing this with such diligence.

Also I am very pleased that we now have at least 3 people who are capable of answering questions that are beyond my capabilities.
These members are DavidQD, I like Serena and Reinout-g. I am really pleased that you have joined us. Actually I am very aware that many of you others are extremely bright young people, so in a couple of years or less, many of you will also surpass me in ability. I will be very proud of you and pleased that i have contributed in some small way to your education!

Reinout-g, I examined your complex number solution and am pleased that I did make sense of it. Thankyou very much for that. I really appreciated it.

Now we have Jedithious back. With Jedithious and Puzzled and Walt and reinout-g and The Guy (and maybe I like Serena and myself) all here, the Puzzle posts should be given a kick along.
I think perhaps all these members solved puzzles in the last couple of days. Jedithious posted some of them! I will give the puzzle posts some attention tomorrow. I didn't have time today, sorry.
If you solve a puzzle it would be good if you could give other members some idea to your thought processes that you had. If this is too difficult or you don't know what i mean, i will try to do it for you. If you watch me you will get a better idea of what i mean. People can learn a real lot about numbers if they learn how puzzles are done.
Puzzled did this beautifully today with a puzzle that Jedithious had posted.

Anybody would think I was writing an essay!
I'll go now, good night.
 Jan 28, 2014
Hi everybody,
Actually I don't think it was so busy today. Maybe that is just because I was a little less hands on. There was more time for puzzles which is great.
Once again there were some fantastic answers by reinout-g, anonymous4338, I like Serena, The Guy, Zamarronics, guest and unknown name.

Once again i will stress that answers without good explanations are not of much value. Please do not give answer only.

It is always hard to know what to do when people make a nuisance of themselves.
Generally speaking it is probably best to ignore them.
If you think differently, that is fine.
Goodnight all and thankyou for making this forum such a success.
 Jan 29, 2014
I believe that is it for the night. I have not checked every question, if you are not happy with your reply bump your question up with a comment about why you are doing so.

Great answers were given by guest, reinout-g, halper, I like Serena, Anonymous4338, Zamaronics, DavidQD, Rom and Kitty<3.
Rom only became a member today. We hope you enjoy your experience with us.

Reinout-g posted 2 really good puzzles. One he called Logic's puzzle. It had me stumped but a great answer came from theiswe.
reinout-g has also posted a new number puzzle. I normally do these very easily but this one appears to me to be very difficult.

Please join up if you haven't done so already
I know that some people, even some core people are not formally members.
There are some big benefits to joining up.
1) It is a little easier to make a post.
2) Once you have made a post you can edit it if you are a member. I edit my post all the time. I would hate not to be able to do that.
3) You can also delete your post so long as no-one has answered you yet.
4) No-one else can use your username
5) You can send private messages to other people and make real friends. I know that I have

Thanks reinout-g for your calcuator tips. I haven't really looked at them yet but I will.

SUP button
I really want people to learn to use the 'sup' button instead of the ^ . It makes it so much easier to read.
If you are answering a question where this is applicable could you please give a short lesson on how to use the sup button and tell them it is located just above the smilies.

Thanks everyone.
 Jan 30, 2014
Hi all,
Another day done
Great answers were given by Rom, I like Serena, The Guy, Expertise, Selina Marie, Right and Archhunt.
Archhunt only just joined up today. Welcome to Web2.0calc forum. We hope you like it here.

Reinout-g i have left messages at the end of your calc display posts, specially for you, oh, also on your puzzle post.

The forum is evolving very quickly now. Some of it is very exciting, other things I am a little concern about.
I don't know if it can, and I don't know whether other peoople will want it to, but I would really like this to stay fundamentally a children's forum.
There are many forums around for older people but I haven't seen many for younger people. Most of you know that it was only a week or so ago that the children and I were the only ones in this forum. ( I use the term loosely, I know that many are not children, maybe young people would be more accurate and less offensive).
I always encouraged the young people to answer, even if they got the answer wrong! I think people are much more likely to learn if they are also actively participating. Plus, teaching is a learned skill and this was giving the children a chance to learn. They responded extremely well to my guidance when it was given.

Maybe I am wrong but I expect some of the young people are already feeling 'crowded out'. (I really do not think that I am wrong). Some of the young people were giving extremely good answers on a very regular basis. I know that most of the questions will always be answered by adults and I am very genuinely grateful to all of you who have joined us. I was starting to 'burn out' and I was well aware that I needed more help. I also know that when questions are asked, the person asking is wanting a quick and accurate answer.
However, I guess I am asking you to give the children a little time to answer some of the questions themselves.
I would like the adult mathematicians to check that the answers given are correct, I see this as a very important role. Please don't think that I am aiming this at you or at any individual. We are all guity at times. I am just trying to give you an insight into what I am thinking.
Kind regards to all.
 Jan 31, 2014
Another week is finished. Sat for me but Friday for most of you i think.
We had some great answers today from Rom, I like Serena and Selina Marie. Thanks guys.
Thanks for giving the young people a chance to answer today. It is a pity that only Selina took advantage, but it is Friday. Not many people want to do homework (even other people's on a Friday).
Thanks Selina Marie for that great answer. You gave a great one yesterday too. Why don't you join up properly and become a part of the team? That would be really good.
Have a really great weekend,

Reinout-g i have left messages at the end of your calc display posts, specially for you, oh, also on your puzzle post.
 Feb 1, 2014
Hi all,
It was a quiet weekend day today.
There were a couple of good answers from Rom and Keltoi. Thanks guys, your answers are much appreciated.
I like Serena gave the forum a great parametric equation to use in Desmos Graphing calculator. You will have to actually use it if you want to know what it is
I put out a post reminding the question presenters that good manners are always appreciated. i will bump this up in front of this post. I don't know how much difference it will make but it can't hurt to remind people every now and then.
There is one unanswered question, it is called "Pearson's r and coefficient of determination" by Shoni. I will bump it up so that it is easy to find. If no one can help her she will need to be referred to a different forum.
Now, our new adult mathematicans are I like Serena, Reinout-g and Rom. I would like to introduce you all to Kitty<3.
In the weeks prior to you joining this forum Kitty was my right hand girl, I really don't think I could have coped without her.
She is a sophomore student, which to the best of my understanding is just pre-calculus. Kitty answered many of the junior High questions.
Her answers are always of an extremely high quality.

She wasn't on the forum much last week so i wrote and asked her how she was feeling about the changes that have taken place.
This was her reply.

"I would agree that this forum would work better for mostly younger people who have simpler math questions, as there are quite a lot of physics and higher-level math forums out there. But it's nice that more adults are helping out here now. Personally, I didn't really feel left out, just busy and bombarded with essays and homework.
It would hopefully work out beautifully if the kids could answer and the adults could help check the answers. That, as you said, is an important role, and both the kids and the new adults could help out "

I just wanted to introduce Kitty<3 because i think that it is important that all the key answer providers recognise each other.
Good night all.
 Feb 2, 2014
Hi everybody,

We had some great answers today from DakenSoren, Flarp, Abhi, lilipop, Singfur, Rom, DavidQD, and several by guests. I think there were a few questions answered by the same guest. Why don't you sign up or at least choose a name. That would be really good because I love that you attempted so many questions today and I would like to know who you are .

I actually had a problem with a question today. I answered it but I would like input as to how it should be interpreted. (I am not sure if it is correct) This is the page.

There were three of the more difficult questions that I didn't get done. Time was a problem today.
I will bump them up after I finish this post.

Good night all.
 Feb 3, 2014
Hi all,
I am in a good mood because i just did the puzzle question (math by gutierrez) totally by myself.
Reinout-g said it was likely to cause him sleep deprivation, and I like Serena resorted to Wolfram|alpha.

Alright, enough about me.
There were many great answers given today by Rom, I like Serina, Not a homosapien, Blogganta, Selina Marie, Justin,Amos Tomlin, MissRaevalynn.
A big thank you to all of you.
I also saw a nice thank you post from Zamarronics (for DavidQD). Thank you on David's behalf.

It appeared to be unanimous that -x n should always be interpreted as -(x n). I was troubled about this yesterday.

The number of questions that are being posted appears to be growing exponentially. I did expect this to happen but that doesn't make it any easier.
I am thinking that perhaps we could more often refer students to a learning resource like a you tube clip or a mathsisfun site. I don't want us just to do a student's homework. I think I caught someone today posting a series of log questions. Maybe, with the more advanced students, we could start requesting more interactivity. With the younger ones we could do a similar problem rather than the one they present us with. I want the site to be very friendly but some of these tactics might discourage some of the people who are using us in a not so desirable way. I personally am answering far more questions than I really want to. Rom answered a great many today as well. It leaves little time for other things.
I am probably giving mixed messages (to people who answer questions). I am sorry, I am trying to feel my way.

There is a new post running asking for people to add ideas and comments relating to all aspects of the forum. Please use it. I really do want your input
On a very positive note there appears to be a greater number of students posting answers. This is exactly what we want. Thanks folks.
 Feb 4, 2014
Hi everyone,
Today we had some great answers from Rom and J-Rad, thank you, your efforts are much appreciated.

It was a very quiet day. This morning the forum was full of snark posts. I am sorry Rom, that you were so bombarded. I have not seen so many for a very long time.
I think that these posts should be totally ignored. I have found that silence is a very good deterrent. The young people who have been here for some time know that this is what I think and they are usually supportive of my position.
Also, I have no problem with a little bit of play happening in here and if anyone wants to join in on some harmless fun I most certainly have no objection. I would like the forum to be a little light hearted sometimes.
My only exception to 'the silent treatment' is if you discover any bullying, even if it is only very mild. If you see any bullying could you let me know asap please. You can either send me a private message (I check them fairly regularly) or you can leave me an attn: post, with the attn post symbol that I have been using in the margin. If I am not around I guess you will have to play it by ear. Don't make threats that you can't back up, don't stoop to bullying the bully. Just tell the person very firmly that their behaviour is not acceptable in this forum. If they want to stay they have to 'be nice'. In the past I have always found that this is enough. If the bullying is very mild it can be dealt with more gently.

Please check for messages regularly. You just have to left click on your username. There are no automatic reminders here.

I sent 'Admin' a note last night thanking them for providing this forum for us and asking if they could do some upgrades. I asked if it would be possible to get more pages so that we could separate different types of posts and I ask if they could install LaTex into the forum. The message is still sitting in my outbox which means that they have not opened it yet. Web2.0calc has never responded to any of my messages so I won't hold my breath, but I will keep you updated if there are any developments.
Thank you,
Edit: I nearly forgot, there is a question that i answered but I am not sure of, maybe someone would like to take a look.
 Feb 5, 2014
Good evening everyone,
It was really hectic today. The questions never stopped.
There were some great answers provided today by Bob, Rom, I like Serena, Princess Sophie and Guest. Thank you all.
Warped Tour Girl (who has been with us since our quieter days) Gave Rom and me a very nice thank you for our efforts.

Reinout-g gave some feedback regarding organizing our resources. At the moment I am starting to 'throw them' into onto one of the information threads below. They will need to be organised better than this eventually. Some things will need there own posts but I thought we could eventually, when it is organised properly, take a page each to use for our own selections. Obviously the individual will need to be responsible for his/her own page, since no-one else will have editing access. There is a free program called Gyazo which acts like the snipping tool accept the picture gets stored in the cloud and it has its own address that can be shared. Maybe we could make good use of this. My computing knowledge is quite poor. Maybe other people have better ideas.

That's it.
Goodnight all.
Edit: Doesn't anyone know how people are including symbols such as integral signs and +- signs into the body of their posts?
I thought perhaps they are using the control key. Any thoughts?
 Feb 6, 2014

Edit: Doesn't anyone know how people are including symbols such as integral signs and +- signs into the body of their posts?
I thought perhaps they are using the control key. Any thoughts?

You can do that by copying and pasting from about any source.
When using Windows you can use the Accessory Character Map to copy and paste them.
Pick any site where you can type latex, and you can copy and paste the symbols when viewing the result.
Pick any web page where the symbols you want are listed, e.g. wikipedia, and you can copy and paste them.
 Feb 6, 2014
Hello everyone,
Today was a little quiet, for me at least, which was really good.
There were some great answers from Rom, Reinout-g, myrandomusername, unknown name and guest.
Lostjr126 answered 3 puzzles, he/she is only in 6th class, and he/she only joined today. Maybe he/she will be a force to be reckoned with in the years ahead.
There were also some really nice thank you's from Lostjr126, tannawirsch, and PaPreciousVang. It is always nice when people express their appreciation.

There is one unanswered question http://web2.0calc.com/questions/malaria
I didn't think it made sense but I could be wrong.

In regards to yesterday's request. Thanks I like Serena, I just found the character map, I haven't tried to use it yet but I certainly will.
Reinout-g also added some web addresses to our, as yet unsorted, thread of resources. Thanks Reinout.

I really like Rom's answer when someone ask him 'What is pie" He just gave a web address. If you want to know what is is you will have to take a look.
Thanks Rom, You always give good high level answers but I liked your younger, and also your more light-hearted answers that you gave today.

Stu, joined us yesterday and is making good use of the forum. He posted under one of my information posts. When i pointed this out, he said, "well isn't that what it is there for" .
Maybe he is right, maybe we should start some threads with really appropriate titles, The first post/s could be a fairly comprehensive look at the topic. Then the people asking questions could either continue the thread or if they post elsewhere, they could be directed to the thread. I have never made good use of the Search Box at the top of the questions. But if the thread is titled appropriately, it does seem to work very well. If the search works well there would be no need for me to bump the threads up each night. Any comments on this idea?

That's it, thanks everyone and have a great weekend. (Mine has already started)
 Feb 7, 2014
Hi everyone,
I was hardly on at all today. I did check quite a few questions and I answered a couple but compared to usual I was hands off.
I am really pleased with how things are developing and how much everyone is helping.

There were Lots of great answers today from Rom, MathHelp, Stu, Gibsonj338, and guests.
Lili and a guest were joking over a snark question. It was all in good fun

That's it I think.
Good night,
 Feb 8, 2014
Good evening everyone,
Another very quiet day today.
However, great answers were forthcoming from Rom, DavidQD, gibsonj338 and guest. Thank you.
I used the character map that 'I like Serena' told me about today. It was really good. Thanks ILS

A lot of people, including myself, originally think that the message system doesn't work.
This is because messages seem to 'get stuck' in the outbox.
The system does work, the messages will stay in your outbox until the recipient opens it. The message will then move to 'sent messages'.
While the message is in the outbox, you can edit it and you can delete it.
If you delete a message that was already in the outbox then the recipient will still receive a message. The message will tell them that you had sent mail but that you had already deleted it.

If you choose to, you can be notified of new private messages.
To do this go to the User Control Panel and choose the Board Preferences tab. Then select "notify me of new private message".

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
 Feb 9, 2014
Hi everyone,

Great answers today from Rom, lol no username, hampy canper and Kitty<3.

Herpaderp, guest and free answers XD: I really liked that you got involved today and gave full answers. However, I would like you to look at what I wrote after your posts. This way you can learn too.

Stu and gibsonj338, thanks for answering the snark 2+2 question. I am interested to see if this tactic has a positive impact. It may do, I don't know. The usual policy is to ignore such questions.

Stu wrote an information post on how to search the forum. He called it "How to Search: find what you want!"
Thanks Stu I hope that this information is well used

I have added 2 information pages.
One is entitled "Information pages worth keeping or developing"
the other one is just "Puzzles"
These contain the web2 addresses of all the relevant posts. I am not sure yet but I thought that instead of bumping lots of posts up I could just bump these 2 up.
Does that sound like a possibility?

That is it, I think.
Thanks everyone.
 Feb 10, 2014
hi everyone.
The new week has seriously begun. - all over the world that is.
I am really lucky to have so many wonderful people supporting me and supporting the forum.
Excellent answers today from agooch99, Daniel999820, Stu, non, Hipster02, I like Serena and autumn.
And of course Rom. What would we do without you?
A very big thank you to all of you.
Stu has added a Top free sites post. He has added mathportal.org It looks quite good. Thanks Stu.
Stu has invited other people to add to this thread.

Please everyone. If you do not like snark posts such as 2+2 do not respond to them.
If you want to 'play' with such a post that is fine. BUT if annoys you, please DO NOT respond.
Silence is the very best deterrent. I am quite convinced of that.
There has not been any bullying here for quite some time, but I remind you, if you see any hint of it I want to know asap.
You can send me a private message or you can make a post stating the problem. You could label it "Attn:Melody" with an attention marker in the margin.
That should get my attention.

Once again I ask people to give a little thought to the titles of their posts. 'Math' or 'question 9' really reveals nothing about the problem at hand. I think i might start purposely answering properly labeled questions first. Make the others wait longer. I am probably preaching to the converted in here. Sorry. I'll make a separate post in the body of the forum.
That's all,
good night,
 Feb 11, 2014
Hi everybody,
Another busy day. I think that Rom and 'Someone' answered the most questions. Thank you for all your efforts.
Hi, someone, It is nice to meet you. I don't think that we have met you before, It would be really nice if you joined up properly. There are a number of advantages but I don't think that I will go into them all now.
There were many other great answers from jyotig, Letchersavanna, dealor and a number of 'guests' A big thank you is given to all of you.

* I also received a nice thank you from a guest. It is always nice when people show appreciation.
* Happyfeet has started her? own snark thread named "Why so hard" A couple of people have joined in the fun, including myself. If you don't like insincere threads I suggest you stay clear of this one.
* There was a new 1+1 post and I am please that everyone ignored it. That particular snark is getting a bit tiresome.
* There was one crude post. I was tossing up whether to say anything. I think that if it had been very near the top I may have, but it had already moved down the list and if it had been responded to, that would have put it back at the top again. If it is left alone it moves off the first page quicker. Did I do the right thing or should I have said something. Any thoughts?

* I used the display feature of the web site calculator today for the very first time. It was very appropriate to the question. Thanks Reinout-g, if you had not brought it to our attention it would have continued to be an ignored resource (by me anyway).

I would like to suggest that people look at their own answer posts at the end of the day. Sometimes they have been added to by others. There may have been a problem or someone may be trying to communicate with you.
Also, I think that looking at other people's posts is always a good idea. You may learn content or you may get alternate ideas on how to present that content. I have learned a lot by watching others.
That's it,
Goodnight all,
 Feb 12, 2014
Good evening everyone,
Great answers today from Grammar Fascist, Kobeguapo, I love Serena, Rom and CMW. Thank you one and all.
Grammar Fascist made many high quality answer posts today, they also became a member.
Thank you for joining us. I can already see that your contributions will be highly valued here.
Thanks were also received from a guest, from Blank and from Stu. Thank you, it is always nice when people show their appreciation.

I wrote or tweaked two new info posts.
I called one "Become a member : Why would I want to?"
and the other "Good Manners are always important"

There was a snark post today by Bill Billerson which provided many of us with entertainment.
I often enjoy a good fun snark that is fresh to the forum.
The last entry was from Stu. it was a you tube clip and, i will admit, I really enjoyed it.
Plus, I actually didn't know what a woodchuck was so now I am further educated
Anyway, if you want to take a look at what I am talking about, here it is http://web2.0calc.com/questions/help_186
There have been a lot of questions lately on factorising the quadratic equation. (Someone really should tell this spell checker that I am Australian and factorisation is spelled with an s !)
Anyway I digress,
I would like people to look at these two you tube clips, I think that they should be incorporated into you answers quite often.
The first one is how to factorise any quadratic equation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ-NRsWhOGI
The next one is on how to remember the quadratic formula. I know that this really does work. Plus it means that you don't have to write out the quadratic formula yourself.
The last is a post that I did that accompanied the first video - this probably would not be used as often as either of the two clip although it does include the first clip at the end.
It is probably worth taking a look at. http://web2.0calc.com/questions/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8641&p=18347#p18347

I believe that all these web addresses, or the pages that contain them, are include in the summary list " Information pages worth keeping or developing" that I have been bumping up every night.
Goodnight everyone.
Pleasant dreams.
 Feb 13, 2014
Good evening all,

There were great answers today from Rom, Zethwolf, Dude and I like Serena. A big thank you to each of you.
There were also thank you given from Princess Sophie, Jiotig and Zethwolf. It is always nice when we receive thanks for our efforts.

There was an incidence of rudeness directed at an answer provider. I dealt with it and was given an initial apology. I have asked for a little more than that so we will see.
Anyway, a genuine apology was given so I don't need to make too big a deal out of it. This is the first time, in the 4 and a half months that I have been here that anything like this has happened.

I discovered today that we can tell if the person making a post is a member or not.
If they are a member, their username is blue, if not a member then the username is black.
I think if we ever have days where we can't get to all the questions, the members should be given priority.
I added this to the 'Become a member : Why would I want to" post.

I have been using the character map since ILS told me about it. I really like it but I can't find the symbol 'pi' which seems really strange. Maybe it goes by a different name. Any suggestions?

That's it for tonight,
Thank you everyone,
My weekend has started, enjoy yours when it arrives.
 Feb 14, 2014
Hello my fellow forum-ites,
It is everyone's weekend now. I trust that you are all having a good one!
Great answers were provided today by Domogorgm, Rom, Stu, Grammar Fascist and derp3345. Thanks guys.
Zethwolf and Stu gave thanks for our efforts. This is always appreciated.
Yesterday's incident was finalized in a very satisfactory way. A full apology was given and accepted.
I think that is it for the day.
Warm regards to all.
 Feb 15, 2014
Well now, that was two weird days,
I hope we never get another one like those !

I think that Andre Massow (creator of web2.0calc.com) heard all our cries. He sent me a very nice email.

Basically he said he is working very long hours and is self funding the site and it has been difficult for him.
He apologized for all today's technical difficulties but said that the servers are working to capacity and the site will have to be revamped in the not too distant future.
Andre said that a lot of processing capacity was used to keep spam posters out of the system. For this we should be very grateful. I have seen forums overrun by spam and I always wondered why this forum did not get similarly swamped. He was concerned though that someone was using an adblocker on the site. He needs genuine adds to generate funding. I know nothing about this, if anyone else does perhaps they could send me a private message.
He thanked me for all the time and effort that I have given to the forum. It is always nice to be appreciated. He said he had not answered any of my correspondence in the past because he gets swamped with emails, he has very little time and he simply had not seen mine.
Anyway, it was not his intent to stop this forum from functioning. I don't think that he realized that it was even being used effectively. He understands now and he says he will be considerate of our needs.

It was obviously a very quiet weekend, (except for the horror cries) but there were some great answers provided by Rom and Demogorgan.
Stu posted two more useful web sites. Thanks Stu.
1) Enrich Learning - this is an enriching maths site rather than a standard learning site, if that makes sense. It looks quite interesting.
2) Tiger maths - Algebra explained and illustrated. This also looks like a very comprehensive and worth while site.
Goodnight all,
I am glad that I am a lot happier now than I was this morning.
 Feb 17, 2014
Hi everyone,
It was a relatively quiet day today I think. Perhaps people need time to recover from the anarchy of the weekend.
There were good answers provided by Stu, Rom, Vaug13, Jyotig, derp and MathGuru. Thank you.

Tjhill19 joined up to day. We welcome you, and we hope that you enjoy your time with us on web2.calc forum.

Most users are not formal members. Soon, when the restructure happens, they will lose their identity.
It is my understanding that all non-members will simply be labelled 'anonymous'
Some quite active people have not formalized their membership. I think that this is a shame as they are missing out on many of the features that the forum has to offer.
Refer to this page to see what benefits you could be getting.

Some days are very busy and this may get much worse after the site is upgraded. I suggest that the members are looked after first. You can tell a member from a non-member because member names are blue and non-member names are black.
If there is time then other questions may be answered at the discretion of the respondent. I don't want anyone to feel obliged to answer questions. If you want to, that's great. If you don't want to, then don't. It is simple.

That is it I think.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
 Feb 18, 2014

I have been using the character map since ILS told me about it. I really like it but I can't find the symbol 'pi' which seems really strange. Maybe it goes by a different name. Any suggestions?

How about the Greek symbols?
You should be able to find it there.
It's the unicode symbol U+03C0 aka π.
 Feb 18, 2014
Hello everyone,
There were great answers today from Drumbeat, Yue, Rom, Princess Sophie E, Kitty<3, and a Guest. Thank you.
Demogorgon gave many answers to the 1994 puzzle. Thank you, I always like people to get involved.
Drumbeat, Hayden, and Demogorgon all became members either today or in the last couple of days.
Welcome to web2.0calc forum. We hope that you enjoy your time with us.

I have drafted a letter to Andre Massau, creator of Web2.0calc.com
It is a fairly long comprehensive letter. I have not sent it because I want to give you all an opportunity to suggest anything that I may not have thought of. I think I will leave a post on the forum that you can add to if you wish, or, if you would prefer you can send me a private message.

Thankyou ILS, I finally found the pi symbol.
Goodnight all,
 Feb 19, 2014
Good evening everyone,
Another busy day. Great answers were written by Rom, dewicious007, Kitty<3 and guest. Thank you, your efforts are much appreciated.
Two nice thank yous were forthcoming from SelinaMarie, and JyotiG. We really like it when people show their appreciations
We had 3 new recruits today. Banana Bob, mathcalc and dewicious. (I suspect that mathcalc and JyotiG are the same person) Welcome to web2.0calc forum. We hope you like it here.

Today I emailed the letter to Andre Massow, Creator of Web2.0calc.com. Thank you for the concerns that were posted on the thread that I set up last night they were taken into consideration.
In the past Andre has been impossible to contact but he sent me a letter earlier in the week so I am hopeful that he will read my return email and give consideration to some of our requests.
I requested that when the site is upgraded that some changes could be put in place. Probably the most important request was that there be no posting except by registered members. People who answer questions feel that a lot of the answers are not even looked out. It is just too easy to make a post. If this forum is going to last we need to nurture a more interactive and appreciative atmosphere. Most people will not donate their time for free if they do not even receive a thank you.
The letter that I sent was quite long. I discussed the best layout of the forum, the introduction of LaTex, and many other things. I also told Andre of reinout-g's desire to set up a Dutch forum.
Many of you may not be aware of this but this site hosts forums in a number of languages. Unfortunately for reinout-g, Dutch was not one of these.
If anyone would like more details regarding my email you can make a question post or you can send me a private message.
I will let you know if I receive a reply from Andre.

Reinout-g - I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you did towards using the web2.0 calculator. I have been using it quite often of late and I know that Rom has too. I actually discovered only today that i can use it to write the quadratic formula, but I don't know how easy it is to bring that output into the forum. There are still many buttons above the smilies that I do not know how to use. Now that Andre has made contact I would really like to do right by him and use the features that he has provided to their very best advantage.

That is it for tonight,
Thank you everyone,
 Feb 20, 2014
Hello all,
Great answers were presented today from drewdrew222, Rom, Princess Sophie, guest and Kitty<3. Thank you, all of your answers are appreciated.
I cannot think of anything else that I need to report.
My weekend has begun. However, for most of you I hope that Friday treats you well.
Best wishes
 Feb 21, 2014
Hello everyone,
This was a very quiet Fri/Sat which is perfectly normal and understandable. Even the most academic amount us do not want to do homework on a Friday night.
There were some great answers from Princess Sophie E, I like Serena, Spoonify & Rom, Kitty<3 and sp3ctr3. Thank you all.
There was also a nice thank you from Hayden. Good manners are always appreciated.
Goodnight all,
Enjoy your Sat/Sun.
 Feb 22, 2014
Hello all,
Great answers were given today by Princess Sophie E, guest, Kitty<3, ezom, Rom and ILS.
Thank you also for your contribution ItsFringeHelper.
There was also nice thank you from a guest. It is always nice when people show their appreciation.
Ezom and ItsFringeHelper only just signed up today. Welcome to Web2.0calc forum. We hope that you enjoy your time with us.

Please be wary if you are guided to other sites by unfamiliar people as it may not be what you expect or what you want. If the site is deemed offensive the post will be reported but it is better for most of you to ignore these posts.

That is it for tonight, enjoy the rest of your weekend.
 Feb 23, 2014
Good evening,
All questions answered except for Stu's general question http://web2.0calc.com/questions/getting-e-e-prepared
and this co-ordinate geometry question.
http://web2.0calc.com/questions/coordinate-geometry . If someone want to look at either of those it would be appreciated.

Great answers were provided today by Rom, Kitty<3, mathcalc, lol, demogorgon and Ferra. Thank you, your efforts are always appreciated.
There were also a nice thank you's given by Helpme, Kitty, hsrc, Melody and Rom. It is always nice to receive thanks.

If you want to bump up your own posts the best way to do it is to copy the last message. Then delete the last post, you will be asked if you want to return to the thread (or is you do nothing you will automatically be returned to the thread) then you can hit reply and post the last content back in again. That way the thread won't just keep getting longer with nothing added. Please only bump threads if you believe you have good reason for doing so.

There has been some bullying the last couple of days, it is always sad when this happens. It tarnishes the forum for everyone.
Good night all
 Feb 24, 2014
Good evening all,
I have had one busy day. It is mid week so what else could I expect.
Great answers were given by reinout-g, Alan, hsrc, Shalhio Stenshi, guest, hoppy, kids, Kitty<3, Isssss me, and Rom. Thank you, you are all invaluable to this forum.
A couple of nice thank you's came in from Levie, and Best Guest Ever. (how is that for a cool visitor's name). It is always nice when people show their appreciation.
Alan joined the web2.0calc forum last night. We welcome you and we hope that you enjoy the time that you spend here.

Reinout-g solved a puzzle and presented a detailed summary of how he came by the answer. I know a number of people have some interest in these puzzles but they just find them too hard. If they look at the solution methods that have been presented they will learn quite quickly how the problems can be effectively tackled. Also, if the puzzle has already been up for a while, a few hours at least, then you can ask for a hint if you want to.
That is it for tonight.
Thanks folks,
 Feb 25, 2014
Hello everyone,

Not all questions were answered today. I simply do not have time to answer every question when I am almost entirely on my own.
I made sure all member and regular helper questions were well answered. I think that I answered most of the others as well.
I left a few easier questions for other people to answer. I was pleased when I later saw that this had happened, for at least some of the questions.
The problem was that many of today's helpers seemed to be giving only the answer. The whole point of answering questions on any academic forum is to help people to learn.
In order to teach, you need to explain how you come by your answers. As I answer less questions, due to growing demand and time constraints, it is necessary for some of you to fill the void. If anyone would like to go back over today's questions and find any that need answering that would be appreciated. I know I can rely on you to help, both today and into the future.
Edit: Reinout has just been in and he says that they have all been answered now. Thank you so much Reinout-g.

Some people are already being a great help. Today, answers were given by Alan, king, fractionman, Red ranger, mathfreak and Queenblogger. I appologize if anyone was left out. Thank you everyone for your help.
I also had a really nice thank you from ihatetrig. We all like to be thanked for our efforts, I am no exception, I appreciate your show of gratitude.
A really interesting question was posted yesterday. Alan answered it and I added a little afterwards. Some of you may like to take a look. This is the web address.
http://web2.0calc.com/questions/coordinate-geometry. Highlight the address, right click and choose goto.
I will bump it up so that it stays visible for longer.

That is it for the evening,
 Feb 26, 2014
Good evening all,
Well, it is evening if you are in Australia or New Zealand. The rest of you have to put up with 'Australia' time.
I was a busy girl today. Lots of great questions. I did get some much appreciated help from idkman, I like Serena, apt5004, kitty<3 and Alan. Thank you.
I also got 1 nice thankyou from a guest.
All questions are answered except 1 and a bit.
I will bump both of them when I finish this post.
Thank you all and good night.
 Feb 27, 2014
Good evening everyone,
There were lots of great questions today. Good thing so many of you were helping me answer them.
These answers were provided by Crass, ezom , Alan, Rom, guest, Thatmathguy, anonymous_4481, and unknown,
Unknown provided a few top quality answers, it would be really great if you joined us officially and took a title more worthy of your contributions.

A guest by the name of 23232323.. posted on the end of an unpleasant thread. 2323 politely explained that this was a children's site and the language and content was not appropriate. There were no more unpleasant posts after this. Thank you 2323..
My normal policy for this type of behaviour is to ignore the post. People are looking for a reaction and if they are ignored they soon get bored and go away. However, i am sure that some people just arn't thinking and an explaination such as 2323.. gave is all that is needed to improve the behaviour. This time it appeared to have been successful. So, once again,thank you. 232323.. Why don't you join us properly 2323. There are some good advantages. See the post titled " Become a member - Why would you want to." We would all like you to join

I did a probability post today and I am always a tad unsure of my ability with these. I believe the method is correct though there could easily be a careless error or 2.
Would someone with lots of probability confidence take a look please. If you do check it just add a checked post on the end of the thread. That would be really good and then I can delete this paragraph. Thank you.

That is it for the day.
Thanks everyone
 Feb 28, 2014
Hello everyone,
It was a very quiet Friday/Saturday. This is completely usual.
There were some great answers posted by 19fieldsm, Alan, Lexiie96 and samgelinas.
19firldsm (meggy) and lexiie96 joined us today. Welcome to Web2.0calc forum. We hope you like it here.
Each day about a half dozen member join up. I usually only mention the ones that make posts, but you are all very welcome here.
I know there are members who are here regularly and never or rarely make posts. I get the very occasional post or private letter where people tell me how much they like to watch and learn from other people's posts. Some of these people, although I am sure not all, struggle with English. If you are one of these people, I think that is great.
Enjoy your weekend or what is left of it.
 Mar 1, 2014
Hi all,
A super quiet day today.
Great answers from Bertie, Alan and I like Serena.
I also received a very nice thank you from mathbrain13.

Someone did ask if the Web2.0 calc can be set to give large answers in scientific notation.
I had a look and I can't see how this can be done but I thought someone else may have an idea.
If anyone works it out, please let us know. I don't know how to use many features of the calc or the buttons above the smilies.
If anyone gains knowledge on these matters could you please teach the rest of us. Thank you.

A Method of Statistical Inference on Two-dimensional Object
It appears that the witticisms of C.L.Dodgson (Lewis Carrol) and George MacDonald must now come to a close. Having been discovered in this current day time warp by the illustrious Alan, it now appears prudent for them to return to their real world of the 19th Century. Math Laughter will have to find his entertainment elsewhere. Our guests must pass through Alice’s looking glass. Their ‘time’ awaits them on the other side. They will be missed.
140302 Alice's adventure - thru the looking glass.JPG
 Mar 2, 2014
Hi all
Another quiet Sunday/Monday
There were some great answers from reinout-g, ifrogot1 and mathlight and Alan. Thanks folks.
Alan, I am really impressed with your contributions. Thank you.
Reinout-g, thank you so much for taking charge of the puzzles and recreation posts. I consider them as a really important extension to every day 'school' maths. Whatever you can do to generate interest will be greatly appreciated.

I recieved a reply email from Andre Massow today outlining his intentions for development of the forum. Andrew Massow is the sole designer and operator of this website.
This is a quote from his letter.
"Thanks for your great eMail.
I am currently redesigning the question forum from scratch and you will be the first to see the prototype in the attached screenshot.
As soon as an working prototype is ready, I will send you an exclusive link so that you can have a look at the new features."

I am sorry Reinout-g but he did not mention your request. Maybe after he does these upgrades he may have time to look at requests such as yours.

I intend to reply to this email in the next day or two.
These are some of the thoughts that I am having.
1) I would like moderator rights. The main reason why I want this is so that I can remove really offensive (non-mathematical) material immediately.
2) Codeybarr30 only post unsolicited advertising and it would be more appropriate to de-register them than to give them posting recognition.
3) People who have not posted for a period of 2 months or so should not be included as top answerers. There are 2 members on this list that I have not even heard of.
4) I would really like a check-a-box thank you system to be introduced. This is a feature of other forums and it has a lot of merit.
5) Instead of stating the number of answers, it would be more helpful if the names of the answerers were given. Also, who posts the 'finished' tick?

I also want to talk to Andre about the possible problems with the calculator and see if we can get formulas etc easily from the calculator to the forum.
It would be good if we could have ongoing communication regarding the calculator and its development.
I see that Andre has overcome the problem with the ad blocker. The advertising is necessary for fund raising and the ads are not intrusive. (They are in the calculator section)
I had requested an extra page or two, for information posts etc, but I think Andre does not want to do this and it is not vital to us.

Would any one like to comment on or add to this list ?
You can post on this thread if you have something to add, OR I will make a new post in the body of the forum and you can post there if you prefer. OR You can send me a private message if you prefer to.

This is the attachment screen shot.
 Mar 3, 2014
Good evening all,
I was busy today but there is nothing out of the ordinary to report.
Some great answers were posted by Alan, reinout-g, Rom, Princess Sopie E and guests. Thank you.
I think that is it.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
 Mar 4, 2014
Hi all,
Another busy day today. Lots of fabulous answers from reinout-g, Alan, scrutinizer, Statman74, Dms, Alexandra and Rom. Thank you so much.
You know, when I wake in the morning and find all the night questions already answered it makes my day so much more pleasant. Thank you.
Monkey Spanker also answered one but an answer is no help if it doesn't come with some sort of an explanation. I'm sorry but it is the truth.
Both I and Superextremebro tried our hand at one of Reinout's puzzles. I know mine is wrong. I already had it up before I realized so I left it there.
Anony gave a nice thank you too. We always appreciate good manners.

Now, Dms dropped in and hugely impressed Reiner and me. He implanted LaTex into the forum and we want a lesson (or 2) on how it is done.
Please Dms, won't you come back and show us?
If you would like to take a look, this is the thread.

I nearly forgot. I sent the email off to Andre Massow. I have already briefed you on its content.

That is it for my evening.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
 Mar 5, 2014
Hello all,
Many great answers were provided by Alan, reinout-g, I like Serena, guest, Mathgirl, Rom, JeanLand JimMath.
One of our guests gave a very nice thankyou. These are always appreciated.

This is Mathgirl's first day with us. We welcome you and we hope that you like it here.

If you use acrnyms in your answers could you please make a point of explaining what the letters stand for.
People do have to become familiar with many acronyms but they may not be familiar yet. Sometimes an explanation of what the words mean is also a good idea.

Reinout-g and I like Serena have been investigating possible LaTex editors. ILS has said that 'mathjax' is probably the best because it is usually used in other forums.
Reinout seemed to think that the Latex could probably be delivered via a [tex][/tex] box. Do you think that this is how it would be ILS? Also, do you know if mathjax is freely available? I am unlikely to sell the idea to Andre Massow if there is a cost involved. Reinout, do you have any more to add? I have bumped up the LaTex thread so if anyone has anything to say please add it to the thread. Once I am sure of what to ask for I will send another email to Andre regarding Latex. I have already sent 1 backup email to the original reply and I am concerned that if I send too many they will not be considered or even read. Latex is important to us so I will send the email. I just have to make sure it is right first.

If anyone, would like to learn LaTex, a show of interest is all it takes and we will be very happy to help you learn.
Even without the LaTex editor we use Latex regularly, almost every day I import snips from ouput that I have created with Latex.

That is it from me,
Enjoy the rest of your day.
 Mar 6, 2014

Reinout-g and I like Serena have been investigating possible LaTex editors. ILS has said that 'mathjax' is probably the best because it is usually used in other forums.
Reinout seemed to think that the Latex could probably be delivered via a [tex][/tex] box. Do you think that this is how it would be ILS? Also, do you know if mathjax is freely available? I am unlikely to sell the idea to Andre Massow if there is a cost involved.

Mathjax (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MathJax) is open source software that uses the Apache license:

The Apache License (/əˈpætʃi/) is a free software license written by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The Apache License requires preservation of the copyright notice and disclaimer. Like other free software licenses, the license allows the user of the software the freedom to use the software for any purpose, to distribute it, to modify it, and to distribute modified versions of the software, under the terms of the license, without concern for royalties.

So in other words, yes, it is free.

If it is installed in the web site, we could type latex with [tex][/tex] tags around it. Possibly with alternative tags like dollars.
 Mar 6, 2014
Good evening/morning all,
Thank you I like Serena. I will put this into an email and send it to Andre Massow over the weekend. It is already weekend for me.

There were a LOT of questions today. Forfunately a number of people also provided excellent answers. These peple included Alan, Dms, Rom, guest and Bradley. Thank you.
P6fitz joined today and gave me a very nice thank you for my answer. Welcome to web2.0calc forum. We hope you like it here. And, thank you, we aways appreciate good manners.

There is just one unanswered question on t tests. I have left the address on the usual marker. ('All questions answered except' thread)

That's it, enjoy your Friday/Saturday.
 Mar 7, 2014
Good evening all,
I had almost the whole day off. Many thanks are extended to Rom, Dms, Alan and mtho for this.
I think this was the closest day to a holiday that i have had since I joined on 28th Sept 2013.
It was wonderful to take a break and to know that the forum was left good hands.

idkman joined today. We welcome you and we hope that you like it here.

Unfortunately there was a case of extreme rudeness today. It is most unforunate when this happens.
The fact that people can post without becoming a member first makes this type of behaviour much more likely to occur.
It is a real pity. My sincere appology is extended to the person involved.

Thankyou ILS and Dms and reinout-g for you contributions towards Latex. I have yet to contact Andre Massow.

That is it for this Friday/Saturday.
Enjoy your weekend.
 Mar 8, 2014
I have just posted my proposed letter to Andre Massow on the "LaTex editor" thread.
Any comments are welcome. Please comment on the Latex thread. (Please DO NOT comment in this 'end of day wrap' thread)
Thank you.

 Mar 8, 2014
Hi everyone,
Today was a standard slow Saturday/Sunday
There were a couple of great answers from Alan and justdreamer. Thank you for those.
Nothing else to report.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
 Mar 9, 2014
Hi everyone,
The week is starting to liven up. There were some great answered supplied by Alan, I like Serena, Bluefrog and kitty<3. Thanks you.
Brainiebean123 joined today. Welcome to Web2.0calc forum. We hope you like it here. Looking at the posts that you made today I think you and reinout-g might get along well. He likes providing puzzles, Maybe he can find some that you like.

Information for new people.
There is a private message system here. If you left click on your username you will find it. If you go into the user control panel then Board Preferences, you can get a pop-up display for new messages, that is if you wish to do so.
If you send a message it will sit in your outbox until the recipient opens it. In the mean time you can edit it or delete it if you wish. It only moves to sent mail after the recipiant opens it. It is a really cool system. i wish my usual email worked this way.

I sent another email to Andre Massow today regarding Latex. My letter was very similar to the one i presented to you two days ago. I also reiterated my need for moderator privileges. The detritus around here really needs to be cleaned up. I would not abuse any privilege that I was given. I would be encouraging core members to help mould conduct policies. Anyway it is all irrelevant at the present time .

I think that just about sums things up on this Monday evening. I just realized, it has been Sunday in many places. My the place is getting busier.
Anyway, enjoy the new week.
 Mar 10, 2014
Hi all,
Just as well I (and others) like doing mathematics. That was one full-on day.
Great answers were contributed from ryan20calc, Dms, Alan, Yolo, fghfgghfg, NatanTeam, catsl251, I like Serena, Rom and ami. Thanks guys your answers are much appreciated.
Polodude47 signed up today. Welcome to the Web2.0calc forum. We hope you like it here.
That's it for this very busy Monday/Tuesday.
Goodnight from Australia.
 Mar 11, 2014
Hello everyone.

I have not answered any questions today. Most of the sensible questions have been answered. I have Dms, Rom, ezom and ChrisP to thank for this.
ChrisP, you are not a member and I have not noticed you here before but you have answered many questions today and I thank you.
I have noticed that when one person leaves there is usually someone around fairly quickly to take their place. However, the forum is growing and we do not want to, and really cannot afford to, lose our valuable people who answer questions.

This is a sad day for me.
I am distressed at the abuse that my fellow answerers have yet again been subjected to via this person who calls himself a professional Troll. This has been going on for a while now but the frequency of it is escalating. I am not responsible for this, and there is nothing I can do about it but that does not make me feel any better. I extend my sincere appology to the people who have been targeted.

What's the best definition of an internet troll?
“A computer user who constructs the identity of sincerely wishing to be part of the group in question … but whose real intention is to cause disruption and/or trigger conflict for the purposes of their own amusement.”
--- Dr Claire Hardaker, academic researcher

No you are not imagining things I have deleted some words from here.
 Mar 12, 2014
Hi all,
I have recovered from my yesterday's collapse. I thank those people who voiced there support (by private message). I really needed to hear it and I am very grateful.
It is thought that the best way to deal with our 'Professional Troll' is to ignore his/her posts. No response = No fun for the troll.
I guess this forum can cope with 1 rude adult without falling in a heap.

Today was a standard busy mid-week day. Fantastic answers were provided by Reinout-g, Alan, Dms, Samgelinas, Ironn, Mathcalc, ChrisP and unknown.
NerdPro also answered a question but it was answer only with no explanation so it was not very helpful. Sorry NerdPro, I am pleased that you answered but you do need to explain the answers that you give.

ChrisP, it is great that you are answering so many questions. We'd really like you to consider joining up. There are a number of benefits and we would love you to join us formally.
Look here to find out what benefits there could be for you.

Alan sent an email to Andre Massow yesterday. Andre responded and said that moderator rights will be a feature in the new forum design. Andre also said that he was hoping to publish a new Beta version upgrade this weekend so that we can all evaluate it. I am not to sure what that means. I guess we will find out.

Oh there was a question today with notation that I haven't seen before. It was in here http://web2.0calc.com/questions/quads It was just m<ABC which meant measurement of angle ABC. I had no idea what the 'm' meant. Chris knew what it meant. Is it normal notation? Could any comments please be posted on the end of the relevant thread. Please don't post here.

That's it for this Wed/Thurs,
Thank you everyone,
 Mar 13, 2014
Hi everyone,
There were lots of great answers provided today by Samgelinas, Alan, Kitty<3, ChrisP and CPhill.
Unless I am very much mistaken, ChrisP and CPhill are the same person. Thanks for joining up Chris.
Jedithious left a very nice thank you for Chris. Jedithious has been with us for a long time, he has always had great manners.
Jedithious, I'll have to introduce to Reinout, he might be able to tempt you with some puzzles.

I'd still like an answer to my yesterday's question. It was directed mainly at you Chris. I just want to know if it is usual notation or if you just used your powers of deduction
Thankyou everyone.
 Mar 14, 2014
Hi everyone,
I didn't answer hardly any questions today. I like to have a day like that every now again.
Great answers were forthcoming from Alan, Samgelinas, Dms, Rom, CPhill and Juicybebe101. A big thank you to each of you.
Everyone is into the weekend now. Enjoy what is left of it.
 Mar 15, 2014
Thanks alot melody im from Malaysia. Im in an Independent high school so its especially tough for me.TQ BB4N
 Mar 15, 2014
Hi all,
Today was extremely quiet - even considering that it was a Saturday/Sunday.
Anyway there were a couple of good answers from CPhill, Rom and guest. Thank you.
pas967 also answered a question correctly, thanks for that, but you gave no explanation so it probably didn't help any learning take place.
There were also nice thank you's from a guest and from 'Form one Malaysia'.
Form one Malaysia became a member today. Welcome to the forum, we hope that you like it here. I don't think that we have many members from Malaysia.

It is common for answerers to become frustrated by the lack of effort shown by many people who ask questions.
I often answer question in great detail BUT to some extent I do agree with 'I like Serena'. Sometimes less is better.
Students should be encouraged to use the formulary page or google to find formulas etc. We usually answer quite quickly so I think that it would be very appropriate to ask students to go away and come back with a little more input - such as a formula and/or an explanation of why they are having difficulties. Even if we are given this input it is still not necessary for us to answer questions in full. The student will learn better if they have to do some of it themselves. I guess I am saying that we should be offering guided learning rather than just answers.
If you want to answer in full, that is fine. I know that I will sometimes. I just want you to think about possible alternatives.

Thanks everyone,
 Mar 16, 2014
Hi all.
It was a standard quiet Sunday/Monday.
There were a couple of good answers from CPhill and Sarabobella. Thank you.
Jedithious also gave a gracious thank you. I always appreciate your good manners Jedithious.
That's it,
 Mar 17, 2014
Hi everyone,
Today was really busy Monday/Tuesday.
The following people all answered questions.. Alan, CPhill, reinout-g, Samgelinas, Tolkerism, Dms, The_math_Bro, mathwiz, Mighty, mit, abc, and Bob Wright. That is 12 different people. I think that is a record. Thanks so much guys.
There was also a nice thank you for Rom from Ddk.
Our Wood Chuck theme has been revitalized. (though I don't think that any one has actually answered the question yet)
Here is the Wood Chuck thread. http://web2.0calc.com/questions/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9752&p=21401&hilit=wood+chuck#p21401
We had some fun with this theme a while back. I've tacked the address of the old thread on the end of the new one.

CPhill introduced me to Heron's formula, for finding the area of a triangle and Alan provided the proof so now I have some homework. Thank you Chris and Alan.
Here is the thread if anyone is interested. http://web2.0calc.com/questions/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9757&p=21453&hilit=heron#p21453
That is all for tonight. (Australia Time)
 Mar 18, 2014
Good evening all,
I think that may be the first day where we had more than 1 page of questions!
Great answers from Alan, Samgelinas, highschooler, Rom, CPhill, hihihi, Snipesgaming, guest, and Kitty<3. Thank you.
There were a couple of others as well but since they came without working, they were not of much value.
There were also a couple of nice thank yous given from Zack7713 and a guest. We always like it when people show their appreciation.

I purposely did not answer many questions (I tried not to answer any) on the first round. I think it is more important for me to:
a) check that all proper questions receive answers.
b) check as many of the submitted answers as possible and to input only when I want to add something. I hope no one gets offended by this.

Today, I was busier than I really wanted to be. There are a couple of answers from Chris that I really want to learn from but it will have to wait for a less busy time.

There was a probability question that Chris (CPhill) and I both answered and we did get the same answer. However, neither of us is very confident with our probability ability and I would like someone who is confident to check the answer please. This is the address. http://web2.0calc.com/questions/probability_18

I think that is finally it for this Tuesday/Wednesday.
 Mar 19, 2014
Hi all,
There were lots of great questions and answers on this busy Wednesday/Thursday. The answers were supplied by Samgelinas, CPhill, Epos_Metallicus, guest, Nobody Special, The Boulder44, babyy, Rom and I like Serena. Thank you.

I might take this opportunity to remind our illustrious mathematicians that most of the people in this forum have not heard of complex numbers. It doesn't do any harm to give complex answers, it is fun for us, and I think it is good for people to get a glimpse of what may be in store if they take mathematics to a much higher level. HOWEVER, you do need to consider who is likely to be asking the questions - it is their question. Your FINAL answer should be aimed at that person. At school the normal acceptable answer if only complex roots are available is "There are no real solutions".

See you later,
 Mar 20, 2014
Hi all,
It seems the questions are already starting to thin out for the week.
Still there were lots of great answers from Rom, Samgelinas, CPhill, Alan, Hello, ifrogot1 and Pasc. Thank you all.
Amber6198 also gave Rom a nice thank you. It is great when people show their appreciation.

I am still very keen for everyone to make the best use of the buttons above the smilies.
I think the 'sub' and 'sup' buttons are especially important - they make questions and answers so much easier to read!
I wrote a post a couple of days ago to explain how to use these buttons. I think some people could add to this as I actually don't know how to use them all myself.
Could everyone please read this post and learn from it or add to it if possible.
The easiest way to get to the post is to highlight the address, left click and then choose 'goto' from the drop down menu. (you can just copy and past the address into your browser if you prefer.)

That is it for this Thursday/Friday
Thank you
 Mar 21, 2014
Hi Everyone,
Today was another quiet Friday/Saturday. Still as always there were some great answers forth coming. These answers were provided by CPhill, Samgelinas, alan guest, Bertie, Stuff, and Rom. Thank you all.

I have been asked to give some guidance on question and answer presentation. I will do my best.

1) Make full use of all the buttons above the smilies. I have done a separate post on this and I spoke about it only yesterday. This is a quote from yesterday’s wrap:
"Could everyone please read this post and learn from it or add to it if possible." http://web2.0calc.com/questions/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9695&p=21263#p21263

2) We are slowly learning how to bring Web2.0 calculator outputs into the forum. This is also covered in the above post. Alan was extending my knowledge today. Thanks Alan. He displayed a trinomial factorisation, an indefinite integral and a definite integral all outputted from the web2.0 calc. I have included these in a new post in the above thread. The input is written under the output so they should be self explanatory but if they aren't then let me know and I will help you work it out.

3) If you want to add symbols such as an integral sign, these can be copied from other places and pasted in. Sometimes I will open a new window and then open this page within it http://www.rapidtables.com/math/symbols/Basic_Math_Symbols.htm. It is a list of mathematical symbols. I let the symbols occupy half the screen and the post occupy the other half so that I can gather the symbols as I need them. You can also do this using the Microsoft character map but I often find the symbols in there to be very elusive. I am sure there are many other places that symbols can be gleaned from.

4) I very often include attachments in my posts. These are almost always collected straight from other screens using the Snipping Tool. The Snipping Tool is included automatically in Windows 7 and I assume in Windows 8. I save the output (as a jpg) and then upload it to the forum. I file these under date and name so they are always very easy to find. The name of the upload is included in the post under the attachment so you can see how I store it if you want to. Anyway, I just upload these jpg files as attachments. This might sound like an ordeal but once you get used to it is really very simple.

5) Sometimes I will write a program in LaTex. I will then use the Snipping Tool, to snip the output that I want, and upload it as an attachment. You can save the output directly from the program but it is stored as a pdf file and these cannot be uploaded as attachments. I suppose that they could be converted to an acceptable file form using some conversion program. I have wondered about this because if the output was too long my method would not work very well. So far it has not really been a problem so I have not worked it out. Maybe someone would like to add input here.
Some people probably use MathType instead of LaTex for this purpose.

6) When I draw geometry things, I use GeoGebra which is a free download. This also has a simple version of latex built into it. (I think you can actually turn the picture into LaTex code but I haven’t worked this one out yet.) You don't have to use the LaTex but it is handy sometimes. Again, I collect the output using the Snipping Tool. My knowledge of GeoGebra is not great, I am using the ‘trial and error when I need it’, method of learning.
There are many other geometry programs out there this is just the one I use.

7) We should always try to use the Web2.0 calc output whenever possible but sometimes I also use 'Wolfram|Alpha calculator' and 'Desmos Graphing Calculator'. Both of these are very powerful tools. The output of these can be bought in via the Sniping Tool or via the web address.

8) This is not really relevant in the body of the forum but if you want to send someone a picture in the private message section. I don’t think that you can upload an attachment. I would use a tool called Gyazo for this. It is another free download. It is used like the snipping tool only instead of storing the image as a jpg it stores it in the ‘cloud’ and supplies you with the web address.

I don’t understand hardly any of this technology but it is all very cool.

That is all I can think of at the moment. I would love for other people to further extend my knowledge in these areas.

It is weekend for everyone now.
Enjoy what is left of it.
 Mar 22, 2014
Hi all,
There weren't many questions today, it was Saturday/Sunday after all but there were still lots of great answers provided by CPhill, Radamus, Kitty<3, Alan, Millie, Rom, Reinout-g, Dms and Peter. Thanks folks!

Every day there seems to be one or two more people offering solutions. I think that this is great! It has always been my philosophy that everyone should be encouraged to join in. If you are not sure if your answer is correct you should say so BUT I think that the person who asks the question needs to accept some responsibiliy for deciding whether to accept or reject another person's offered solution. Also, almost all answers, especially lower level ones are checked by other more senior mathematicians so very few wrong answers will escape detection. If you are not happy with the answer you are given you can always 'bump' your own question and ask for someone else to take a look at it, but it may be to your advantage to wait a little while first.

Nobody Special has attempted one of reinout's puzzles. I am really pleased, I wish more people would show interest in the puzzles. Reinout is not always around so you may have to wait a little while for him to comment on your answer.

Today Reinout 'proved' that 1=2. He was illustrating what can happen when you accidentally divide by 0. I thought it was great!
This was the thread. http://web2.0calc.com/questions/i-need-help-with-this-ecvation

Information for new people - Private Messages.
There is a private message system here. If you left click on your username you will find it. If you go into the user control panel then Board Preferences, you can get a pop-up display for new messages, that is if you wish to do so.
If you send a message it will sit in your outbox until the recipient opens it. In the mean time you can edit it or delete it if you wish. It only moves to sent mail after the recipient opens it. If you delete the message the recipient will still get a message but it will just say 'message deleted before delivery' It is a really cool system. I wish my usual email worked this way.

That is it for today.
Enjoy what is left of your weekend.
 Mar 23, 2014
That was the quietest day that I can remember!
There were a couple of good answers provided by Alan. Thank you.
Bertie responded to reinout-g's puzzle. So now reinout has two answers to check.
Reinout signed up to Sporcle (A game site that I suggested) I am very pleased about that.
Nobody Special, who has been here for a very long time, finally became an official member. I am really pleased about that. Thanks Special.
It is now Monday or Sunday evening everywhere in the world so I am expecting tomorrow to be much busier.
That's it from me.
 Mar 24, 2014
Hi all,
Ok I was wrong. It was another very quiet day.
I even looked up world holidays to see it that was the reason. It was a holiday today in Maryland (US), Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Greece and San Marino.
Dms comes from Greece but I don't know if any other contibutors come from those places so I guess it is just a conincidence.
Anyway we did have a couple of good answers from Alan and Princess Sophie. Thank you.
That is it for this very quiet Monday/Tuesday.
 Mar 25, 2014
Hi all,
Another quiet day. Where have all the young people gone?
There were a number of high level questions with great high level answers.
Answers were provided by CPhill, Rom, reinour-g, Stu, Bertie, Alan, I like Serena, Samgelinas, anonymous1, and PhDSmith. Thank you all.
Dr. Smith became a member today. Welcome to the forum, we hope you like it here. I wonder if you saw my 'Lost in Space' post recently? It wasn't there long, I deleted it. So maybe not.
The only question not yet answered is the Hyperbola Proof by CPhill.

A note mainly for the younger people:
I am wondering why there are so many less low level questions the last couple of days than I would normally expect. Lower level questions are very welcome here. Don't be intimidated by the harder questions. I want this forum to be available, useful and friendly for all ages and abilities. Some of the other mathematicians have told me that that is what they want too. If you are not completly happy with an answer, please tell us. You can tell us that you don't understand any of it, or some of it. You can tell us that your teacher does it differently and then we will try to show you your teacher's way. We like to get feed back. You can help us to learn the best ways to teach.

That is it for tonight.
 Mar 26, 2014
Having a lot of trouble submitting because of invalid form.

I also can't register yet, but might try again.
 Mar 27, 2014
Hi everyone,

Great answers were provided today by Rom, Alan, Samgelinas, I like Serena, Bertie, guest, CPhill and KasiKazuto. Thank you.
Thanks were given by Princess Sophie, Jannina1514, and Pewface111. Pewface111 was so overjoyed that (s)he offered Chris (CPhill) 'diamonds and love'. That is pretty impressive.
Jennina1514 joined up today. Welcome to the forum. We hope you have many positive experiences here.

I usually refer people to a wiki formula page when I answer log questions. Today Alan showed me that these are available in the formulary section on this site. Thank you Alan, we all need to be taught and encouraged to use the features that are readily available in the web2.0calc site. This site has many great features that we, as a group, are still discovering.

Thank you to the guest who contributed the previous post on this thread. Apparently non members have been having trouble submitting new posts. They are also having problems registering.
Perhaps this is why there have been so few questions this week. There have been a few of non-member posts today, maybe the problem has been rectified. I hope so! (This time last week there would have been twice as many posts) Anyway, I will write a note to Andre Massow, the site developer to let him know of the problem. There is nothing more that I can do, I am sorry. Hopefully this problem will be rectified very soon. If anyone knows of ongoing problems could you please keep us informed so that we at least know that the problem is continuing.

If any of you have different thoughts on why the question numbers are dropping or how this problem can be overcome, please share your ideas with the rest of us. You can post on this thread if you wan,t or you can start a new thread, or you can discuss it with me by a private message.

That is it for this Wednesday/Thursday.

P.S. I just emailed Andre Massow to notify him of the problem.
 Mar 27, 2014
Hi everyone,
There is a lot to report this Thursday/Friday.
Firstly Andre Massow replied to my email and says that he thinks he has fixed the posting problems that people have been having this week. Today there have been many more lower level posts so that is probably the reason. Thank you again to the guest who notified us of this problem. Your exact wording also help Andre pinpoint the problem.
Great answers were delivered by CPhill, Alan, PhDSmith, Redtriangle, Bertie, Samgelinas and Rom. A big thank you to each of you.
Thank yous were given by Ineedhelp, notsomathpro, and Ohnonotmaths. We really like it when people show their appreciation.

We had 8 new people join today (at last count) I don’t normally do this but I have sent each new person a welcoming message. If you left click on your username you will find the message centre. Just click into it. Anyway, welcome to the forum. We hope you learn lots and have fun here.

Web2 BETA Version.
Andre Massow has allowed me to view the beta version of the coming new web site. I should explain to new people that this will be implemented sometime in the foreseeable future. It is not a full working site yet but many of the features are already working. Many of you will be thrilled to know that Andre has included LaTex as well as a Math Formula button. These features will be fantastic. I’ve already sent Andre a letter discussing some of the more obvious pros and cons.
It appears that Andre has omitted the icons in the margin, this is a real concern to me, it is the only way that we can readily recognise info posts etc. I have asked if they can be reinstated. I have also asked if it would be possible to ‘freeze’ some of our info posts at the top of the first page because they are going to disappear very quickly otherwise. This is because there will be a lot less posts per page.
I don’t know is Andre can or will do these things but at least we are communicating.
Here is a little look at the proposed new post page.
140328 beta version new post.JPG

That is probably enough of a wrap on this very wet Sydney evening.
See you next time.
 Mar 28, 2014
Hi all,
Today was very quiet which is normal for a Friday/Saturday. Thank you Chris for answering the couple of questions.
Enjoy your weekend.
 Mar 29, 2014
Hi all,
Another quiet day. There were some great answers from Bertie, CPhill, I like Serena and dophysics. Thank you.
Stu also provide another useful link post on his Top Free Site thread. Thanks Stu.
Enjoy what is left of your week end.
 Mar 30, 2014
Hi all,
Another quiet Sunday/Monday.
Great answers from CPhill, mathcalc, Alan and Kitty3. Thank you.
Also thanks were received from ohnonotmaths and purple. It is always nice when people show their appreciation.

I just made a new information post for new members - it is tacked onto the 'become a member' thread. Please read it.

I hope your new week is off to a good start.
 Mar 31, 2014
There were very few questions today but good answers were given by Alan, Samgelinas, Bertie and CPhill. Thanks you.
I like Serera threw out a animation challenge, Maybe someone would like to give it a go. Thanks ILS

The last couple of weeks the forum has been shrinking. Three weeks ago there were many more questions.
At present there is so little happening that I see no point in doing a wrap every night.
I don't want the information posts to 'fall off the page' So I may only do a wrap when this is imminent or when I have something particular to say.
If anyone wants to comment on this in the body of the forum or by private message your viewpoint will be welcome.
I have no objection to doing the wrap every night but at present it just does not seem to be justified.
Kind regards to all,
 Apr 1, 2014
I just found out about this! When I realized that my name was on here 4 times, I was really happy.
I'm glad you are thanking people for their efforts.
I haven't been able to check the forum the last month, but I'll probably be a little more busy now!
Or maybe not. I moving in a week. Anyway, thanks agin, Melody!
 Apr 4, 2014
Hi everyone,
My last wrap was 3 days ago. I was not really intending to do one tonight. The regular posts were about to 'fall off the page' and I was seriouously considering leaving them there.
Anonymous4338 made me re-think. Thank you for your post on this thread. I am glad I made you happy. You have made me happy too.

Since my last wrap many great answers have been posted by Samgelinas, CPhill, Alan, Kitty<3, reinout-g, brabrams, guest, Rom and Anonymous4338. Thank you.

Samgelinas posted an addictive web game. Thanks for that. I have added the thread address to my collective 'games' thread.

I have written a post 'Information for new members' on the 'Become a member' thread. I have talked about a few things there, I can't actually remember what - You will have to take a look.
I have however explained how the private message system works. Unless you have any particular reason not to, it would be a good idea if you set an alert pop-up for new messages.
I have explained it all in the post. I sometimes want to contact members privately. This is the only way I can do it. Other people may also want to chat.
I think that is it for now.
Stay happy,
 Apr 4, 2014

Hi everyone,
My last wrap was 3 days ago. I was not really intending to do one tonight. The regular posts were about to 'fall off the page' and I was seriouously considering leaving them there.
Anonymous4338 made me re-think. Thank you for your post on this thread. I am glad I made you happy. You have made me happy too.

Since my last wrap many great answers have been posted by Samgelinas, CPhill, Alan, Kitty<3, reinout-g, brabrams, guest, Rom and Anonymous4338. Thank you.

Samgelinas posted an addictive web game. Thanks for that. I have added the thread address to my collective 'games' thread.

I have written a post 'Information for new members' on the 'Become a member' thread. I have talked about a few things there, I can't actually remember what - You will have to take a look.
I have however explained how the private message system works. Unless you have any particular reason not to, it would be a good idea if you set an alert pop-up for new messages.
I have explained it all in the post. I sometimes want to contact members privately. This is the only way I can do it. Other people may also want to chat.
I think that is it for now.
Stay happy,

Thanks Melody

I like the end of the day wrap up because it is usually there when I open the forum (which is usually around 2pm.)

It saves me the time of skimming through all posts which happened during the night (such as someone who gave an interesting theory or answer and also might remind me to eg. update the probability puzzles (which I totally forgot) or have another look at the calculator options, etc. In addition to that it gives me an idea of when you're about the log-out, which is usually when I refresh the forum a little more often.

Moreover when I first came to the forum it also motivated me to answer more questions since it kind off felt like an achievement to be in the wrap up.

Nevertheless I do understand that the forum has become less active and that it might be too much to post one every day.
Perhaps you could post one every once in a while just for the update.

 Apr 4, 2014
Thanks for the end-of-day wrap, Melody!

It really helps me to catch up on what's happening in the forum, especially when I've been busy for a few days.
Thanks for taking your time to write it for the longest time EVER!
 Apr 4, 2014
Hi all,
First I would like to thank Kitty<3 and reinout-g. for their public support. Other people have also offered considerable support using more private means. I thank you all. A wrap is probably not needed every day but it does help bind the forum into one. I know that I am usually the only one that writes here but I do always read what people post and I try to listen to what they are telling me. I also use the private messaging quite heavily and that adds to my understanding of what people want from their forum.
We now have a number of mathematicians enjoying the forum. They are all really nice people. All of us want this site to be friendly and helpful for everyone. It makes no difference what level you are studying at. Anyone who wishes to post a mathematics or arithmetic question or mathematics idea is very welcome here.

Maybe I have left it a bit to long to write a wrap, there is a lot of things I want to say and I don't know where to start.

Okay, the credits. There have been lots of great answers in the last three days. These were offered by Alan, CPhill, reinout-g, Anonymous4338, Rom, Kitty<3 and I like Serena. Thank you all!
I was particularly impressed with a couple of the posts that Anonymous4338 wrote. Your explanations are really good. Keep it up!
Breezycream gave Chris (CPhill) a fantasic thank you.

I like Serena found an internet site which looks rather interesting. It was offered on a thread titled 'Graphing Conic Sections' thread. I haven't looked at it very well yet. I have added the address to my 'Information pages worth keeping or developing' thread. Anyway, this is the site. http://www.intmath.com/plane-analytic-geometry/parabola-interactive.php
I think ILS only just discovered it, maybe someone would like to check it out properly and get back to us on its merits. Any volunteers?

A 2+2 thread took on a life of its own. It has been around for a while, a number of people have played with it. Sometimes these light hearted posts add an element of fun to the forum. I do not want this forum to be too serious. It is great to see both adults and children 'playing' with light hearted posts. This is the thread. http://web2.0calc.com/questions/me-stupid

We have had a few puzzles posted. Reinout posted a couple on his probablity thread. http://web2.0calc.com/questions/probability-puzzles
And Bertie posted a mind bending money problem. http://web2.0calc.com/questions/a-money-problem

There was also a post where LaTex was discussed. I want to do a proper post on learning LaTex, but I just haven't gotten up to it yet. If you would like to learn LaTex, there is some information given towards the end of this thread. http://web2.0calc.com/questions/derivatives

Lately we have had some problems with unpleasant posts. Please, do not respond to these. Just ignore them. Any response gives the poster the attention that they crave. Responses also mean that the unpleasant post is bumped back to the top of the forum. Please do not respond, just allow the posts to pass into obscurity as quickly as possible.

That is enough for one night.
Thank you everyone. This forum belongs to all of you and you are all responsible for making it a great place to 'hang out'.
 Apr 7, 2014
Hi all,
Great answers were provided by reinout-g, CPhill, Alan, guest, A person (really?), -D and Anonymous4338. Thanks guys.
It has been very quiet, Easter is looming so I guess it will get even quieter for a while.
I did learn what the answer to life and all great mysteries is, almost anyway. I guess that is not so bad for one day.
Night all,
 Apr 8, 2014
Hi all,
As always there were some great questions and answers posted today.
The answers were delivered by from Alan, CPhill, unknown, Zahcarry123, Rom, Michael Fennema and reinout-g. Thank you every one.
That is it for this Monday/Tuesday. Enjoy the rest of your day.
 Apr 9, 2014
Hi everyone,
It has been a quiet 3 days. That is to be expected at this time of year. Many young people would be on holidays.
There sere some good questions and they were answered by Alan, CPhill, Reinout-g, and DavidQD. Thank you.
The question titled Surface Area and Volumes of Spheres attracted some good debate.
I don't think anything else stood out.
Enjoy your weekend.
 Apr 12, 2014

Hi all,

Well, our forum finally has its new look!  

Chris has pointed out that there are lots of bugs at the picnic and so far my spray can of pyrethrum is not working.  

We have no member section, private messaging is not working, the preview is not working, we cannot copy and paste within a post (using right click),  some of the displays are not working properly.   These are just some of the problems.  Hopefully Andre Massow will fix these problems very soon.  I am sure he is doing his best.  I expect it is a very onorous task.  

Hopefully it will come together a little better tomorrow.

I will do the credits next time.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


 Apr 13, 2014

Tues 15th April 2014.

Hi everyone,

And, the questions just kept coming.  It was just starting to get this busy a few weeks ago but then the forum went deadly quiet. Now suddenly the questions are coming think and fast.  Why is that?  Was there a problem with the old forum that was blocking posting or is it just a strange seasonal phenomenon?  Maybe Andre knows, for I do not.

Anyway, there were lots of great answers from admin, Alan, (Chris and CPhill - another twin?), Bertie, yanes27, reinout-g, SpawnofAngel, deriam2kgmailcom.  I thought Kitty was there too.  Thank you everyone.  You all do a great job.  Over the last few days I am especially thankful to you Chris.  There is no way I could have coped without you.

There are a lot of new members as well but i haven't been able to keep up with you all.  Welcome to the forum.  This forum is in the middle of a very comprehensive overhaul.  It is slowly coming together.  The site's designer Andre Massow is working long hours to try and remove the bugs and polish the final product.  There is still a lot to do but over the past 48 hours it has vastly improved and I am sure it will continue to do so for a while yet.  The private messaging is still not working.  That, I believe is his main task at present.  Thank you Andre.

The main forum tab is sorted on start date for the thread.  Now Andre has introduced a new tab where the most recent posts are sorted on post time.  This is something that the answerers really wanted but I think it needs to display more than just one page.  A page may only reflect a few hours activity.

I now have some moderator privileges.  Thank you Andre. I don't really understand them yet but I can make a post invisable to the rest of the forum and I can give a green tick to indicate when a question has been well answered.  If I tick a question I am not sure if it can still be added to.  Plus when I do this numbers get allocated and I don't understand their significance.  I have ticked a few posts and Andre has also ticked some.  Anyway it will take me a while to work out how to best use these privileges and in the mean time I will continue to use many of my old techniques. Any guidance from you will be appreciated.

I am sure that there are many more things that i need to discuss but I cannot think of what they are at present. 

Good night/day.


 Apr 15, 2014

Hi all,

Great answers today from CPhill, SpawnofAngel, Alan, Bertie and Kitty<3.

The bugs are slowly being erradicated from the picnic that is web2.0calc forum.  Hopefully the members section and private messaging will be working soon.  I am also hoping that we will be able to post attachments in the not too distant future.

That is it for this Tuesday/Wednesday.


 Apr 16, 2014

Hi everyone,

There is no way I can go through all the questions and answers like I usually do. There are just too many.  I have ticked many of the questions that I think are fully answered.  I am reluctant to tick my own answers unless I think someone has checked and given me a thumbs up or written acknowledgement of my accuracy.  I think that you all have the ability to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to any answer or question. 

I am also reluctant to finalise questions when the answers are over my head.  Unless another trusted answerer has checked (mainly for careless mistakes)

Andre has told me that he intends to eventually show the name of the last answerer - like how it used to be.  It will be easier to check answers then.  

Rom is back with us again, he said he thought the forum was down, the address is different now.  I am wondering if Samgelinas is absent for the same reason.  Can anyone contact him?  


At the moment these are what I see as the biggest problems.  (I hope that Andre Massow is reading this)            

I know that some of you would have different priorities.

**I hope that the member section and messaging system are working soon.  The forum cannot function properly without these.  People can contact me at melodymathforum@gmail.com 

**I love having LaTex on the forum but I cannot answer to my usual standard because I cannot upload attachments. Also, when I try to use old information threads, the attachments do not display so they are useless.  This is very frustrating.  

*There is no preview facility.

*The input=result is not working 

Thank you everyone.  There are still a lot of problems but many others have already been fixed and I know that Andre Massow is continuing to work long hours to eradicate the ants and iron out the wrinkles.  We just need to be patient.

Enjoy the rest of you day/evening.


 Apr 17, 2014

Hi everybody,

Once again we were swamped with questions.  Reinout wrote me a letter yesterday and these are his words; "It seems like I'm trying to empty the sea with a bucket."  I hope you don't mind me quoting you reinout.  The fact is I was feeling the same way.  Reinout's words helped me to formulate a strategy.  

This is my view;

Members must get priority.  Their questions should be answered as quickly and as comprehensively as possible.  Anonymous postings should be treated much more casually.  Only answer them if you have time and want to do so. 

Could people please use the thumbs up and on occasion the thumbs down symbols when viewing other people's answers.  I do not want to be the only one to decide if an answer is good or not.  sometimes I do not even have the knowledge to do this.

Obviously all answerers are here because we like answering mathematics questions but the forum also has to be fun for us.  We need to allocate time to light hearted banter and to group discussions on interesting topics.  We need to be able to play with or learn from some the questions and answers that are presented to us.  We can not do this if we allow routine answering to take up all our time.

Just prior to writing this wrap I posted a note saying 'All members questions have been answered'  This will be my new wording for such posts.

I am sorry, I have not prepared a list of credits.  There were many great answers and I thank you all.


I thought you might like me to include a few posts that you may find interesting.

These were a question (posted twice) and 2 answers that appealed to me today.  I want to give them both more considerations.  The answers were from Rom and Chris.   I think the answers are similar but I haven't really thought about them properly yet. Thanks guys.


Some people will find this one interesting

Reinout enjoyed this puzzle question.  I took time out and enjoyed this puzzle as well!  It is not super hard - why don't you take a look as well?


Hopefully more of the forum features will be working soon.  

Thank you all.  For the Christians amoung you, Enjoy your 'Good Friday' or what is left of it.  Oh, that sounds a bit prejudicial.  I want everyone else to enjoy their Friday as well. 



 Apr 18, 2014

Hi everyone,

Great answers were presented today by Alan, SpawnofAngels, CPhill, Rom and Bertie. My thanks to each of you.  

Not much more to report.  There are still a lot of problems with the forum.  But someone once said that 'patience is a virtue'.



 Apr 19, 2014

Hi everyone,

There were lots of great answers delivered today by Alan, CPhill, Rom, Bioschip, Admin and Bertie.  There were also a couple of good answers from anonymouse people.  Thank you everyone, your efforts are much appreciated.

It is nice to see that someone other than me and admin is using the thumbs up system.  This is just a way for you to say that you appreciated an answer.  I would really like people to make more use of this system that Andre has set in place for us.

Andre now has a basic messaging system working for us.  This is great, thank you.  

Andre has also changed the second tab to 'Answers'.  I haven't used it yet so I can't comment on its merits.  Sorry.


I think I liked this question and answer (by CPhill alternatively known as Chris) best today.

I also want to look at this answer by Alan,  The first line is obvious but after that - I have to think about it.

And lastly this question by CountryGirl333 gained a lot of attention.  CountryGirl interacted with answerers and this is always appreciated.  Thank you CountryGirl333    It is good when we all get to interact with each other.

I am not at home at present and my access to the internet is poor.  If I am quieter than usual that is probably why.  Rural Australia has poor internet access.  Although I am on the coast, not inland, so there is at least some coverage.

That's it for this Easter Sunday day/night.


The messaging system is now working in a very basic way but you can still email me at


 Apr 20, 2014

Hi all,

There have been a LOT of questions.  All member questions have been answered.  Most, but not all, of the anonymous questions have been answered - there simply has not been enough time to answer all.  Members must get priority.  It is easy to join up and priority answering is one of the benefits. 

Great answers were given by BlindxD, CPhill, reinout-g, Alan and CreeperCosmo.  Thank you all.  I hope I haven't left anyone out.

Old inbox messages have now been restored; thank you Andre.  Old outbox messages are not restored yet and there is no way to delete messages. I have received many messages and I have responded to very few.  The messages that I have sent are not displayed to me (because there is no outbox) so I am not keen to contact people this way.  I would prefer it if people continue to use my personal email address to contact me.  I will add the address at the end of this post.  

It is now possible to very easily search another member’s posts.  But I think this has to be done by clicking on the username.  I don't think that you can actually type a username anywhere to bring it up.  I might be wrong, I am feeling my way the same as everyone else.

Answerer names are now included on the 'questions' tab page and the 'answers' page. This is great. Thank you Andre.  

I think Andre Massow has been experimenting with the second tab 'Answers Page'.  This page is not working for me.  I would really like it to be displayed much more like it was before the forum got its new look.  Today I found a response from a question that was first entered a few days ago.  It is only lucky that I saw it.  I would like one of the display tabs to be questions sorted on most recent post.   To the best of my knowledge, this is what other primary answerers want as well.  If anyone would like to expand or comment on this maybe you could post a @@message in the main forum.  Andre and I do NEED your feedback.  I hope you are reading this Andre. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned this yet, I know that Andre is already fully occupied with higher priority issues. It is written now so I will leave it - I would like the opinion's of other members anyway.

Tonight BlindxD posted a question which Alan answered.  The question became interactive with Blindxd asking for clarification.  Thank you BlindxD, this is what we want in the forum.  Ask lots of questions and never 'pretend' to understand.

There were a number of fun and chatty posts today.  I think that this is great.  I do not want the forum to be too serious.  The 'I like Turtles' post turned into a fun little thread and I also rather liked this thread.   

That is it I think, Enjoy what is left of your Tuesday.



 Apr 22, 2014

Good day/evening everyone,

Once again there have been a lot of questions and many great answers.  These were delivered by CreeperCosmo, CPhill, Kitty<3, Bertie, SpawnofAngles, Alan, Samgelinas, reinout-g, Rom, BlindxD, DavidQD, novice and unknown (do you have amnesia?) Thankyou all, it is great that we have so many members answering questions. Of course some questions are also answered by non-members.  

Almost all questions have been answered and I have looked at most of those answers.  I have ticked most of them as finished.  I do admit that not all of those have been thoroughly checked. I have always taken the postition that the question asker must accept some responsibility for what answers they accept and what they reject.  If they are puzzled they should always ask for clarification.

The fumigation has not finished - there are still many bugs but the numbers are slowly diminishing. Thank you Andre. I have been told that the links I put in the wrap, and presumably other links, don't always work.  Also sometimes our member page is displayed on the list of answers.  Hopefully these and other problems will be fixed soon.

Oh,  I have asked a number of times how people are including images, everyone is silent - I finally worked out that they are coming straight from the net.  Has anyone managed to include pictures from their home computers yet?  Can anyone fill me in better on inserting pictures PLEASE?

I have been answering questions most of the day and I am afraid they have run together and I haven't noted any in particular.  There was a post though that I liked because it reminded me of how non-mathematicians really do feel (sometimes) when they are facing a mathematics problem.  I thought it was relevant and amusing.   

That is it for tonight, enjoy the rest of your Thursday.  


 Apr 24, 2014

Hi everyone,

There were lots of great answers today from Gman2598, Alan, CPhill, Bertie, Kitty<3, novice, unknown and a number of anonymous people. Thank you very much.

I think all member questions and most anonymous questions have been answered.  I have checked as many of those answers as possible and given a tick to almost all of them.  I am starting to burn out.

There are just too many questions and there is too little time to just 'enjoy' the forum.  I am not actually trying to answer any questions but I do want everyone else to get credit for what they do.  I know some of you are looking at other's answers and some are giving thumbs up which is great.  Maybe you could actually put a short post saying that you have checked it and it is alright - then I won't feel like I have to check and I won't feel guilty about giving a tick when I have not personally checked.  This is just a thought.

Does anyone have any other ideas.

I have not responded to a number of messages.  I appologise for this. It is partly because the message system is still not very good and partly because I am just to busy with the immediate needs of the forum.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday.


 Apr 25, 2014

Hi everyone,

It was a little quieter today.  It is always quietest on Friday/Saturday's but there were still plenty of questions and Alan, CPhill and at least one anonymous person provided many great answers.  Thanks guys. 

Andre is slowly pulling the programming of the forum together.  There are now many special characters that can be inserted.  Plus, today I turned a thread into a sticky topic.  This had never worked for me before.  I was really pleased, because I was worried that this thread 'Information pages worth keeping or developing' and all the pages it refers to could become lost for all time. I have already made use of it.

Actually I am hoping that reinout uses this to make the puzzles easier to find.  I am sure I had a reference thread for puzzles somewhere.  We will have to find it.

Andre, you have never indicated whether you read this wrap but if you do there is still a problem with Alan's and my profile pages popping up in the 'Math Answers' pages.  At present I am on the most recent page (856) and Alan is on page 855.

I am also very eager for the message system to work properly and I really want to be able to insert attachments from my computer.  To the best of my knowledge the old attachments still do not display properly.

Still, the forum is slowly improving.  Thank you Andre.

That is it for today. Enjoy what is left of your weekend.


melodymathforum@gmail.com   (As a rule, I'd rather you use this email address than the message system because the message system is not working properly.)

 Apr 26, 2014

@@ End of day wrap - Sunday 27/4/14   Sydney, Australia Time 20:33

Hi everyone,

I am using a new heading - I am hoping that it will stand out better in the forum.

Another busy day with lots of fantastic answers from Mathwizard91472, CPhill, Bioschip, garanceme, Alan, DavidQD, Bertie, and 1or 2 anonymous people.  A big thank you to all of you.  

There was only one unanswered question on the forum and I am sure Chris will have answered it by the time I finish this post.  Andre, Chris has got his eye on the admin score on the 'Top Answerer' board, it shouldn't take him too long to over take! Then it will be my turn to worry. lol

There were also a couple of nice thank yous given today,  all answerers really appreciate it when people show their gratitude.  

I like this question today.  It made me think.  Chris and I both invite more comment.

This one also generated interest.

Chris has told me that sometimes these links don't work.  There are still a lot of teething problems on the new forum.  I think they usually work though. So good luck.

That is it for this lovely Saturday/Sunday

I don't know why it is lovely - I am just in a good mood. 



 Apr 27, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Monday 28/4/14   Sydney, Australia Time 21:16

Hi All,

Another busy day! Lots of great answers by DavidQD, Alan, CPhill, Anonymousperson, Kitty<3, Fiyero, Creeperface2000 and Rom.  Thank you all.

I wrote a letter to Andre Massow and have received a reply - I put these together and they are posted in the forum.  Comments and suggestions are very welcome. This is the address.  I have also included it with the 'Sticky Topics'


Kitty pulled together a few replies to 'How do I put fractions into the calculator' and put the addresses into 1 post.  I thought this was good and included her reply in the Sticky Topic 'Information pages worth keeping or developing'  It is on a new last post because I cannot edit the old pages.  I presume this is because they were written in the old forum.  It really needs to be done a little more neatly.  I have suggested that Kitty does this but I don't know whether or not she will.   I'd really appreciate it Kitty!

A new member Creeperface2000 made a great post this afternoon.  Thank you.

I think that is it for this Sunday/Monday.

Thank you all,



 Apr 28, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Tuesday 29/4/14   Sydney, Australia Time 20:20

Hi everyone,

Lots of great answers were delivered today by Rom, Alan, CPhill, Colyn, DavidQD, Kitty<3, Professor, gabbylona, Anonymous4338 and other anonymous people.  Thank you all.

The frac command in the latex was not working properly which was all very irritating.  These things are sent to try me/us.

Kitty<3 wrote a 'how do you do fractions on this calculator' post.  She put it on the end of the 'Information pages worth keeping or developing' sticky thread.  We may change its location but this is the address at present. Thanks Kitty. This is great.


This question from Stu has promoted interest.  Alan is trying to show us how to insert an image, sounds complicated but I guess it is easy when you know how to do it.

These ones also promoted some interest.

This one was too much for me. Thanks Alan.


and a bit of fun with this one 

As I type this I am having problems.  It keeps going into strange mode. Anyone else had problems today?

That's it - I hope I haven't included too many threads.  I don't get all that many feedbacks from my wraps.  I know people like me writing them but I am not sure what you want me to include.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday/Tuesday 



 Apr 29, 2014

...Anyone else had problems today?

I had some problems with the LaTeX insertion in  

It wouldn't take all the LaTeX in one go so I had to split it into two parts.  The second part then wouldn't format properly (the four equations that are left-hand justified should all be centred).  

 Apr 29, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Wednesday 30/4/14   Sydney, Australia Time 20:15

Hi everyone,

Questions were once again in abundance. Great answers were given by Alan, Professor, CPhill, Creeperface, Bertie, BluePhoenix912, Anonymous4338, and Rom. Thank you all.

Some nice recognition was also offered from BluePhoenix912, Bioschip and an anonymous person.  Thank you we all appreciate it.

I used Kitty<3's 'fraction on the calculator' post 3 times this morning.  It made answering so much easier.  I usually have more than one forum page open at any one time so that I can post in one and refer to or copy from the others.  I just copied the whole page - not just the address.  It worked a treat.  If anyone wants to use it is located in the sticky thread "Information pages worth keeping or developing."

Gib thinks all children should own a walrus.  And s/he worked out how to insert a picture before Chris or I did.  This is the post. I think Gib's walrus was the ugliest one in the pet shop!


We also have an anonymous comedian, s/he has visited before I hope s/he visits often.  The comedian's post along with Chris's interaction was very entertaining!  I thought it was great!! Although it would have been even better without the profanity. Thanks to both of you.

Alan gave me a much needed lesson on using the Tiny Pic upload feature.  I made my first upload on the new system.  I also added the address to the sticky thread "Information pages worth keeping or developing.  Here is a direct link for anyone in need.

That's it for this evening.  Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday/Wednesday. 



 Apr 30, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Thursday 1/4/14   Sydney, Australia Time 20:06

Hi everyone,

Once again there were many great answers given by Bertie, Alan, CPhill, BluePhoenix912, jmanf729, matisonc17035, alanb1291, BrainChap21, MacGamer04 and Edison.  (I am sorry if I forgot anyone) Thank you all. 

I think when Andre (the site owner and developer) finally gets the members section working properly we will be astonished at how many new members we have.  It is great to see that a number of these are also answering questions.  We encourage everyone to answer.  Obviously if you are unsure you should state this, but ultimately it is up to the question asker to decide to accept or reject an answer.  I also encourage people, especially the mathematicians, to check answers, including each others, so most mistakes are detected.

If new people would like to introduce themselves to the forum in general, by way of a public post, I encourage you to do so.  If you would like to introduce yourself to me privately you can do so via the forum message service or by an email to the address that I will include at the end of this wrap.  I love getting mail and I am sure other members would also welcome your contact.

We passed our 10,000th question today!  BluePhoenix912 bought this to my attention with this post.

Thanks BluePhoenix, but you might like to edit your post, you left out a 0!  

I had some really good thread addresses on my 'information pages worth keeping or developing' sticky thread. Now most don't work.  They are full of old downloads.  I wanted to use my 'dealing with negative indices thread' and could not.  NOT GOOD!  I suppose I'll redo them if I ever get time.

I can't recall any other memorable posts.   If you can think of something or some post please let me know with a message. Then i can edit this wrap or include the omitted content tomorrow.

I am having intermittant problems with the \frac command in LaTex.   Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

That is it for this Wednesday/Thursday.

Take care,



 May 1, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Friday 2/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 22:09

Hi everyone,

There were lots of fabulous answers today from CPhill, Kitty<3, Zzackery, Jeydenlewis497, username, Jomama, Bertie, BluePhoenix912, theactualguy, Alan and DavidQD. Thank you all, you are all wonderful! A really nice thank you was also given by chilledz3non.  

Gib took exception to my post yesterday and demanded an apology.  It is here - I hang my head in shame.

A question that I personally would like take another look at was;

Here are some of the problems that we are experiencing;

1) There seems to be a problems with the picture inserts.  Sometimes they are there and sometimes they disappear.  I think they are related to the ones in Hogwart's.  

2) Inappropriate, profanity posts were a major problem today.  I have to write another letter to Andre this weekend and I will ask him if there is some software he can implement to make this less of a concern.  

3) Some of the posts could not be opened - they just went off to 'page not found' eg "_^2,*2^_"

4) Our profile pages are still appearing on the 'Answer' page.

I think that is it for this evening.

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday/Friday.



 May 2, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Saturday 3/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 23:30

Hi all,

Great answers today from DavidQD, Admin, CPhill, Rom, Gib, Bertie and of course some anonymous people. Thank you all.  

We noe have an outbox so we can see the messages that we have sent.  That's a nice step forward.  Other asspects of the members section still need a lot of work.  Not to worry, it is comming together slowly.  Our top answer board has changed again.  The numbers have had another boost. lol  Andre has told me that it has 'bug' so I don't know what it will look like tomorrow.

I did send a quick message to Andre.  I told him of Alans's observations concerning the member profiles appearing in the answer section.  I also asked him if he could run some kind of language scanner through posts so that some of the vulgar ones could be deleted automatically.  He hasn't replied yet.

We had an anonymous post signed "Lucifer van Pelt" this morning.  It was a lot of fun.  Take a look for yourself. 


oh! this post was referred to in it.  http://web2.0calc.com/questions/expressions_2#r103394

Chris found this one interesting. It might be but it needs to be explained better by the question asker I think.     http://web2.0calc.com/questions/arc-and-how-to-find-an-angle

That is about it for this Friday/Saturday.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


 May 3, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Sunday 4/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 19:20

Hi everyone,

Our wonderfully impressive answers were posted by CPhill, Problem, Bertie, Alan, Kitty

I had real problems getting into this thread.  I kept being told "File not found" I guess there is still quite a few ants at the picnic!  

Another recurring complaint is that time stamps on out messages jump all over the "clock" 

Andre has now installed a fraction calculator.  There is a drop down menu in the top right corner of the calculator.  There is a few different calculators available here.

web2 drop down box

My favourite post today was written by a guest calling himself "Reluctantly Modern Old Geezer"  It was VERY funny!     http://web2.0calc.com/questions/why-does-my-oldish-texas-instruments-not-have-a-prb-button

There were also some output discussion in a couple of different posts.  The allowable matrix inputs are 'sloppy' and the equaton solution output puts an extra equal sign in the middle which, I think, is universally disliked by mathematicians.  Here are the threads



For those of you interested in higher level maths there were these posts.

http://web2.0calc.com/questions/1-i-16-1-i-15   (complex numbers)

http://web2.0calc.com/questions/taylor-series-for-1-cos-x-2-around-a-0 (Taylor series)

I think that about covers it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



 May 4, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Monday 5/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 21:40

Hi all,

Great answers were provided by Bertie, Alan, CPhill, admin, and Rom.  Thanks all. 

A nice thank you was given by Mathcalc.  We always appreciate it when we are thanked for our efforts. 

We now have a question watchlist that we have individual control over.  I expect this will be a really great addition. Thank you Andre.

Again I had a lot of problems opening this thread. I had to reopen the forum before I could get access!

All member questions have been answered but there are a few anonymous ones that have not been answered yet.  There are also a couple of questions that have not been ticked off because I would like them to be checked.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


 May 5, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Tues 6/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 23:15

Hi everyone, 

The forum was busy today.  All member questions have been answered but some guest ones have not.  I hope to answer a few more after I finish the forum house keeping.  Plus a couple more mathematicians usual join the forum in the next hour or so.

Great answers were today delivered by admin, BluePhoenix912, CPhill, Alan, Rom, Bertie, GoldenLeaf, reinout-g, Kitty3, bioschip, spetj200, some industrious anonymous people and definitly myself.  Thank you every one.  

Mathcalc also showed his appreciation.  He always has great manners.  Thank you mathcalc.

Reinout-g has spent time today finding and organising the puzzle posts. This is fabulous, I thought they may have been lost forever.  They are the sticky topics with green emicons.   I encourage everyone to join in when reinout or I (or anyone else) posts a puzzle or a challenge.  Thank you reinout, your efforts are much appreciated.

We have a great many new members joining every day and you are all extremely welcome.  I love it when I see new people joining in and becoming known.  It is not important whether you get an answer completely correct so long as your intentions are good and you state any uncertainty that you may have. Today GoldenLeaf joined and answered a number of questions.  I really like this post.  It is very interesting.


Other interest generatin posts today were:



Plus an advanced one    (I am not sure if it is properly answered yet)

And a general interest one - I won't normally include ones like this but I will today.


There were a great many unpleasant post today.  It is a good thing that they can now be deleted. 

I am really pleased with how the forum is progressing.  There are still quite a few bugs and some unfinished coding but it seems to me that almost every day some great new feature is introduced or an old feature has  been improved.  Thank you Andre.  You are bringing it together nicely for us. 

When we hover over a Math or LaTek input the coding now comes up in a box.  This is great.  Now we can learn how to use these by copying other people.  Rom is our most competent LaTex coder.  I started copying some of his more interesting code into the Latex page in the sticky notes.  Unfortunately it disappeared and I'll have to do it again. My stupidity I think - not a forum error.  If you add good coding when you answer a question please consider copying to the LaTex and Math Code thread.  You can have your own post in there which you can add to as time progresses.

It has come to my attention that non-members can now upload pictures.  This has pluses and minuses.  Many of the posts that I deleted this morning were pictures.  We have had very little of this type of problem in the past and it may be just a natural part of a growing forum.  It is not a great cncern at present anyway.

 My Wraps seem to be getting longer and longer.  If anyone wants to comment on the content I will welcome your constructive comments.  I want to know what people think!

Thank you everyone - I think we have a forum that we can be proud of.


 May 6, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Wed 7/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 19:45

Hello everyone,

It is midweek and the questions came in thick and fast.  Some great answers were provided by GoldenLeaf,Foxtears, NothingLikeHmework, Rom, awesomeatmath, lebron, Alan, Bobtyford, CreeperCosmo, problem and reinout-g. Thank you everyone. 

I think all the member questions have been answered.  Not all answers have been checked and not all answerers have received the points to which I think they are entitled.  I will put more effort into this tonight.  Sorry.  Sometimes there just is not enough hours in the day.  

Many answerers put more effort into newer questions.  This may be a little unfair but the logic is that if your question has been sitting there for a long time you may well have figured it out by some other means, so it may be less relevant.   If your question has fallen off the first page you can repost if you want to.  Remember, members will always get priority and it is simple and free to become a member.

Reinout-g updated our puzzle pages last night.  Thankyou reinout-g.  I noticed that CreeperCosmo has already answered 2 of the puzzles.  This is great,  I don't think that I have given you credit (and points) for them yet but I will.  

Here is a difficult one that some people might be interested in;


I think that is it.  Thankyou all.


 May 7, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Fri 9/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 03:30 (It is really Saturday morning)

I didn't do a wrap last night because access to the forum was denied to me.  I was denied access for 24 hours there abouts.  

Andre Massow, site owner and developer, has now found the cause and he sent me this message an hour or so ago.

"The problem is fixed. The reason for the error message was a programming mistake in my watchlist implementation. In your case the error appeared because you had a question in your watchlist which was delete later (by the question creator). The watchlist could not find the deleted question and crashed. "
Andre has temporarily deactivated this feature.  I couldn't get the sticky topics to open either. Maybe he has deactivated these as well.

Thanks you Andre for finding and overcoming this problem for me.  

There have been a lot of questions in the last 2 days and the following members provided great answers; Alan, reinout-g, CPhill, GoldenLeaf, DavidQD, FoxTears, Kitty<3, tfrancis15, all-them-marvel-feels and many anonymous people.  Thank you all.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

I do have more to say but the thread/s I wanted to share are 'locked' in a sticky topic and it is very late.  3:30am.  I have a little more I want to do on the forum before I 'hit the sack', so that is enough for this wrap.

Thank you all for making this forum such a success.



 May 9, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Sat 10/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 23:00 

Hi everyone,

It was a standard quiet Friday/Saturday.  But, as always, there were some good answers.  These were given by CPhill, Alan, GoldenLeaf and Capricious unicorn.  Thank you all.

**If people are going to give an answer that comes from a calculator I would ask that the site calc by means of the [Math (Input=Result)] button is used.  It makes it much easier for people to check that the calculation is in fact correct. Plus, once you get used to it is is easier than reaching for a different calculator.


These posts maybe of some interest to some of you.

This one has not yet been answered


Thought provoker question


Something a little different for senior school students


Sequence question - Turned out to be nonsense but intoduced  "The online encyclopedia of integer sequences" OEIS.


And a nonsense one. (It did promote comment)


I think that is it for this evening.

Enjoy your weekend.  



 May 10, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Sun 11/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 20:10 

Hi everyone,

Great answers today were written by Alan, CPhill, admin, DavidQD and GoldenLeaf .  Thank you all.

There were also some nice shows of appreciation from some anonymous people as well as by Anana.  we all thank you for this evidence of gratitude.

Also, Morgan Tud and Lady Guinevere both has something to say and Sisyphus showed us a holiday snap!



The WORD was out very quickly!   This is a quote from Morgan Tud: (I will include the thread below.)

"Yea, Sir CPhill, whom His Majesty hath just Knighted, stood as a guard to the chambers of the Knights and did witness the circular pun and the leads to a circular paradox by Sir Cumference."    


A couple of interesting questions/answers



The laughter continues.


I think that is it for today,

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,



 May 11, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Monday 12/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 20:45

Hi everyone,

CPhill and I rather monopolised the answering today - sorry.  There were a few physics ones left for Alan and admin answered one, thank you.  Never mind the week should start getting busy tomorrow and then there should be enough questions for everyone. Also, every day I see many new names.  The member section is not finished yet so I can't see you all but I expect forum member and post numbers is growing very quickly.

To all those who have joined recently, welcome to web2.0calc forum.  We hope you find the site helpful, interesting and fun.

There were some really nice thank you notes and thumbs up given today by RheyB, bioschip, tyeiyei and an anonymous person.  Thank you, everyone likes to be appreciated!

 One of our members Daniavm reported an error via a post.  I forwarded the post address to admin along with some of my own observations.  Daniavm’s problem should now be fixed. 

My observations were mainly to do with the Android phone app.  I had learned to do most things.  The member section could only be accessed by the most convoluted, intriguing process imaginable.  I was really proud of myself for solving the puzzle.  Anyway, there is no puzzle any more.  Andre Massow (site owner and developer) has ‘fixed’ it, what a pity.  So, from most people’s point of view the app works much better now.  Thank you Andre.

 This was an interesting physics question and answer (I thought so anyway).  Alan has provided all the formulas. Someone else should plug the numbers in and give us a concluding statement. http://web2.0calc.com/questions/stuck-on-problem_1#r105221

Chris added a new problem for us to ponder, it is on a new thread but I have referenced the thread in Puzzles, which is a sticky topic.


An anonymous poster also added this one which was intended as a puzzle so I also referenced it on the Puzzles thread.  It is a good one for school level scholars. 


 I think that is it for this Sunday/Monday.

Enjoy you new week,


 May 12, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Tuesday 13/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 19:40

Hi all,

Today was extremely busy, Chris (CPhil) and I were answering questions for many hours.  Many great answers were also forthcoming from Alan, BluePhoenix912, admin, zegroes, anonymous, cdromdj, GoldenLeaf, Creeperface and heureka.  Thank you everyone.  

I'd particularly like to thank Alan.  Every evening Alan comes to the forum and answers a number of questions, including the physics questions that are  beyond the other regular members' capabilities.  I really appreciate this. On behalf of all members I extend a very big thank you to Alan.

Kato99 also offered a nice show of appreciation.  Thanks for that.

Chris's first puzzle was solved by heureka and myself but Chris has changed the rules (Actually explained them better) so now the puzzle is really not solved.  There is a second easier puzzle here as well.


I liked this post because I don't remember seeing this identity before. 


I don't want to forget today's choice fun post. (I didn't find any mathematics element to it - did you Chris?)


That is about it I think.  Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.  


 May 13, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Wednesday 14/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 21:30

hi all,

Another busy day! Great answers from Alan, CPhill, Heureka, problem, zegroes, Goldenaleaf, gamrgrrl156, and Kitty<3.  Thank you everyone.  You all do a great job.

Here are some interesting posts for the day.

Polar co-ordinates


Parametric Equations


Set notation - we don't get many of these.


A nice show of appreciation from zegroes and info about sending private messages.


And that is it for this Tuesday/Wednesday.

Melody.       (Thay don't look as good as CPhill's three stooges, do they.)

 May 14, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Thursday 15/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 20:55

Hi all,

Another good day.  Lots of great answers from CPhill, Alan, zegroes and Kitty<3, reinout-g and Heureka. Thank you.

**Reinout-g has posted some more puzzles - He challenges you to solve them!     Thanks reinout.



Here are some other posts that you may find interesting.

**Who has heard of a minim before - not I


**Difficult factorisation and very impressive LaTex from Heureka 


 **Best "non-math" answer of the day : 


That's it for the day.

Thanks everyone,



 May 15, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Friday 16/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 22:15

Hi everybody,

I almost forgot to do the wrap!  That doesn't happen often.

Lots of great answers today from reinout-g, heureka, zegroes, CPhill, Alan, winnie and SpawnofAngel.  Thank you so much.  I'd especially like to thank Chris (CPhill).  Chris has been answering questions all day long. He does this regularly without complaint and I really appreciate it.  There is not any appreciation expressed my most of the question askers, that is true, but there are a few who express their gratitude and they make a big difference to the moral of the answerers.  Today 3 of these people were AngelAmy, zegroes and chilledz3non.  We thank you very much.

Reinout-g has been looking after our brain teasers and puzzles.  Notification of new ones are posted on the forum but they can always be found in with the sticky topics in the bottom right corner of the screen.  There are  some great puzzles in there - take a look. Thank you reinout for looking after the puzzles they are an important aspect of the forum!   If other people would like to post puzzles you are free to do so. If they are good I will give them a green puzzle icon and reference them in one of the puzzle threads.

Reinout also worked out how the individual post are referenced.  I might keep this till another time, there are a few more specifics that I want to work out.  Again, thank you reinout.

Once again heureka has presented some great answers with very impressive LaTex.  Thank you heureka!

I have been copying some of the Latex and some of the reference addresses over onto the LaTex thread which is located in the Sticky Topics. (Near the puzzles)

Lets see what posts we had today.

Difficult one


Fun ones (not for the poor donkey)



That is it for the night.  Enjoy your Friday/Saturday.


 May 16, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Sunday 18/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 15:30

Hi everyone,

Considering it is weekend, the forum has been very busy the last 2 days.  Lots of great answers were given by Kitty<3, zegroes, CPhill, Alan, GoldenLeaf and Rom. Thank you all.

There are 2 unanswered questions.  I have put their addresses in a new post.

Here are some interesting posts for the day.  I haven't checked my answers - maybe they are wrong.



Commercial Maths


Something you need to be careful about.


Puzzle question


Fun ones:



That is it for 'my' weekend, enjoy the rest of yours. 


P.S.  I might think about giving Chris back his sunnies when a certain someone, who will not be mentioned, gives me the replacement that we spoke about a very long time ago. 

 May 18, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Monday 19/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 15:30

Hi all,

Another very busy day - much busier than a normal Sunday/Monday.  I think our numbers are swelling exponentially.  I guess we'll just have to cope the best we can, remembering always that members get priority. There were a smattering of very old posts appearing on the forum today.  I don't know how this happens but if we are busy it may be worth looking at the time stamp before a question is given too much attention!

Great answers were given by Heureka, CPhill, Alan, askar20106, reinout-g and Rom. Thank you all.

There were also som nice shows of appreciation from blaster0, RheyB, Jedithious and some anonymous people. 

I would like the answerers to remember that the anonymous people do not get the thumbs up sign.  They can see the points but that is all. This may make some difference to how you choose to interact with them.

Here some threads that you may find interesting.







I think that is it for today.

Melody     I've still got your glasses Chris!  

 May 19, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Tuesday 20/5/14   Sydney, Australia Time 22:20

Hi everyone,

Another extremely busy day.  Great answers were given by reinout-g, Zegroes, Alan, heureka, DavidQD, admin, chilledz3non, CPhill, GoldenLeaf, Kitty<3, davanshbablaq1.  Thanks all.
There were also a few nice shows of gratitude but i don't have the names, sorry.

Our message centre has been redesigned from scratch.  There are some features that are not properly implemented yet but some of the new ones will be really good.

We can now view our messages from oldest to newest or vice versa.  Received messages and sent messages are now together in a converstion view (they are when you go into send message view anyway).  Sent messages are left justified and received messages are right justified.  Plus sent messages can  be edited or deleted right up until they are read by the recipient.  I used to love this feature (it was in the previous version of the forum) We cannot delete our messages at present but I am sure we will be able to soon.  A message export system is now being developed and should be up and running in a week or two.  The feature for choosing a member from a list definitely needs improvement but I think Andre Massow is repairing features and introducing new features in extremely good time.  I commend him on his efforts and the results he has achieved!  Thank you Andre! 

There are a great many questions.  Primary answerers are having a tough time getting through them all but we do do our best.  I have always encouraged people to get involved and post answers were they are able.  Unfortunately there are some people posting who do not have the knowledge base that they need to answer the question properly.  These answers can be very misleading to the question asker which is definitely not good.  They can also be time wasting for primary answerers.  If you are one of these over-confident people who is posting answers outside your knowledge base please STOP!  (I may start deleting point for wrong answers given by repeat offenders)  If you lack confidence but you really believe you can help I do not want to discourage you.  There have been some fantastic answers from casual answerers, today and everyday.  

Here are just a couple of todays posts.  I don't remember any really standing out.

Forum Interest Question - Web2.0calculator


Cassdy1 asked a fraction question and from it CPhill proved that 1=∞


That is it for today/tonight.  Enjoy the rest of your day.


 May 20, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Wednesday 21/5/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 19:35

Hi Everybody,

Great answers were posted today by CPhill, problem, admin, zegroes, Bertie, Reinout-g, GoldenLeaf, Heureka and Kitty

Zegroes also reported a problem with the message centre by posting it on the forum.  This was a great idea.  Admin saw the post and responded quite quickly.  Thanks to both of you.

There were plenty of questions but I don't think any really stood our for their mathematical content.

These ones may provide some entertainment.

The fun continued with this first one:




Playful one


**Reinout has just posted his most recent puzzle.  It must be included here!


That is about it I think.  Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.

Melody.  (Sadly no accessories today )

 May 21, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Thursday 22/5/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 18:50

Good evening/day everyone,

Another busy day, especially for me and (CPhill) Chris but lots of other people produced good answers as well.  Theses answerers are Heureka, Reinout-g, Zegroes, Bertie, GoldenLeaf, Kitty<3, Alan, Isiber17, Takahiromaeda and rosala.  Thank you everyone.

Some people also showed their appreciation.  Thank you we really appreciate that.  We like getting thumbs up too!   But, if you are not completely satisfied with your answer make sure you say so!  You can also join in and ask questions about someone elses question if you want.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Kitty<3 for her consistantly high quality answers.  Kitty is one of our younger answerers and she is a great role model for all the others.

Now for some posts that you may find interesting 

Heureka explained a bit more LaTex.  I have been using it today and it works a treat!  Thanks Heureka.


Heureka also showed us that that the Web2 calculator has a MOD button.  I didn't know that!


I'd like someone knowledgeable to comment on the last post by "Someone Who Knows Everything".  Does it make sense?  It's all too much for me.  I liked my own answer.


Bertie has posted a new proof of pythagoras' Theorum - It is worth the read!!! Thanks Bertie.


The fun continued with this one


Funny one (at zegroes expense)


Who was fibonacci?  (I thought I'd throw in one more serious one) 


Thanks everyone, that is it for today. 


 May 22, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Friday 23/5/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 21:55

Hi Everyone.

I have not checked all answer to this point like I usually do.  I often knock myself trying to finalise everything before i write the wrap and then a number of people come in not long after and there is very little left for them.  So I think I have more or less finalised questions up to and including page 456. Some more recent ones have been done as well of course.

Great answers today from Takahiro Maeda, Alan, zegroes, reinout-g, CPhill, Kalecia, Heureka, rosala, Maddie hardage, all-them-marvel-feels and Rom.

Today we were hit by a hacker.  Constant pop-ups appeared.  It was definitely a nuisance but possible not much more than that.  I have notified the site developer, Andre Massow.  He is quite ill at present but he will be onto it as soon as he is able.  I hope you are feeling better soon Andre.

Reinout-g posted a new puzzle.  I have always considered the puzzles a really important part of the forum.  I have no time to allocate to them.  I am so glad that reinout has take such an active interest. Thank you so much reinout, I really appreciate your efforts.



There weren't a lot of really memorable posts today but I thought these ones may be of some interest.

Higher level question - Answer curtesy of Alan.  Thanks Alan


More interesting setting out by Heureka.  Thanks Heureka


And some light Hearted Non-math fun (zegroes taught me what a Sayian is)


I think that is it for this Thursday/Friday.  Enjoy the rest of your day.


 May 23, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Saturday 24/5/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 21:30

Hi everyone,  

I trust that you are all enjoying your weekend!  It has been a fabulously sunny day in Sydney!

Great answers were given today by Takahiro Maeda, CPhill, Rosala, Alan, Rom, reinout-g, rag3phone, zegroes, nadiyah and Bertie.  Thank you, you are all wonderful.

I haven't heard from Andre Massow but I saw no more evidence of the hacker today so presumably Andre has taken care of the problem.  Only Chris and I were complaining yesterday.  It was driving us nuts.  I am wondering if we were the only ones affected. Doesn't matter, hopefully the problem is finished with.

Here are some posts that may be of interest.

Speed questions.  Good (High level) junior high problems.  Students often find questions relating to speed very difficult.  I think that they are often quite interesting.  Rosala presented a few today.



How to solve a more difficult equation  x+6=0.5^x  I want to take a proper look at Alan's answer.


Estimating roots - I want to have a better look at these answers, I am only familiar with Newton's method.


I think that is it for this evening.

Enjoy your weekend.


 May 24, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Sunday 25/5/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 19:50

Hi Everyone,

Today was a quiet Saturday/Sunday.  It's nice to have a quiet day occasionally.  Still there were some excellent answers given by Alan, reinout-g, CPhill and Bertie.  Thank you.

I would like to introduce you to Rosala.  Rosala has only been a member for a few days and she has already greatly impressed me.  Rosala asks good questions, she is quick to say thank you, and gives 'thumbs up' generously on her own questions and also on other people's questions.  She also answers questions well when she has the knowledge.  Rosala is also very prepared to ask for clarification and to say when she does not understand.  This is very important and something not many question askers really do. She may be a very important role model for others to follow!

Now that I have told you why Rosala has impressed me, I'd like to tell you a little about who she is. She is a 13 year old girl from Delhi, India.   I don't know that we have any other regular members from India. She is very proud of her excellent Engish, it is her favourite subject.  She said 'we' are lucky because we come from counties where girls can do anything.  There are much less opportunities for girls in India.  

Thank you Rosala and welcome to web2.0calc forum.  I hope that you continue to learn lots and enjoy this site!

(Incidentally, I did ask Rosala if it would be alright before I repeated all this on the forum.)

##Here are a few posts that may be of interest to people.  

This one demonstrates Rosala's great attitude.

(Note: Rosala did not give herself 5 points - they came from other people)


This one had Reinout-g's and Alan's head spinning!  It all looked too much for me.


This one was not difficult but it was a little unusual I thought.


That is it for today.  The weather has been just beautiful in Sydney.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend.


 May 25, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Monday 26/5/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 09:40 pm

Hi everyone,

Today our great answers were provided by CPhill, Alan, reinout-g, rosala, GoldenLeaf, TakahiroMaeda, Kitty

Andre Massow is feeling healthier and is back looking after us again.  He has dealt with the hacking problem that occured a few days ago.  The hacker only introduced superficial code via the forum.  The system's security was never compromised. The whole incident has been 'put to bed'.

Andre has also introduced auto resizing so when large pictures are uploaded they are automatically resized to fit properly.  And, he has also provided us with a button so that we can delete private messages if we wish to.

Thank you Andre. These are nice improvements to the forum.

Monday is Memorial Day in the US. It is a day set aside for remembering the men and women who died while serving in their country's armed forces.  I don't think it will be an excessively busy day on the forum but I could always be wrong.

Here are some posts that might have some interest.

Truncated Cube


Two new words for me:  infimum and supremum


I haven't has time to think about it very hard but this probability question does sound interesting.


I really must work on my set notation.  Maybe someone could throw me some questions?


I think that is about it for this Sunday/Monday.  Enjoy the rest of your day.


 May 26, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Tuesday 27/5/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 12:50 am (Technically Wednesday)

Hi everyone,

Today our great answers were provided by Alan, reinour-g, Heureka, Rosala, SckSniper, pieguy314, Kitty<3 and Bertie.  Thank you all.

Fantastic news.  Reinout-g has his own star.  Congratulations Reinout!!!!!!


This Combination/Permutation post created some lateral thought discussion.


The fun continues in a very confused Camelot.


Reinout-g's pictures just keep coming.  I love them.  Today they have been a little ellusive,  sometimes they are there and somtimes they are not.  It is because reinout borrowed them from Hogwart's.  They pop out every now and again.  Check out the rooster in this one!


That is it for today I do believe.

Good night/Day all,


 May 27, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Wednesday 28/5/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 20:10 am 

Hi everyone,

Another busy day with great answers from reinout-g, heureka, zegroes, Alan, admin, Caleb, chilledz3non, unknown GoldenLeaf, Kitty<3. Thank you everyone.

I thought that this comment by TreefAM was interestin.  TreefAM appears to have had a problem posting anonymously.  Maybe that is a part of the reason that so many new people are joining."Oh sorry it was 2^(x/2), had to make an acount because i wasn't able do to the spamm security thing."

I also want to remind everyone.  If you are happy with your answer post a thank you and give a thumbs up.  If you are not happy say so and ask for clarification.


I can't think of any other great pieces of news so I will go straight to the interesting posts.

A few of us had fun with this one. 


Rom's answer is interesting. I want to give it more thought.


I haven't tried this one yet but it looks interesting.


A reinout special - and I nearly missed it.  I am so glad that I didn't.


That is it for today.  

Keep Smiling,


 May 28, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Thursday 29/5/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 23:50 pm 

Hi all,

It was a busy day today. All questions up to and including page 470, and all answers up to including page 1092 have been answered, checked, etc.  This means there are still some about for people to answer and/or check.

Our great answers today were provided by Rosala, Alan, GoldenLeaf, mjohnson, admin, zegroes, zacpac2020, reinout-g, Heureka, Rom and TakahiroMaeda.

Mjohnson and Zacpac2020 both only joined up yesterday - could have been today since I am ahead of almost everyone else!  Welcome to web2.0calc forum.  We all hope that you enjoy yourselves here!   


Now, there were lots of potentially interesting posts today and here are some of them.

Reinout-g is cracking jokes again - So what is new?


Zegroes is going into competition with Reinout


Alan is a magician!


More fun with complex roots


I think middle level school people might find these 2 interesting.



There is a "lizard illuminati" theme going through the forum at the moment.  This is the latest thread.


Scientology has also crept into the forum.  (It can stay so long as people don't voice offense)


Yesterday a few people told me how much they liked my 'End of Day Wraps' and how much they appreciated all the effort that I put into the forum.  Thank you so much.  I put more hours in here than many people put into a full time job.  I do it because I love teaching and I really enjoy all the camaraderie of the forum but this certainly does not mean that I appreciate your gracious compliments any less. (Incidently, I think Chris (CPhill) spends as much time here as I do, his contibution is immeasurable.) It is a team of people who make this forum work so well.  Without the team we could achieve nothing! Thank you everyone.

That is it for today,  good evening/day all.


 May 29, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Friday30/5/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 20:40 pm 

hi everyone,

Our great answers were today provided by chilledz3non, Kitty<3, CPhill, Rom, Alan, Heureka, Reinout-g, Bertie, GoldenLeaf, Themightyalgol and all-them-marvel-feels.  Thank you all.

Themightyalgor joined up yesterday (maybe today) We welcome you to web2.0calc forum and we hope that you find this site helpful and fun!


Here are some posts that some people may find interesting.

(I've included no comic ones today - that's a little sad)

Manipulating logs always causes problems for people (Thanks for the demo Alan)


Chilledz3non used this maths 'counting' video - it's long and it may be the weirdest maths clip I've ever seen - but it was interesting. (And I thought a log was just a power)


Just proves, there is a name for everything!   Ramanujan's number


Another complex number question.  Answer care of Alan


Bertie's answer is interesting. Although I have no idea how he did a binomial expansion with a fractional index.


That is it for this Thursday/Friday.  Enjoy the rest of your day.


 May 30, 2014

no smileys either......




 May 30, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Sunday 1/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 12:15 am (Monday really)

Zegroes is right - I didn't write a wrap last night.  It is just as well that he is here to help! 

Great answers were given over the last 2 days by GoldenLeaf, all-them-marvel-feels, CPhill, Bertie, Alan, Rosala, Zegroes, Chilledz3non, DavidQD, NBlueBird, Rom Admin and Problem. Thank you all! 

GoldenLeaf has now replaced Scrutinizer on the Top Answerer list.  Congratulations GoldenLeaf!

NBlueBird has only just joined up.  Welcome to web2.0calc forum.  We hope you like it here. 

@ Answerers must always remember that many/most people who use this forum have never heard of imaginary or complex numbers!  This poster has been trying to figure out our answer to this question for quite some time!


@ Here are some other posts that you may find interesting:

Students can find equations with absolute signs quite tricky.


Back to basics with this one.  I liked Chris's explanation and his picture!


Higher level question




That is it for tonight.  Most of you have at least some of your weekend left.  Mine is all used up. 

See you later,


 Jun 1, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Monday 2/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 10:45 pm 

Hi Everyone,

Our great answers today were provided by CPhill, Alan, GoldenLeaf, admin, Stu, reinout-g, TaviSage, Kitty,3, Itoen, Feitan and Bertie.  Thank you all.

Feitan and TaviSage are both new.  We welcome you to web2.0calc forum and we hope you like it here.

Oh, Admin has introduced an avatar feature.  A number of members have told me that they love it. Thank you Andre.  Your efforts, and the improvements that they bring, are much appreciated.  

I have checked all posts up to but not including the current pages. (there is at least one that i want to return to tonight) 

Here are a couple of the more memorable threads.  

Great probability question - and comedy for the day!  


This one is interesting I thought


That is it for tonight.


 Jun 2, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Tuesday 3/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 9:20 pm 

Hi everyone,

Another busy day with great answers provided by Bertie, Reinout-g, alan, Zegroes, GoldenLeaf, Bssoulahmad, miaimi, Kitty<3, cburns, and Rosala.  Thank you all.

Bssoulahmad, Miaimi and Cburns have all joined in the last day or so.  We welcome you to web2.0calc forum.  We hope you learn lots and have fun here.

It is good to see some many people having fun with choosing avatars.

Here are some of the more interesting posts for the day.

#Graphing trig functions.


#Synthetic Division - I have always used long division , (that is what I was taught) but this is much simpler.


#Something higher lever (matrices)




Enjoy the rest of your day.


 Jun 3, 2014

heh your announcing people that just joined now??? i remember when i first joined......where's my red carpet?

 Jun 3, 2014

Yes, I know Zegroes - No one gave me a red carpet either - and I am still crying.    See!

Actually the member section is not adequate to see the new members - it doesn't even bring up many of the old members!  I think we have more than 10 new members every day, maybe a lot more.  The only ones I catch are the new answerers.  If someone answers a questions and I don't recognise their name then I look at their profile.  If they are new then I welcome them.  It is extremely hit and miss.  When admin gets the member section working properly we need to organise something better.  Maybe an automated welcome or maybe put someone in particular in charge of a welcoming committee.

Here is the red carpet for all those wonderful unsung heros who have been tirelessy socializing, oh sorry, I mean working and learning here.  This is YOUR STAR!


Am I forgiven now?


 Jun 4, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Wednesday 4/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 9:20 pm

Hi everyone,

Please scroll up fo a moment.  zegroes had a question which I answered in my last post.  My welcoming procedure is very hit and miss. I hope that we will eventually have a better system but the member section needs to be improved first.

Today our great answers were given by alan, Rosala, CPhill, Zegroes, GoldenLeaf, NinjaDevo, Feitan, Kitty<3, Kingkuya and Rom.  Thank you all.

NinjaDevo and Kingkaya have just joined in the last day or so.  Welcome to web2.0calc forum.  We hope you learn lots and enjoy yourselves here.


Here are some of the more interesting posts of the day.

#It appears that the curse of the unicorns is real!  We are working towards rectifying this problem.


#Lemniscate of Bernoulli curve - A new one for me.  

2 foci, 2a units from one another where PF1 * PF2 = a2    Cool!


Interesting motoring observation.


A bit of musical banter


More clowning with half lives




I think that is it for this wrap.  

Enjoy the rest of you day.


 Jun 4, 2014

 melodys post

Here is the red carpet for all those wonderful unsung heros who have been tirelessy socializing, oh sorry, I mean working and learning here.  This is YOUR STAR!

HEY i do a little of both......


ps melody your not forgivin you still hadent apoligized for stomping on me.....

 Jun 4, 2014

does that lovely star and the red carpet belong to me also because ive done both the things , ! 

 Jun 5, 2014

aww no end of the day wrap....how will i know what happened today....lol ah well i guess melody was tired today maybe tommrow.....

 Jun 5, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Friday 6/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 9:20 pm

Great answers were given by reinout-g, Alan, Heureka, Zegroes, CPhill, NinjaDevo, Rom, Bertie, Sportslover, Narsin12, Kitty<3 and Rosala.

Narsin and Sportslover have join since my last wrap.  Zegroes and Rosala seemed to think they are also entitled to a formal welcome. So this is for all 4 of you.  Welcome to web2.0calc forum.  We hope that you learn lots and that you like it here.  

I didn't notice a lot of particularly interesting threads this time, maybe I wasn't looking hard enough.

I thought that this one was interesting and important for a couple of different reasons.  

Please take note of what Bertie and I have said.  It is important that you are interactive with your learning.  Answerers do not want to feel like they are just doing someone's homework and that the only thing that the asker cares about is the answer!  We want to help people learn!

I am sorry notsomathpro.  Our comments were not aimed at you in particular, I am sorry that you were the one in the firing line.

The question itself is also very thought provoking.  I hope i get around to looking at this question from 'behind the scenes'



You know, I was only gone 1 night and you kids think you can just move into my wrap thread and make yourselves at home.  And why is it that you are giving each other lots of points when my wraps never get any points.  I should go on strike!

People have been asking where I was last night.  I was at 'Vivid' which is an amazing light show in Sydney where moving picture lights are projected onto many of the buildings around our harbour. (I don't think that i said that very well)

It was a rainy day which meant that the crowd numbers were way down, for a while our luck held out and the weather was good.  Then it teamed and we were drowned.  The tadpoles in my pockets were the only really happy ones.  Not to worry.  It was all pretty amazing.  The best displays were snakes slithering across our museum of contempory art, and schools of fish swimming across the opera house sails, followed by a shark and some stingrays.  it was really cool!

Here are some pictures but they are never anywhere near as good as the real thing.  Rosala in particular wanted me to explain.  The scenes i described are not depicted here.  It must be different each night.


Photos: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2641798/Sydney-Opera-House-famous-landmark-transforms-giant-snake-stunning-Vivid-Festival-snaps.html

Museum of Contemorary art:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vIPdJIMgCc

Sydney Opera House:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdQjtfqPNQo

I hope no one objects to me puting this stuff in my nightly wrap.  I appologise if you do mind.

That is it for this Friday night in Sydney, Australia.  Enjoy the rest of your day.


 Jun 6, 2014


 Jun 6, 2014

 You know, I was only gone 1 night and you kids think you can just move into my wrap thread and make yourselves at home=melody

lol because the kids said ol ms.melodies forum is were all the cool kids hang!i liked your forum for you btw so your welcome...

 Jun 6, 2014

oh my god ! these were my words as i saw those pics ! they r sooooooooooo good ! they have driven me nuts i just love them! thank u so much melody for these ! 

and melody u dont need to apologize for it , none of us will mind it at all , in fact i think that we shoul all be thankful to u for sharing all thia to us ! in fact i am thankful and i am giving u a thumbs up for ur this wrap !

thank u very much !

 Jun 6, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Saturday 8/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 12:25 am (really Sunday morning)

Hi everyone,

Thank you Rosala, Zegroes and Reinout-g.  I really appreciate your and everyones support.  It means more to me than you will ever know.  I also seemed to have ended up with quite a few 'wrap' points. Thank you so much.

Rosala wanted to know how the light were projected on the buidings that I was talking about last night. They were laser lights and they were projected from large boxes, maybe 2.5metres cubed, that were unobtrusively placed behind the onlookers.  One of the very large buidings had a platform in front of its box and individuals were invited up to 'conduct' the lights.  The lights changed quite dramatically depending on their movements. They could also play table tennis with laser light b***s etc. a bit like how you can interact using an xbox.

Lots of great answers today from Kitty<3, CPhill, Rosala, reinout-g, Alan, Heureka, Sportslover, NinjaDevo, Bertie, Problem, zegroes, Bioschip, GoldenLeaf, and jjzamball.


Jjzamball became a member today.  Welcome to web2.0calc forum.  We hope you learn lots and like it here.


I really have to modify the way I care for this forum.  I have spent many hours just checking everything is answered and collecting all the names.  Once all the questions are answered to my satisfaction/capability collecting the names is easy enough, it is the answer checking and tidying that takes an enormous amount of time.  I also collect threads for this wrap as I go.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could do it differently or how someone else may be able to help?


There is a sticky thread called “Information worth keeping or Developing.”

I refer to it most days.  It is full of addresses of threads that can be used over and over again.

It is not well organised and some of the older posts have info that will no longer display properly but it would be worthwhile for answerers to familiarise themselves with the newer posts.  I write a little description above each reference address.  You are encouraged to add your own post on the end.  Once you have one post you can usually edit it to include new addresses.  You do not need to make a new post every time.

Today I added two address.

1)  Square root in question verses Square root introduced in the working. (Written by Melody)


2)  Surface area of a cylinder. (written by NinjaDevo)

Chris specifically asked me to include this one in tonight wrap and to include it for future reference.  It is a very good one.  Thank you NinjaDevo.



Now, what other posts were there?

Problems with messages.  Phantom new messages.


More criticisms  and comedy.


This one is still annoying me.  Plus I like Chris’s last post.


 Binomial expansion


I thought some people might be interested in how Chris and i answered this simple question.  We could have answered better but I think it is ok.


I liked this question - It needs to be checked.


That is it for tonight.  Enjoy you weekend.


 Jun 7, 2014

thank u very much for the explanation of" from where light comes " ! i was really excited to know that ! thanks ! i would give u a thumbs up for this one !

 Jun 7, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Sunday 8/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 8:10 pm 

Hi everyone,

It was a really quiet day today which is great.  Core members had time just to have some fun with some of the posts.  There were of course some really good answers.  these were supplied by Reinout-g, CPhill, Rosala, Problem, NinjaDevo, Alan, Bertie and SquareRoot.  Thank you, you are all wonderful.

Radix's status has been elevated to moderator.  Congratulations Radix!

Many of you are now thinking "Who is Radix?"  

Radix has never posted on our site, he posts on the German site and has now been made moderator.

This site runs the Web2 calc and forums in German, Spanish, French, English and Russian.
If you go to the bottom of any page you will see 5 two letter abbreviations. EN stands for English that is our version. DE stands for Deutsch which means German in German. Click on that and you will be transferred to the German site. That is where Radix hangs out. You will be logged out but you can log into the German site or you can came back here and log on again.  Of course you can visit the other language sites as well.  I used to post occasionally on the other sites but it is too busy here now.  I have already voiced my congratulations on the German site and Radix has sent me a message of thanks.

There were not many posts today.  I seem to have put aside the whole lot for this wrap lol.

The fun continues.


you tube clip discussing huge numbers - thanks Ninja Devo


Well, we are in a playful mood today! - Thread provided by jmanf726 - Thank you.


Trig substitution, asin verses sin-1 and Morgan Tud revisits us.


Maybe i should include one fully serious one.  Thanks for the solution Problem.


Would anyone else like a language lesson?


It is a long weekend in Australia. The holiday is in honour of the Queens Birthday.  This is really weird because Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21st April.  Why does the queen get 2 birthdays?  I suppose this means that I, Lady Guinevere am entitled to two as well.  WOW this is  great!  Queen Guinevere hearby proclaims that Monday 9th of June shall be her rightful celebratory day for this year of the Lord, Two Thousand and Fourteen.

She shall expect to be showered in gifts!  

So we all (almost) have another weekend day.  Enjoy!  

Oh thankyou people for the thumbs up that my wraps were given today.  They are much appreciated. 

Zegroes has chastized me for using to few smilies.  This must be remedied!

  Is that enough Zegroes?  

Lady Guinevere.

 Jun 8, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Monday 9/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 12:55am  (Really Tuesday morning)

Hi everyone,

Lots af great answers were presented by CPhill, reinout-g, Rosala, NonjaDevo, Morgan Tud, Alan, Rom and Feitan.  Thank you all 

I sent an email to Andre Massow yesterday discussing many items.  The main ones were concerning the phantom messages and problems with the members section.  I have received an initial reply but I have not had time to examine it properly yet.  Thank you Andre for your speedy response.

Interesting posts for today are as follows:

It really must be silly season.




Magnitude of a vector - simply Pythagoras.


An easy error to make - one which should be guarded against.


That is it for today.


 Jun 9, 2014

Zegroes has chastized me for using to few smilies.  This must be remedied!

  Is that enough Zegroes?  =melodys post. uh oh looks like we got a thief! here you stole chris's glasses again?

 Jun 9, 2014

oh thats not good zegroes , uve chastised Lady Guinevere , thats really bad and now ur calling her a thief ! hoooaaaa ! ha ha !i hope she doesnt punishes u ! lol!

 Jun 10, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Tues 10/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 11:40pm  

hi Everyone,

A nice day on the forum I think.  Not too busy.  Great answers were provided by CPhill, Alan, Nicklvlup, Rosala, NinjaDevo, Zegroes, Bertie, Morgan Tud, GoldenLeaf, Kitty<3, admin and Heureka.  You are all fantastic!

Nicklvlup and MorganTud have just become members.  Welcome to web2.0calc forum.  We hope that you enjoy yourselves here.

MorganTud,  thou hath been a guest here for some time.  Now that thou art a member WE shall expect thou to conduct thineself properly,  with considerable restraint!  Your Queen doth adore your avatar. It fit thee so well!

Your Lady, Lady Guinevere, Queen of Camelot, hath spoken!


Kitty is a quiet achiever.  Many of you wonder who she is.  Well Kitty has always been my right hand girl.  She was by my side when I was the only adult and certainly the only mathematician on the forum.  I could not have coped without her.  Her answers are always of exceptional quality and her presence on this forum is still extremely highly valued.  Her star has been slow to come but it is very much deserved.  Thank you Kitty!

Now, 2 days ago I sent Andre Massow, owner and developer of the Web2.0calc.com site an email.  He responded almost immediately and many of the requests that I made have already been implemented.  We now have an inbox and an outbox.  Soon we will have a return button on our received messages.  There are many other requests and improvements as well.  I will just give you the link to the correspondance page that I have put together.

Communications with Admin - (there are three posts above this one that are also relevant)


Now for our interesting posts;

A very nice offer from NinjaDevo


A joke.  I though it was funny


I liked this one, it was just a little different from the standard ratio questions.


That is it for this evening/day/morning whatever.  some of you are very confused and do not realise that it is evening,

Enjoy what is left of your day - mine is over - midnight has passed and a new day begins.


 Jun 10, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Wed 11/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 10:30pm  

Hi Everyone,

Great answers today were provided by CPhill, Heureka, Rosala, Alan, Bertie, Problem, admin, NinjaDevo, Zegroes,Kitty<3 and  Geele.  Thank you all.

Geele has only just become a member.  Welcome to web2.0calc forum.  We hope that you learn a lot and enjoy yourself here.  

Not much excitement today.  Some one tried to abuse the site by posting 14 'assignment' questions but members soon ignored them,  which seemed to be accepted as the correct response.  

It came to my attention today that some people do not know how to copy and paste web addresses so I prepared this.  The address is stored in the sticky thread called "information pages worth keeping or developing."  Maybe one of you can do a better job.  Mine is only good for windows operating systems.  Actually I just this instant received a pop up from Zegroes.  I think he was asking how to do it on a phone - but I could have got it wrong!


There were not a lot of great posts today.  But this is a really cute pic!


That is it for the day.  Enjoy what is left of yours,


 Jun 11, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Thurs 12/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 12:30pm  (Really Friday morning)

Great answers today from Alan, Rosala, CPhill, Zegroes, Bertie, Geele, Heureka, reinout-g, NinjaDevo, TreefAM, Scrutinizer, Problem, Sally1 and Kitty

Rhino also posted a great puzzle.  It is a recurring one but a really good one.  I have given it the green puzzle icon and added it to the sticky note 'Puzzles'.  Thank you Rhino.

I almost forgot.  Reinout-g has put a repetitive and recursive curse on CPhill.  He can adjust the pain levels as he sees fit. Of course CPhill does deserve it.  Headless and now cursed.  Some knights are brave but not so smart!

In the last day or so there has been some rudeness aimed at answerers.  Sometimes this is verbal other times it is in the guise of subtracting points even though the answer is not incorrect.  I do not think this should be tolerated.  It is my position that core members should back any answerer who has reason to feel s/he has been treated rudely.  An apology should be sought and if it is not forthcoming future questions should be whitened out or not answered.  The question asker has three basic choices:

1) Apologise (and return points) and it is over.

2) Leave the forum altogether.

3) Rebirth with a new username.  (If they do this then it would usually be an indication that they know they have crossed a line and they are likely to behave better second time around)

I can not do these things alone.  If you think this is a reasonable policy then I need your help to enforce it.  Let me know what you think.


Here are some of the more interesting posts for the day.

This is Chris's favourite for the day.  It's just a little different from the norm.


A quest for the biggest number?


Want some Coke?


some complex numbers


I am too tired right now to think about reinout-g's logic but it looks interesting.


An old one but a good one.


So far I am both too tired and too busy to appreciate this properly - maybe some fun for my morning!

Thank you reinout.


Looks like the challange was accepted.


Questions like this always create confusion.


That is it for today.  Enjoy what is left of yours.


 Jun 12, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Fri 13/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 10:10pm  

Hi Everyone,

Great answers today from CPhill, reinout-g, Rosala, zegroes, Alan, Will85237, and Bertie.

Will85237 joined a couple of days ago. Welcome to Web2.0calc forum. We hope that you enjoy yourself here.

NinjaDevo made his way onto the "Top Answerers" board today.  CONGRATULATION NINJADEVO.  I had not realised that you had answered so many questions,  (Ninja's are supposed to be stealthy) But, I have been very impressed with the quality of your answers Ninja. Thank you.

There have been a  number of questions lately which are ambiguous or simply do not make sense.  At Alan's suggestion I have posted a note question askers, requesting them to be careful about this and also giving hints to appropriate forum conduct.  This is it.


Here are some questions that may be of interest.

I haven't had a chance to look at either of these 2 questions yet 
but I like probability


and I like finding roots. (It could do with some more explanation)


This one promoted a little bit of discussion


That is it for today.  Thanks everyone.


 Jun 13, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Sat 14/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 9:35pm 

Good Evening all,  some of you live in slow places and the sun has not yet set, but I assure you, a good evening awaits. 

It was a quiet day today.  I am definitely not complaining!  Bring on more days like this so that I can catch my breath!

There were still lots of good answers delivered by reinout-g, NinjaDevo, Will85237, Alan, Rosala, CPhill, Bertie and Bahamo. Thanks guys, you are all much appreciated.

Bahamo is new.  Welcome to web2.0calc forum.  We hope you learn a lot and enjoy yourself here. 

I spent a little time this evening cleaning up Sticky Notes.  They are a little improved but this area definitely need more time spent on it.  Some of the content is from the old forum and does not display properly.  Some content needs to be deleted or updated.  I did 'unstick' a couple of obsolete posts and I amalgamated a couple more but there is still much to do.  Andre was 'threatening' to reduce the number of sticky topics possible.  I do not like this idea but he is right, they do need to be tended properly.

Yesterday I was asked to put together a note to new question askers requesting that they be very careful about the presentation of their questions.  I did that, maybe it was in my wrap yesterday, I don't remember.  Anyway, I was then asked if something like this could be permanently 'stuck' to the top of the posted questions.  I do not have the power to do this but I think it should go into my next letter to Andre Massow (site owner and developer) Does everyone think that this is a good idea? Can anyone offer more input.  Would someone other than me like to write it?  I have put up a first draft (on the forum)but I also found an old similar post in the ignored sticky topics.  In some ways the old one is better than the new.  They need to be amalgamated and tidied up.

I have started a sticky note information thread for new people. (It is just a start)


I also want to remind people of the Sticky Topic "Information Pages worth Keeping and Developing".  Once again this thread needs some loving care but I add to it regularly, and I use references from it even more regularly.  I think it would be beneficial if answerers familiarise themselves with its content.

These are some of the interesting post from today.

What is the value of pi 

I have added this one's address to the sticky topic "Information pages worth keeping or developing"


This might interest some people


I liked this one - a great answer from an anonymous person.


I do believe that is it for today.  Enjoy your weekend.


 Jun 14, 2014

I just looked at the sticky topic "Information pages worth keeping or developing," and I can agree that it could use some cleaning up.

A sugestion I have for this is maybe we should just have one huge post containing all this information, and the author (most likely you, Melody) could just "edit" the post when more information is wanted to be added.

Also, maybe a good way to organize this is by "grade levels" of mathematics, if you will. Looking something like this:









Misc. pages:


...and you get the idea


That way, when someone is refering back to the sticky about say, solving inequalities, they can just go under algebra, and go directly to that link, without looking through the whole page of reposts and stuff.


The only problem with this is that there might be a limit to how much text can go in a single forum post. If this problem arises, maybe the creator of the site could allow an option for a no-max charcter count for only mods when posting something.


Also, tell the creator of the site (Andrew, I believe?) that I appriciate his work on the site, it's really made well.

Finally, thanks to your dedication to this site, Melody, without your and dedication, the site would not run as it is running!

 Jun 14, 2014

I would also like to echo ND's thoughts....thanks to Melody for all she does on here.....

I'm still getting "phantom messages," as well.......maybe they're from a "ghost" poster.....!!!  Who knows ???

I like ND's idea about classifying the posts according to grade level or topic......I don't know if the site mods would be responsible for "moving" the topics to appropriate areas (yuck, another "task"), or whether the site could include a "menu" for the questioners in which they could choose to post where they thought most appropriate. (Maybe we could include a "miscellaneous" category if a questioner were uncertain!!).

Those are my thoughts......but, I might have more as they occur to me !!!

 Jun 14, 2014

Thank you Ninja and Chris.  I have just copied your posts over into the main body of the forum.

I'd like to continue this discussion there.



 Jun 14, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Sunday 15/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 9:20pm 

Hi all,

Another beautifully quiet day.  Great answers from Alan, Reinout-g, NinjaDevo, CPhill, Rosala and Zegroes and Henk1668  Thank you all.

Strider joined today.  He/she started with a post complimenting the forum.  Thank you Strider


Hank1668 also joined today.  He/she is from the Netherlands. (I was told via a message and I am assuming that it is not a secret)  This was Hank1668's post.  I included it in yesterday's wrap but here it is again.


To Hank1668 and Strider.  Welcome to Web2.0calc forum.  We hope that you both learn a lot and enjoy yourselves here.

There was some discussion of forum issues after my wrap last night.  I copied the posts over to the forum and the discussion was continued there.



 It occured to me today that one of the things I always wanted for this forum was a 'club like' atmosphere.  I was thinking that with the ability to post without becoming a member first that this may never happen. However, I am really pleased because I think that the forum may be headed that way now.  We have a number of core users of all different ages and abilities.  You are all lovely people.  I have a great deal of time for each and every one of you.  You are starting to communicate with each other on the forum in a very constructive and friendly way.  I am really pleased that the forum is starting in this direction!  

This forum is very young. I compare it to a young river gouging its way through mountains and valleys.  It is intriguing to watch it grow and mature.

Here are some other interesting post for the day.

Vectors and complex numbers.


Ratios - lengths, SA and Volume.  I like questions like this one.


I think that is it for today.  Thank you everyone.

Melody.        (The smiley is especially for Zegroes - He likes smilies)

 Jun 15, 2014

Indeed, it's not a secret!


Fun thing to know: Over here, in the Netherlands, it's twenty past 3 PM!


 Jun 15, 2014

Now i think it may be about 5:20 pm !good for u ! my day will soon be over in a few hours becoz its 9pm past 15 minutes in here !but enjoy ur day and welcome to the forum !hope u enjoy it as well as learn !"all the best " for ur journey Henk1668 and also Stider ! this ones for u !

 Jun 15, 2014

Ahhhhhhhh! THOSE SMILEYS THO!!!!!!!

 Jun 16, 2014

zegroes if u like these smileys so much why dont u open a shop of "smileys " !LOL!

 Jun 16, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Monday 16/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 12:52pm (Really Tuesday)

Halo semua (That is Hello everyone in Indonesian - We had an indonesian post today!)

There  were some great answers given today by Alan, Rosala, CPhill, NinjaDevo, Zegroes, Henk1668, Heureka, reinout-g and Bertie.  Thank you all.

It was faily quiet today - especially this morning Australia time.  I enjoy it more when it is a bit quiet.

I sent a back-up email to Andre Massow (Site owner and developer) today.  Again it covered a lot of issues.  I'll let you know when I get feed back.

NinjaDevo has put a lot of effort into cleaning up our "Infomration Pages worth Keeping and Developing" thread.  so far it is just a draft but it looks pretty impressive.  I am sorry Ninja, I have not had a chance to look at it properly yet, Ninja is looking for feedback - not just from me.  Thank you very much for doing this Ninja. 


Other interesting posts:

Puzzle by Pumpkinguy - thank you 


My poor brain has finally sorted it out !


More confusion. (I'd still be happy for someone to comment on this one.)


Reinout-g's set theory 


That is it for today I do believe.  The new week has now begun for everyone.   


 Jun 16, 2014

melody, have a happy week!

 Jun 16, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Tuesday 17/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 11:35pm 

सभी को नमस्कार    

According to Mr. Google, this says hello everyone in Hindi.  Hindi is Rosala's primary language.  I am sure that she will correct me if I am wrong.

Rosala, thank you for wishing me a good week.  But I am wondering why you didn't like my wrap.  I am sure if you liked it you would have given me a thumbs up.  lol

Great answers today from Rosala, CPhill, Alan, reinout-g, zegroes, NinjaDevo and Heureka.  Thank you all. 

Here are the interesting posts for the day:

#Introductory Calculus (do you think this one might be worth adding to your list Ninja?)


#More infinity discussion


#Lets have an Englidsh grammar discussion


#Continuous compounding has got me thinking!


#I've got to come back to this one 


#Absolute values and function substitutions often confuse students


Now I am going to wind this up because I want to get back and try and work out reinout-g's perpetuity problem 

Enjoy the rest of your day,


 Jun 17, 2014

Oh melody !pls dont say that to me! i just love ur wraps ! if u want i can give u two thumbs ups (on two different wraps )! and btw u were absolutely correct on saying "hello to everyone"in hindi ! but thats language is too formal to speak for me and i dont speak it , infact no one mostly speaks it !my language is good but totally different from this , its not as formal ! but i like speaking english the most , actually i just love speaking english !but u were good in writing the correct hindi !lol!so two thumbs up from me !and "aapka bohot bohot dhanayvaad " thats thank u very very much in too formal hindi !

 Jun 17, 2014

I tried pronouncing that,

my roommate thought I was choking on something

 Jun 17, 2014

oh im sorry for the misunderstanding created becoz of me !btw i too feel really weird speaking that kind of !if ill say that to my friend shell say that "hey r u in ur sences , how come suddenly u became a sage !"lol!

 Jun 17, 2014

Haha don't be sorry rosala,

It was funny!

Which people in India do speak hindi?

 Jun 17, 2014

reinout the whole India speaks hindi , thats our national language but people from different states speak the language of that state or of a paticular place ! some languges of india are punjabi, odissi, marathi etc etc !these r spoken in different different states !if u enter india , hindi is the basic language which works every where !

 Jun 17, 2014

don't be upset Rosala.  I was just joking around!

 Jun 17, 2014

i am not at all upset melody , in fact im enjoying talking and telling to u people !

 Jun 17, 2014

Yeah the calculus problem looks like it would fit well in the "Information worth keeping or delveloping" page, I added it to the rought draft.

 Jun 17, 2014

What if we dont want to enjoy our week melody....I mean you cant tell people what to do! I dont care if you are queen guinevere!

 Jun 18, 2014

reinout-g Jun 18, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Wednesday 18/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 10:50pm 

Hi Everybody,

Great answers today from NinjaDevo, Zegroes, CPhill, Alan, Rosala, Reinout-g, MorganTud, Henk1668, Anonymous4338, Heureka, Bertie, Ornstein, Kool-aid, Strider, Pokemonfan58, Kitty

Pokemonfan58, Orstein and Dragon are all new.  welcome to Web2.0calc forum.  We hope that you have fun and learn a lot here. 

Orstein and Dragon have made their presence felt with lots of pictures and kiddy posts.  None of us mind a bit of this but some serious input would also be appreciated.  Oh and Dragon, your avatar is brilliant!

Pokemonfan58 has already contributed some really top quality answers,  thank you!

Pokemonfan58 also solved our number puzzle and if my pop-up didn't lie I think that Alan may have already solved the one that Pokemonfan58 left in its stead!


Thank you NinjaDevo for adding the reference for  the Intro to calculus thread into to your new "Information Pages worth keeping and Developing" thread.  

Here are some posts that may be of interest:

Reinout has decided we need a Lunch box unwrap.  He appears to have his lunch VERY late in the day!


I really like the 'proofs' in this one - Thanks Reinout-g


@@There is some considerable disagreement happening here!


Probability questions



I haven't had a chance to look at these geometry questions but they do look interesting.




I don't know if you really want me to include this many threads but I try to cater a little bit for everyone.

That is it for my day.   Enjoy the rest of yours.  


 Jun 18, 2014

Zegroes , i think u shouldnt have taken that seriously , melody was just joking !common now forget this , im sure u are no more serious about this !let us all be happy for example like KOOL-AID, he always does something to make us laugh !

 Jun 18, 2014

Oh!what gave it away that i was serious? was it the fact that i used her roleplay personality???Oh my bad i wasent JOKING at all though......

 Jun 18, 2014

Rosala I was referring to zegroe's earlier post. It was the continuation of a joke. Zegroes knew that. 

 Jun 18, 2014

but zegroes this is no point to be angryor something from melody , i think u both r good friends !

 Jun 18, 2014

Yes you are right Rosala we should be at peace no more JOKES HINT HINT CLUE CLUE

 Jun 18, 2014

zegroes im ab bit confused what does ur last 4 words mean ! what r u trying to say from those l words!!??btw ive understood the rest !lol!

 Jun 18, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Thursday 19/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 10:10pm 

Hello everyone,

Lots of great answers were provided today by Zegroes, Rosala, reinout-g, Anonymous4338, Pokemonfan58, Alan, CPhill, Bertie, Heureka, Strider, NonjaDevo, MathWizard and Kitty<3. Thank you all.  

I greatly appreciate your show of interest in my evening wraps.  It used to be quite lonely in here because i wasn't really sure if anyone was actually reading what I wrote.  However, I would like it if you would show your appreciation for my wraps in the lantern thread that I put out each night after I write the wrap.  Do you know where I mean?  This 'wrap' thread should just be for the wrap and for posts that are directly related.  For instance Ninja wrote a post saying that he had done what I had requested. Or, when I missed one night I didn't mind Zegroes commenting that there was something missing.  I want all the posts in here to be constructive and directly relevant.

Please don't take this as discouragement.  I really like your friendly posts but please put them on the lantern thread. 

Here are some interest posts for the day.

Lunch box unwrap (reinout-g)


Asymtotes - I have actually wondered; How do you find oblique asymtotes?  (Thank you Heureka and Chris)


3D Trig


Area of overlapping objects  (Bertie set a challenge at the end)


That is it for the day.  Thank you everyone.


 Jun 19, 2014

Ok ill post something serious on here..........Give me a minuite......Ok i got nothing i just wanted to get on melodys nerves and post something nonsensical (thats a word!) on the forum.well laters! 

 Jun 19, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Friday 20/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 1:10am  (Saturday morning really)

Great answers were provided to day by CPhill, Rosala, Alan, Zegroes, Reinout-g, Rom, Kitty<3, jboy314, MacGamer04 and NinjaDevo.

jboy314 only just became a member in the last day or so.  CPhill and I are both really impressed with the answers that you have already given.  Keep up the good work.

Welcome to web2.0calc forum jboy314. We hope you continue to write great answers.  We also hope that you have fun and learn lots.  

As many of you know, NinjaDevo has made an improved version of our Sticky Thread "Information Pages worth Keeping or Developing"  The presentation looks fabulous.  Ninja says he has included (almost) all the information that was in the old one.  I have been intending to check it out properly but I can see the only way that is going to happen is if I put it up properly for people to use.  Ninja has included the address of the old version on the first page so if anything is missing it can still be easily found.  I used the old version of this thread quite heavily.  I don't know if other people did or not.  I really encourage you to see what is there and to make full use of it.  If you want to add  your own information/comment page that is encouraged (you only need one, you can edit it if you want to add things) Please respect the fact that it is a serious thread and treat it with respect.   Thank you very much Ninja for doing this for us!  

I nearly forgot to include the posts!

Lunch box unwrap - Examples of memes.  (Thanks reinour-g)


Geometry question


I really like the way Chris (CPhill) explained this one.


This is a revolving question - But it always has appeal.


How do I remember my times tables?


Commercial Mathemetics


Oh I have a picture especially for Chris (CPhill). He was commenting on how hot it is in Louisiana at this time of year.

That is it for the day.  Enjoy what is left of yours.

Thank you,


 Jun 20, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Sunday 22/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 9:10am  

It seems that US schools are on holidays  and the children are misguided enough to think that they have better places to be than our forum.  How misinformed they be. Still, there are always good questions and excellent answers follow in their wake.  The answers this weekend haave been delivered by NinjaDeva, CPhill, jboy314, Heureka, Reinout-g, Rosala, Zegroes, Alan, Rom, DavidQD and MorganTud.  Thank you.  You are all wonderful.  ♬

Ninja has posted a new version of "Information Pages worth Keeping or Developing" It can be found in the Sticky Notes.  Please familiarise yourself with the threads within,  some of them are excellent.  I have not used the new thread much yet but the setting out is visually very appealing and i think that NinjaDevo has done a really good job.  Thank you NinjaDevo.  If you would like resources  to be added Ninja has asked that you message your requests to him and he will see that it happens.  However if you prefer, you may add a post of your own and add resources there.  Please only add one post.  You can then edit it or add to it as you please.


We can never have too much maths humour!  (Thank you reinout-g)



Rosala has learned how to use memes and her squirrels are cute.  I also like the fact that although Rosala and Zegroes have had some fun they have not given yourselves points for it.  Generally speaking I think points should mainly be kept for proper mathematics posts and just a few for the very best of the fun posts.


Whenever possible answers AND questions should be checked to make sure that they pass reasonableness checks.  Thank you Alan for reminding us of this.


3 different method to exand double bracket problems.  I like Alan's method best. If I were teaching it in a class I would give a preamble on finding areas first and make sure the students could see the 'link'.


Fun, history and compliments.


That is it for this weekend.  My weekend is just about over.  Enjoy what is left of yours.

♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬

 Jun 22, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Monday 23/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 11:50pm  

Hi everyone,  is this a ghost town or what?  I am actually enjoying brake.  But is the entire forum made up of US school children?  I know the core group is not, but maybe the rest are.  They certainly all seem to be on holidays.  I hope that they are having lots of healthy fun!

Still, there were a few good questions and these were answered by Rosala, CPhill, NinjaDevo, Rom, Alan, Reinout-g, Heureka, Bertie, and Kitty.  Thank you all.

Communications with Andre Massow. (Site Owner and Developer)

On the 16th June I sent an email that listed a number of items that I asked Andre to consider, improve, or implement.  Today I received a response:

# There was an error in the message centre.  The inbox items were displaying properly but the outbox was displaying the incoming messages not the outgoing ones.  Anyway, Andre has now fixed this problem.

# Andre has introduced a reply button on incoming messages.  I have already used this, it works well.

# Messages can now be viewed from oldest to newest or newest to oldest.

# Andre has introduced an Export Button. There is a “save disk” icon at the top of each conversation. It exports in Microsoft Excel file format.  I have used this, it definitely works.  It appears to export so that the newest message is on the top no matter which way around the messages are displayed. The layout appears to be a little confusing if the messages are long.  I’m sure that I will work it out quickly enough.

# Andre has introduced a new “To” input field in the compose message section.  Before, there was just a drop down box but now you have to input something.  If you input “tr” all the usernames containing “tr” anywhere in them are brought up.  I entered R and no username that actually began with R was bought up – Maybe only the first 25 possibilities appear.   I don’t know.  It is a bit of a mystery at the moment.

# There are a few other issues that Andre is still considering.

#  I just discovered that if you go into any person’s profile, there is a new button underneath the avatar.  It says “All Profiles”,  if you click into here you will find a comprehensive list of members.  It is in alphabetical order and it gives joining date as well as number of questions asked and answered.  I asked Andre for something like this but he did say that he had done it in his letter.  So finding this was a nice surprise.

Once again, on behalf of all forum members, I would like to extend a very big thank you to Andre for all that he is doing to improve our forum.  

23/6/14  Included in the wrap.

Communications with Andre Massow. (Site Owner and Developer)

On the 16th June I sent an email that listed a number of items that I asked Andre to consider, improve, or implement.  Today I received a response:

# There was an error in the message centre.  The inbox items were displaying properly but the outbox was displaying the incoming messages not the outgoing ones.  Anyway, Andre has now fixed this problem.

# Andre has introduced a reply button on incoming messages.  I have already used this, it works well.

# Messages can now be viewed from oldest to newest or newest to oldest.

# Andre has introduced an Export Button. There is a “save disk” icon at the top of each conversation. It exports in Microsoft Excel file format.  I have used this, it definitely works.  It appears to export so that the newest message is on the top no matter which way around the messages are displayed. The layout appears to be a little confusing if the messages are long.  I’m sure that I will work it out quickly enough.

# Andre has introduced a new “To” input field in the compose message section.  Before, there was just a drop down box but now you have to input something.  If you input “tr” all the usernames containing “tr” anywhere in them are brought up.  I entered R and no username that actually began with R was bought up – Maybe only the first 25 possibilities appear.   I don’t know.  It is a bit of a mystery at the moment.

# There are a few other issues that Andre is still considering.

#  I just discovered that if you go into any person’s profile, there is a new button underneath the avatar.  It says “All Profiles”,  if you click into here you will find a comprehensive list of members.  It is in alphabetical order and it gives joining date as well as number of questions asked and answered.  I asked Andre for something like this but he did say that he had done it in his letter.  So finding this was a nice surprise.

Once again, on behalf of all forum members, I would like to extend a very big thank you to Andre for all that he is doing to improve our forum. ♬      

Today's Posts

Math Joke. (Courtesy of Anonymous)


I liked what Chris did on this one.  I'll have to try and remember this technique.  Thanks Chris.


That is it for this quiet day.

 ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬

 Jun 23, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Tuesday 24/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 11:10pm   ♬  

Hi everyone,  another great day.  Fantastic answers were of given by CPhill, Heureka, Alan, TakahiroMaeda, NinjaDevo, jboy314, Rosala, and The Ghost of Web2.0calc. Thanks you all.

It was a relatively quiet day.  But there were still plenty of interesting posts.

My favourite post of the day was Rosala,  she says she is going to copy Reinout and give us regular educational wraps.  This is her first one.  It is special.  Thank you Rosala.          ♬  


Remainder Theorum.  I think I did a good job on this one but I'd like another mathematician to go over it carefully please and find any mistakes, poor wording etc. (I want to keep it for reference)      ♬  


How do we draw Euclidean Geometry Diagrams? (triangles, anges, hexagons etc)


what can I say, I like the reindeer.    ♬  


This one is simple but unusual.  Jboy314 answered it well.


I am wondering if this question should have an additional answer?


I like anonymous's contribution to this question - I hadn't thought about that before.


This one sparked a lot of high level interest.  Polynomial Factorisation.


2 watery puzzles (I added them to "Puzzles")        ♬  



A bit of witty repartee.  (I don't know what other kind of repartee that there is.) 


That is it for my day.  Enjoy the rest of yours.

                                                             ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬  

 Jun 24, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - wednesday 25/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 10:35pm   ♬  

Hi everybody,

Great answers today were forthcoming from NinjaDevo, Takahiro Maeda. Jboy314, CPhill, Rosala, Heureka, Alan and Kitty

There is not much to report today. One nice little thing is that each day I notice the little improvements that Andre is still doing to the forum.  For instance;

(1) The messages are displaying better.  Line breaks are being included properly.    

(2) The attention icons in the body of the forum are displaying in the right place.  For a while they were not.

That is all I can remember at the moment.  There are probably a lot of other little things as well,  I am not a very observant person.  Thank you for all the improvements Andre.     ♬ 


I did not 'ear mark' many posts today but here are a couple.

Look at the attention you can get if you wait for US summer holidays!    ♬ 


I must try and find time to examine this one! (Thanks jboy314, Alan and Heureka)    ♬ 


I like this trick    ♬ 


That is it for today,

                                                     ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬               

 Jun 25, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Thursday 26/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 11:30pm   ♬ 

Hello everyone,

Another good day,  I like this level of 'busy'.    

Great answers from CPhill, NinjaDevo, Kitty<3, jboy314, heureka, Ornstein and Alan.  Thank you all.     ♬

Apopewalksintoabar fell off his bike and broke his arm badly.  We all wish him a quick recovery.  We also passed the hat around and bought him a new bike.  


Not much else to report today.  

Here are some other posts for the day;

I thought this one was interesting.


Modula Arithmetic and an equation (Thanks Alan and Heureka)


Another equation.


Dividing by zero.  Still room for another comment.


A couple of word an notational definitions (Thanks Alan)


Playing with inverse functions (Thanks jboy314)


That's it for today, thanks folks.

                                                             ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬

 Jun 26, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Saturday 28/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 4:15pm   ♬ 

Hi everybody,

This wrap is earlier than usual but I missed out yesterday altogether (sorry). So I am probably just averaging the days. haha      ♬

As always there were some great questions and answers. The answers were provided by CPhill, AssassinT90, NinjaDevo, Alan, jboy314, Rom, Ornstein, Kitty<3, and Rosala.   Thank you all.  

There is nothing to report.  It is a very quiet weekend in the middle of the US school holidays.

So I will skip straight to the interesting posts.  And here they are;       ♬

Is 0 even or odd? (Thanks CPhill and NinjaDevo)


This one shows how you can solve a problem algebraically and graphically.(Thanks jboy314, Melody)


Rosala's -Let's end the day with a laugh - rather self-explanatory I would think. lol. (Rosala)     ♬


Looking at domain and range for exponential functions. (CPhill and Melody)


This probability question created some interest.    ♬


There have been a few simultaneous quadratic equation questions about. Here is one of them.


That is it for today.  Enjoy the rest of your week end.

                                                      ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬

 Jun 28, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Sunday 29/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 10:10pm   ♬ 

Hi everybody,  ♬

Now that was one quiet day.  Actually there were a couple of interesting questions. 

Anyway answerers included Alan, CPhill, NinjaDevo and Rosala.  Thank you.

Here are some interesting posts.     ♬

Rosala wants to talk to us all.  (Precurser)

http://web2.0calc.com/questions/rosala-has-been-studying-different-religions-in-school-she-has-found-it-fascinating-and-would-like-to-share-a-little-of-her-own          ♬

Puzzle time:  Just try getting your head around this one.  I have included it in the "Puzzles" sticky thread as well.


I like these trig questions.      ♬


I liked this question too                                                                           ♬


That is it for tonight.  Thank you everyone.

                                                                 ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬

 Jun 29, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Monday  30/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 9:50pm   ♬ 

Hi everyone,

It was an extremely quiet day today.  Answers were given by CPhill, Henk1668, Rosala, CPhill, Pokemonfan58 and NinjaDevo.

NinjaDevo snuck in very quietly yesterday and earned himself a star.  Sorry Ninja, I didn't notice until today, you are very stealthy.   Anyway

♬         !!! CONGRATULATIONS NINJADEVO !!!          ♬           

Andre Massow has done some more work on the site, the look is just a little different.  these are tow differences that I have noticed.

  •  There are now blue ticks on the answer page.
  • The other language forums are now indicated by the language initials as before but also by national flags.  These can be found at the bottom of each page.  If you want to go to a different forum just click the appropriate portal and you will be whisked away.  You will have to sign in again though when you arrive.
  • There are now 12 people on the Top Answerers board, before there were 10.  This means that Rosala and GoldenLeaf are now on the board.

♬         !!!  CONGRATULATIONS ROSALA AND GOLDENLEAF   !!!        ♬          


Andre Massow, Site Owner and Developer, has made it very clear that there is to be no religious material of any kind posted on this forum.         

That is all for today, thank you everyone,


 Jun 30, 2014

Tsk tsk tsk SOMEONE FORGOT THE SMILEYS!!!!!The bad smileys= 

 Jul 1, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Tuesday 1/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 1:50am    (Wednesday really)    ♬ 

Hi everyone,           ♬ 

There are lots of people on the forum tonight which is really nice to see.  But for me it is really late!

Lots of great answers were provided by zegroes, CPhill, MorganTud, Reinout-g, Alan, Rosala, TakahiroMaeda, Gregnedal and Jboy314.  Thank you, you are all wonderful.            ♬ 

Gregnedal is new and I would like to take this opportunity of welcoming you to web2.0calc forum.  We hope that you learn a lot and have plenty of fun here.   

There were plenty of interesting posts today.  I have collected these ones for your entertainment.

Reinout is back - Lunch box unwrap.                ♬ 


Rosala's first day back at school.    


You want some WOW factor?  Thanks Morgan Tud       


Boolean Logic.  Words can be difficult to interprete.  Alan and I had problems here. lol       

http://web2.0calc.com/questions/if-a-true-b-false-c-true-then-a-and-b-and-c             ♬ 

This is a good question if you are wanting to become comfortable with powers. Thanks jboy314


This looks interesting.   Thanks Alan            

http://web2.0calc.com/questions/rewrite-this-formula                 ♬ 

Some interesting ideas here.

http://web2.0calc.com/questions/number-series-problem-need-answer-asap                           ♬ 

An interesting Puzzle - I have added it to the "Puzzles" sticky note


That is it for today.  Well not for me I suppose, today is already yesterday and "tomorrow" is already 2 hours gone lol.

    ♬   Rosala take it easy at school tomorrow, it will be easier to cope that way.   ♬                    

Enjoy the rest of your day.

                                                               ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬


 Jul 1, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Wed/Thurs 3/6/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 11:30am       ♬              

Hi all,                                                                             ♬

Lots of great answers today from Rosala, Zegroes, CPhill, Jboy314, admin, Alan, SevenUP, Heureka and dragonSlayer554.  Thanks everyone.      ♬                                                                           ♬ 

Yesterday Zegroes earned his star.                     CONGRATULATIONS ZEGROES     

Rose98 and DragonSlayer554 are both new.  Welcome to web2.0calc forum.  We hope that you learn lots and enjoy yourselves here.                                                      ♬

I worked out how we can duck between the different language forums without having to sign in each time.    

I hae a German post in my watchlist and if i use this to gain access i can go to the german site without any hassles and then I can go back again via an English post in my watch list.  It is really cool!

This is the German post that i used.  I assume that it will work from there as well but I am not sure.


If it works then a sticky topic should be written with posts from each forum so we can use it as an easy gate way!  Anyone want to volunteer?       

I think that it is now time for the interesting post of the days.  I think there are lots of them.          ♬

Rose98 only just joined and look at the introduction that she gets.  No one even attempted to help her. ROFLOL. 


Rosala's Post.             ♬


Some probability to get us started               ♬


Formulas look different, answers are the same.        ♬


Advanced statistics if anyone is interested.       


This one looks interesting - Given time I will take a much better look!         ♬


Another that I would like to look at properly.


Distance formula (discussion)


This is a bit of fun - maybe we could have some more solutions.  Thanks anonymous.       


This is a good question for our younger members.              


I haven't finished with this one yet. I am quite sure all our answers are wrong.  I have an idea but I haven't had time to work through it yet.                   


That is it for this evening.

You are all wonderful.

                                                        ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬

 Jul 3, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap - Fri-Sat 5/7/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 1:15am    (Really Sunday)   ♬        

Hi everyone,

Lots of great answers from NinjaDevo, Rosala, Reinout-g, CPhill, Zegroes, Alan, DavidQD, Jboy314, Snip35, Kitty<3, DragonSlayer554, and Heureka.  Thank you all.

Snip35 is new. Welcome to web2.0forum.  We hope you have fun and learn lots here.      

I don't know how many of you use Android phones but it has been difficult going from messages back into the forum.  I have found the way!

Click on your username, then go into the control panel.  From there you can click on view your own posts and that takes you into the forum. ta-da.  ♬        

Ok now for some interesting posts.

Sum and product of quadratic roots


Weekend at last from Rosala      


Word problems are good - thanks Kitty<3       


Holiday Entertainment  (thanks Ninja)  


I learned something here. Thank you Chris and Alan.   


An interesting motion question done by physics formulae and by calculus.    


Another question answered via 2 different approaches.   


Vectors - velocity


Lunch box unwrapped : Reinout-g     


And, last but not least the saga continues - I'd really like some input on my last entry.  Thanks.   


That is it for this early Sunday morning.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

                                                   ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬               

 Jul 5, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap : Sun-Mon 7/7/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 11:15am     ♬                   

Hi everybody,

Lots of great answers today from reinout-g, Cphill, Rosala, Kitty<3, Pokemonfan58, Snip35, NinjaDevo, Bertie, Quazars, Alan, Admin and Zegroes.  Thank you all.   

Quazars is new.  Welcome to web2.0calc forum.  We hope you learn a lot and enjoy yourself here.

Andre Massow (owner and developer of web2.0calc.com) has added a dropdown list to our Conversations in our message centre.  Now only the top 10 show.  For me this is great.  Before I felt like i had to scroll through every member of the whole forum before I could get to where I needed to be.  This should be much better.  Thank you Andre!  Rosala said in her poem that you are the most important one because without you we would have not forum at all.  Thank you for everything you do for us.

Chris asked Ninja how he drew his number lines.  This was Ninja's recommendation.

I really must take a look.  Maybe you could put it into your 'development' thread somewhere Ninja?   


Now for some general posts.      

Concentrations in fluids - Maybe someone would like to do a 3rd solution using algebra?


A little calculus in motion problem.      


Let's end the day with a laugh.           


Now Zegroe's take.


That is it for tonight.

Thanks all,

                                                 ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬

 Jul 7, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap : Tues-Thurs 11/7/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 12:01am   (Really Friday)  ♬        

Hi Everyone,       

I am sorry it has been a couple of days since it wrote the last wrap.  I am really not up to where I would like to be for this one but that does mean that there are more questions available for those people who are here.  There is always a bright side!

Anyway I great answers have been provided by Jboy314, GoldenLeaf, CPhill, NinjaDevo, Alan, Heureka, Rosala, Zegroes, Snip3s, DragonSlayer554, admin, Kitty<3, Rose98, Quazars, SevenUp, Will8523.   Thank you, you are all wonderful.    

I would like to request that when serious questions are asked and people are trying to provide serious answers that the distracting non-related posts be put elsewhere.  It can be very difficult to think a difficult problem through if the thread is full of distractions.  I am not saying you can't have a related joke but please keep it to a minimum.  Here is one such thread.  It most certainly is not the only one.

Grizzly Bear land mines. SevenUp's post is saying exactly what I am saying. Only s/he is funnier than me.


Now, since it has been so long I have collected up a lot of posts that you may have missed and that may interest you.  

I always like these questions.    


I think some of the younger ones may learn a lot from these;





This little problem created some interest.



I have no idea but it looks like more of an answer is desired.    


I am glad we have Alan to help us.



Spot the fallacy:    


I liked the humour in these ones:     



That is it folks,  enjoy the rest of your Thursday.     

                                                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬

 Jul 10, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap : Fri-Sat 12/7/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 2:00am   (Really Sunday)  ♬        

I am still not completely caught up but I nearly am.  There are still questions on pages 548 and 549 that have not been answered.  

Anyway, we have had a great many answers provided by DragonSlayer554, Rosala, Snip3s, Rose98, NinjaDevo, CPhill, SevenUp, alan, Heureka, Will8537, GoldenLeaf, Kitty<3, Quazars, Bioschip and Anonymous4338.  Thanks to all of you. 

It was just mentioned to me that it is now Saturday, or Sunday for all of you and the forum is filled with young people who are having fun and learning at the same time. What a great bunch of 'kids' you are.   What we now have is what I always wanted for this forum.  It is a club environement.  All the core members both young and old are participating and learning together.  This makes me very happy.  Thank you everyone!   

 I would really like some feedback about the interest posts.  Ninja has given positive feedback.  He may put some of them together into a new Sticky Topic thread.  So if you just want some good quality posts on a semi-specific topic you will be able to find them there.  Ninja has already organised our "sticky Topic" thread "Information Pages Worth Keeping and Developing" and he says he will do this one as well.  These are time comsuming exercises and then they have to be constanly updated as time progresses. Thank you,  I am very grateful to you Ninja.

Now I would like other people to comment.  You can do so on the Lantern post please. (Not on this 'wrap thread')

Now for todays interesting posts.  There is a lot, I got a bit carried away.

1) Rosala's post just has to go first.  Thank you for sharing all this with us.


2) This post gave me a really good laugh. Thanks DragonSlayer554


3) I think our younger members better check this question.  Many of you attempted it but I don't think any of you got it correct.  Then again it could be me that got it wrong.  That would be rather embarasing. 


4) This is a good one for our younger students to think about.  Don't look at the answer straight away!

http://web2.0calc.com/questions/what-is-x-in-x-7-2                (thanks Chris)

5) Really nice examples of Algebraic substitution in Quadratic equations. (Thanks Heureka)


6) Using logs to solve equations


7) Interesting point on log domains.


8) Finding the centre and the radius of a circle, using the equation.


9) Interesting problem for the younger ones and great graphics from Ninja - thank you. 


10) Why do 2 neg multiply to a positive.  I really liked Chris's explanation.  Thanks Chris.  


11) New terms for me.  Thanks Ninja. 


12) Using modular arithmetic and Web2.0calc to find a remainder. Thanks Alan.


13) A good problem one if you want to give it a go. 


14) A really good question for the younger students


That is it for tonight.  Thank you everyone.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.    

                                                                      ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬

 Jul 12, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap : Sun 13/7/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 12:45am   (Really Monday)  ♬        

Hi Everyone,

I caught up on everything today - well almost.    

Great answers were provided by Rosala, CPhill, Alan, sevenUP, DragonSlayer554, NinjaDevo, Zegroes, Rose98, Quazars, Anonymous4338, Bioschip, GoldenLeaf, and Kitty<3.  Thank you. You are all wonderful.    


I am going to start the wrap with a grump I am sorry.   

I really was not impressed with this thread this morning.  A new member, Mari379, asked a serious question.

Rosala welcomed her to the forum, that was nice, thank you Rosala.

Then Zegroes, Rosala and DragonSlayer turned the thread into a fun post.  Yes it was funny, that is why I didn't just white it out but by the time sevenUP answered the actual question.  The serious answer was lost amongst the sea of humour.  A couple of hours later, Mari reposted and CPhill anwered.  She should have been able to see her answer in the first place.  You should all be a just a little bit ashamed of yourselves.

You know I don't mind you playing on the forum,  in fact I really like it,  BUT please do not do it on serious posts. Especially when the question is not fully answered yet. 



Now there were plenty of good posts and here are some of them.   

1) Number Puzzle (already added to Puzzles thread)


2) This one inspired some thought.


3) This one proved to be a bit controversial.


4) I liked this question. Thanks Rose98 and Chris


5) This is an old (missed) one but I only just did it (part A anyway) I like these types of questions.


6) Radioactive decay question.  (Ninja, could you put this aside as a log sample question please)


That is it for tonight.  Thank you everyone.

                                                                    ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                                                           

 Jul 13, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap : Mon and Tues 15/7/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 7:50pm    ♬        

Hi everone,

Great answers have been provided the last couple of days by CPhill, Rose98, Alan, Rosala, DragonSlayer554, NinjaDevo, Quazars, Zegroes, Kitty<3, Needhelp, GoldenLeaf and Mari379.

Thank all.  

Ninja changed the name of our reference thread to "Reference Material" .  Thanks Ninja, that was smart thinking. 

Now for some interesting threads,

1) I like questions like this   (Thanks CPhill )


2) Non linear simultaneous equations. (Thanks Alan)  (Maybe you like this one Ninja?)


3) A good look at a very simple topic. (Thanks Ninja)


4) I like this little hexagon construction video clip that Alan found    (Thanks Alan)


5) This web page Chris found has a lot of information.  (Thanks Chris)


And, I think that is it for this evening.  Thank you everyone.

                                                    ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬

Addition/s:  I only just noticed these older questions  

6) Cooling Queston: A really good advanced senior high one: Thanks Alan


7) Radioactive decay : Thanks Alan


 Jul 15, 2014

BOO!Wheres the fun!?Wheres the excitment!?Wheres the "juicy threads" this end of day wrap was all business!Thats boring.......

 Jul 15, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :Wed 16/7/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 1:05 am (Really Thursday morning)   ♬        

Hi everyone,     

Today our great answers were supplied by Rosala, Stu, Alan, DragonSlayer554, NinjaDevo, Kitty<3, sevenUP, Zegroes, mari379 and CPhill.   Thank you, you are all wonderful.    

I notice that Zegroes has whinged that the last wrap was too boring.  Okay, I'll tell you what.  You can private message me threads that you think are fun and that I should include in the wrap and I will thoroughly consider your request. Sometimes I am so busy with serious posts that I probably don't give the fun ones my attention much at all.  This offer is open to everyone.

Now for tonights interesting posts - all serious if I remember correctly.   

Forces (thanks Alan)



Bricks in a wall. (Thanks Kitty and Ninja)


Understanding the notation is key. (Thanks Alan)    


Braking distance in relation to speed. (Thanks sevenUP and NinjaDevo)   

http://web2.0calc.com/questions/braking-distance-math-problem    (It hurt when the car crashed)

Thankyou everyone. That is it for today.

                                                          ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬

 Jul 16, 2014

Thanks Melody. That was really nice.

 Jul 16, 2014


 Jul 17, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :Thurs 17/7/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 3:40 am (Really Friday morning)   ♬        

Hi everyone,

Our great answers were today posted by Alan, DragonSlayer554, NinjaDevo, Kitty<3, Rosala, Stu, Zegroes and awesomeness.

I haven't got through everything today but most is done.  There are more for other people to answer if they are keen.

Here are some interesting posts forthe day.

We'll start with a riddle for the "rat pack" I am told that this is what CPhill calls the children of the forum!  Thanks awesomenes  


The heading says it all - Thanks Alan


DragonSlayer had some problems with this one.    


Trig identity (Thanks Kitty<3)


soeome really nice answers from NinjaDevo and Rosala


Here is something for the younger ones that is just a little unusual


That is it for today.  Thank you everyone.

                                                       ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                                           

 Jul 17, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :Fri 18/7/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 10:50 pm    ♬                                     

Hi everyone,        

Lots of great answers given by Alan, CPhill, Kitty<3, Rosala, DragonSlayer553, NinjaDevo, Zegroes, Novice and Stu

Thanks everyone.

I don't think that there is a lot to report.     


So here are some possible interest threads.

Middle high students could find this interesting (Thanks NinjaDevo)


This is a niftey little technique that I learned of CPhill and Alan.      


Difficult log - Mine is the longest but not the best (Thanks Chris and Alan)       


What is a logarithm.  (Thanks anonymous) someone may like to add to this one.  


Distance, time and speed problem. (Thanks Alan)


Time by hand and on a calculator.


An interesting trig equation.  


Thanks all, my weekend has started most of you have to wait a little longer.  Oh well, too bad lol.

                                                           ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                                                     

 Jul 18, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :Sat19/7/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 10:30 pm    ♬                                       

It was a quite Fri/Sat today but as always there  were some good answers.  These were provided by CPhill, Alan, Rosala, NinjaDevo, Zegroes, Kitty3 and GoldenLeaf.  Thanks all.        

My new avitar has created some interest.  She is Lady (Queen) Guinevere of Camelot from the Brittish TV series "Merlin".  Arthur was the Legendary King of Camelot.  I was given the title of Queen Guinevere by another member, Morgan Tud.  Morgan Tud was the chief Physician to the royal court of Camelot.  



I have not settled on any permanent avitar, I will swap to another at some point in time. 


I only really noted one interesting thread tonight:

1)  This higher level one looks interesting. (Thanks Alan)      


That is it for tonight.  Thanks everyone.  Enjoy your weekend.

                                                                    ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬

                                     ♬ ♬      LADY GUINEVERE,  QUEEN OF CAMELOT   ♬ ♬                

 Jul 19, 2014

See if you had a cool avatar like godzilla ya wouldnt be switching

 Jul 20, 2014

Zegroes i think Melody told us not to post out here!!!Remember!

 Jul 20, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :  Mon 21/7/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 10:30 pm    ♬       

Hi Everyone,

Great answers have been provided by CPhill, NinjaDevo, Rosala, Zegroes, Kitty<3, Alan, Heureka and DragonSlayer554.  A  big thank you to each of you.  

Zegroes said I needed a COOL avatar but Godzilla was already taken.   

So I became the next best thing, a dinosaur!

It has not been busy but here are a couple of interest posts.

1) Rosala's Wrap - Thanks Rosala, we really enjoy these. I love the Goa waterfall! And the fun pics as well!


2) Calculus - Interesting problem which uses the chain rule.


3) Thankyou Rosala  


That is it for this Sun/Mon.  The new week is beginning.

                                               ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                                      

 Jul 21, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :  Tues 22/7/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 1:30 am  (Really Wednesday morning)   

Hi Everyone,                     ♬

There were some really interesting questions and answers today.  Answers were provided by Rosala, DragonSlayer554, CPhill, NinjaDevo, Heureka, Alan, Zegroes, Bioschip, mari379 and Kitty

I think I will go straight to the posts starting with Rosala's beautiful pictures.

1) Let's end the day with Wonders.  Says it all, doesn't it.  Thanks Rosala.             ♬


2) Variant of Average.    Thanks Ninja


3) When it comes to probability related questions I am one of the 3 stooges. I always knew I had a funny side!


4) Lateral thinking needed and great Latex too.  Thanks Heureka            ♬


5) Chris has asked for further input on this one but I havn't gotten up to it yet.  Maybe someone else would like to comment?


That is it for tonight.  Thank you everyone.

                                                     ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                               

 Jul 22, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :  Wed 23/7/14      Sydney, Australia     Time 11:50 pm      ♬                   

Hi all,

Great answers today were forthcoming from Heureka, Alan, Rosala, TakahiroMaeda, DragonSlayer554, CPhill, SquareRoot  and NinjaDevo.  Thanks to each of you.    

Now when a new thread is begun some "information for new users" displays underneath.   Admin has included 4 of our sticky threads in here.    

1) becomea member: why would you want to?

2) How do I type in fractions

3) Info for new people, and

4) LaTex.

I am not sure when Andre Massow added this feature.  I know it has been there for a couple of days at least.  Thank you Andre, we asked for something like this and true to form you have delivered.  

I only kept aside a couple of posts today,  here they are;

Unusual Trig (Thanks Heureka and T-rex)


0.9 repeater


Determining the sequence.  (Thanks T-rex and Heureka)


That is it for this evening,  enjoy the rest of your day

                                            ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬             

 Jul 23, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :  Thurs 24/7/14      Sydney, Australia     Time 10:50 pm      ♬                   

Hi everyone,

It was not that busy today but there were some great answers delivered by Rosala, alan, CPhill, Zegroes, Kitty<3, Heureka, Stu, AzizHusain and DeviikaAnand.  Thank you all.    

AzizHusain and DevikaAnand are new. Welcome to our web2.0calc forum.  We hope that you like it here. 

I thought I would talk a little about the numbering system on threads.

A thread title is allocated when the original question is asked.  The first answer post has #1 written after the name.  The second answer post is #2, the third is #3 etc.  At least I think that is correct.  Anyway if you want to refer someone to a particular post, rather than the whole thread, just click on the title of the post that you want.  The address in your browser will renew, giving the address of the post.  You can copy that address and post it as your reference address.  I think that is all correct.  I hope I have used all the correct terminology.  

Today mari379 asked "How do you get points"  Here I have explained my attitude to the allocation of points. CPhill and Zegroes and Rosala have also voiced opinions.  


If anyone would ever like to recommend a good post to include in this "End of Day Wrap" could you please send it to me via private message.  The forum is not very busy now while most of the US schools are closed for their summer break but even so I often just tick off posts without really looking at them.  I could easily miss outstanding posts so please let me know if you see any really interesting or impressive ones.  When the forum gets busy again this will become totally necessary for the proper running of the forum.  I may provide a thread for you to place the addresses in.  But for now private messaging will work fine.  Thank you.   

Now for some interesting posts:    

1) Here Alan has employed the Taylor Series to evaluate a limit (actually, to find a derivative)

Thanks Alan and thank you Chris for recommending this thread.      


2) This looks interesting - Pretty picture too.  Thanks Alan.


3) Lets end the day with a laugh.    That is a great idea Rosala.     Thank you.          


That is it for this Wednesday/Thursday.   Goodnight  

                                                          ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬

 Jul 24, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :  Fri 25/7/14      Sydney, Australia     Time 12:35 am   (Really Saturday morning)   ♬

Hi all,             

Great answers were provided today by Alan, DevikaAnand Heureka, CPhill, AzizHusain, Stu, Zegroes, Rosala, Kitty3, NinjaDevo and DragonSlayer554.  Thank you all.  


Ninja has completed his first draft of 'Great Answers to Learn From' and he is looking for comments and input from other members.  

You may want to suggest that another thread be included.

You may want to suggest that a thread be moved from where Ninja has put it to somewhere else. Remember, Ninja has not done a lot of these topics so it is possible that some things are not in the best places.

You may have something else on your mind that I have not thought of.

I am very pleased with the thread that Ninja has put together.  It is very nicely presented and over the course of time I feel sure that it will be well used.

Ninja, On behalf of web2.0 forum I offer you a very big thank you.  Rosala might have some roses for you if you are really lucky.  



This is an interesting little question. Thanks Alan


 It is already Saturday for me.  You are all headed to your weekend.  Make sure that you enjoy it.

That is it for tonight.   Adios.

                                                          ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬

 Jul 25, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :     Sat 26/7/14      Sydney, Australia     Time 9:30pm          ♬

Hi all,

Another quiet day.  Well it was Fri/Sat and from what I understand most of the U.S. students are on their long summer break, so what else can we expect?  Anyway I like it quiet.  

As always there were some great answers.  These were provided by Alan, Rosala, AziaHusain, Stu and NinjaDevo.  Thank you all.    

Now I think that I will go straight to the interesting posts.

Rosala's Contribution - Always a crowd pleaser   



Using Heron's formula to find the area of a triangle. Thanks Alan.


I found this interesting.  Thanks Alan.    


I turned this one into a saga. lol        


That is it for today.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.    

                                                            ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                              

 Jul 26, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :     Sun 27/7/14     Sydney, Australia     Time 1:50am    (Really Monday morning)   ♬

Hi everyone,        ♫♪

Today our illustrious answerers were CPhill, Alan, Rosala and AzizHusain.  Thanks to each of you. 

Not a lot happened in Camelot today.                                                   ♫♪

Here are some interest threads but I don't think that any were outstanding.

A bit of fun                                 ♫♪


An intro to LaTex


General interest questions for our 'rat pack'                    





http://web2.0calc.com/questions/which-of-the-following-is-not-a-surd                         ♫♪


That is it for this Sat/Sun evening.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.       

                                                              ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬    

 Jul 27, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :     Mon 28/7/14     Sydney, Australia     Time 10:10pm                   ♬

Hi all,        ♫♪

Todays questions were answered by DragonSlayer554, CPhill, AziaHusain and as always, myself.  Thank you

Today was extremely quiet, most of the young people are away on holidays.  DragonSlayer554 has been making large numbers of posts, often posting on the end of old threads for the sole purpose of boosting his point total.  I have spoken to him about this (again) and he has promised to stop.  Someone/s has taken a strong dislike to this and has been indiscriminantly deducting points from DragonSlayer.  I want it to be known that I do not in any way agree with the indiscriminate removal of points.  

This was the only interest post - It was posted immediately after I wrote my wrap last night.

Bye Bye from Roasala - Have fun, we'll see you in a week or so.   


                                                        ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                        

 Jul 28, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :     Tues 29/7/14     Sydney, Australia     Time 11:55pm                   ♬

Hi all,        ♫♪

Another quiet day but a few good answers were submitted by AzizHusain, CPhill, Alan, DavidQD and NinjaDevo. Thanks guys. 

I heard from Rosala today she is having a great time.                     ♪ ♫ 

Here is a couple of possible interest threads:

Momentum: Let's compare Cheetahs and Elephants!   (Thanks Alan and DavidQD)


The video in here was interesting although I only partly understood it.                 ♪ ♫ 


Addition and multiplication of vectors                    ♫♪


 That is it for today.   Bye bye.

                                            ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                         

 Jul 29, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :   Wed 30/7/14     Sydney, Australia     Time 12:45am   (Really Thursday morning)   ♬

Hi all,        ♫♪

Today our great answers were delivered by CPhill, Will85237, Heureka, AzizHusain, DragonSlayer554, Alan and NinjaDevo.  Thank you all - Your blood's worth bottling.     If you do not know what this means then look here.                    


This first thread is of particular interest, Ninja, Chris and I all got the wrong answer.  Fortunately there was a very persistant anonymous person who set us straight.    There are a couple of good lessons to be learned here! Thank you anonymous.  (Perhaps this one should be archived Ninja)      ♪ ♫



A bit of adult humour.                                   ♪ ♫


 Chris has found an interesting algorithm here.


 I hear something new every day. Thanks Aziz and Alan


Even and odd functions                  ♪ ♫


I have no idea about this - Anonymous has invited comment s/he is not sure if the answer is correct.

It would be really nice if you had a proper username anonoymous.  It is very easy to join up! We would love for you to join us. 


That is it for today.  Good night.   

♬   ♪ ♫                                     ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                                     ♫♪  ♪ ♫            

 Jul 30, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :   Thurs 31/7/14     Sydney, Australia     Time 1:00am   (Really Friday morning)   ♬

Hi all,        ♫♪

Our great answers were today provided  by CPhill, Alan, NinjaDevo, Heureka, DragonSlayer554 and AzizHusain.

My thanks to each of you.  

NinjaDevo has been working on this great thread for everyone and now it is finished.  It is a thread of great answers to learn from - just like the title suggests.  This should be great reference material for askers and answerers but it is intended more for the askers.  NinjaDevo has presented it beautifully, it will be constantly added to.  Maybe now much fewer of our wonderful questions and answers will be lost.  If you would like a post added please private message the address of the post to Ninja.  This is Ninja's thread and he will have the final say as  to which threads are included and which are not but he can not find all the good ones himself.  He will need help for this.  Thank you Ninja.  I am very grateful to you for taking care of all our reference material.

Oh, "Great answers to learn from" and "Reference Material" are both Sticky Topics  


NOW for the other interst threads:             ♪ ♫  

Some members were playing with LaTex.  There is a question waiting for DragonSlayer to answer.


Difficult inequality solution.   *Ninja I think this one would be good in your new thread. 


This was included yesterday I think, but the discussion continued today.


 I thought I would put this one in because it is so beautifully presented.   Thanks Ninja             ♫♪


A top little puzzle. Thanks for the answer Aziz.                                     ♫♪   


 That is it for this Wed/Thurs.  Enjoy the rest of your day.

♬                                                          ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬                                                                     ♫♪  

 Jul 31, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :    Fri 1/8/14     Sydney, Australia     Time 10:35am        ♬

Hello everyone,        ♫♪

Today our wonderful answerers were Alan, DragonSlayer554, NinjaDevo, Will8523, Rosala, CPhill, Sasini and AzizHusain.  Thank you.                         ♪ ♫ 


 Some of these would make really nice additions to your 'Great questions to learn from' thread Ninja. 

I'll try and categorise them for you.   

 Working with logatithms. Hard one.                  ♪ ♫ 


Another good sample question - A relatively easy on this time.


There were a lot of vector questions today - Here is one of them. (Physics)               ♪ ♫ 


Finding real and complex roots


Trigonometry                 ♪ ♫ 


I quite liked DragonSlayers question.   Apparent brightness of stars.  Directed numbers and comprehension


♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬

 Aug 1, 2014


 Aug 1, 2014

Thanks, Melody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Aug 1, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :    Sat 2/8/14     Sydney, Australia     Time 9:50pm        ♬                       

Hello everyone,        ♫♪

There were not many questions today but there were some good answers from CPhill, DragonSlayer554, AzizHusain and NinjaDevo.  Thank you.  

Today I referred an asker to a previous question that I pulled from NinjaDevo's new thread "Great answers to Learn from"    Thanks Ninja.  

It would be really good if all answerers made themselves very knowledgable about the contents of Ninja's 2 sticky threads. "Great answers to Learn from" and "Reference Material".  They are invaluable and they should be used regularly.                                 ♪ ♫ 

Now for the interest threads:

A treason plot has been uncovered!     


What does Sigma ∑ mean?    


Trick question - sometimes you have to be careful. lol    


LaTex lesson    


I always use the units to solve rates problems.  


That is it for this Fri/Sat enjoy the rest of your weekend.     ♪ ♫ 

                      ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                    ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Aug 2, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :       Sun 3/8/14      Sydney, Australia     Time 11:05 pm        ♬

Hi all,             

Another quiet day but still some good answers from Rosala Alan, Stu, CPhill, AzizHusain NinjaDevo and Sasini.

Thank you everyone.   Now for the posts:

Look at how quiet it has been!


Rosala's back!   


A very simple basic algebra question  


Worded questions always cause problems - Thanks Aziz and Ninja   





Place value                           ♪ ♫ 


That is it for this quiet Sunday.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


                          ♪ ♫                             ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪ 

 Aug 3, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :       Mon 4/8/14      Sydney, Australia     Time 10:35 pm        ♬

Hi all,             

Our great answers today were provided by Alan, CPhill, NinjaDevo, Rosala and Sasini.  Thanks  

Now for some interest threads:

1) A little LaTex lesson  


2) It's John Venn's birthday!


3) Using degrees minutes and seconds with the web2 calc.  (Thanks Alan)

Ninja I would like this included in one of our pages somewhere.  Do we have something somewhere on how to use the web2 calc efficiently?


4) Another than ND has already entered into our reference material     Thanks Chris.


5) Trigonometry - determining ratio of sides when angles of the triangle are know. (I'd like this in sample questions please Ninja)


That is it for today.  Thanks everyone.   

                                          ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                                  ♫♪  You all light up my life  ♪ ♫      

 Aug 4, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :       Tues 5/8/14      Sydney, Australia     Time 12:15 am  (Wednesday really)    ♬

Hi all,                                                                                         ♫♪ ♪ ♫ 

Still quiet but there were some good answers from NinjaDevo, Alan, AzizHusain, DragonSlayer, CPhill and Stu.  Thank you all.                              ♬  

Now for the posts:        

(1) What is a Venn diagram                 ♬  


(2) Rationalising a denominator


(3) I think that I have got it.     Thanks Alan.


(4) Number puzzles 


 And that is it.  Good Night all.

               ♫♪ ♪ ♫                             ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪ ♪ ♫ 

 Aug 5, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :       Wed 6/8/14      Sydney, Australia     Time 7:50 pm        ♬

Hi all,

Today was deadly quiet.  A few good answers were given by Alan, Ramalka, AzizHusain and NinjaDevo.

Thank you.

Only a couple of posts that may have interest.

How to remember pemdas. 


*Equations with fractions.


Good night all,  enjoy the rest of your day.

                                                                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                    

 Aug 6, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :       Fri 8/8/14      Sydney, Australia     Time 1:10  am    (Really Saturday morning)    

Hi everyone,              ♬

I didn't get up to writing a wrap yesterday.  Sorry.  Today was quite busy I thought.

Anyway, our great answers have been provided by CPhill, Nataszaa, Alan, AzizHusain, Sasini, admin, Zegroes, DragonSlayer554, Anonymous4338 and Ramalka.  Thanks all 

Ramalka has only been here a few days and I neglected to welcome you.  Sorry.  Anyway you are very welcome  and I hope that you really enjoy being a member of our web2 forum. 

I have put a little * next to some of the interest posts.  This is just a signal to Ninja that I would like him to consider adding the post to his "great answers to Learn from" sticky thread.  

Now for some interest posts:

(1) What is n to the power of infinity


* (2) Compare Renting to Buying - Annuities               ♬

Note to Ninja: This will go under a general heading of 'Commercial Mathematics', and a sub heading, 'Seniors' , or 'Difficult' or something similar please.


*? (3) Word problem  (Thanks Alan)


(4) This one may be worthy of consideration. Graphing sum of absolutes.


(5) You may well ask - what the heck is a Klein bottle?          ♬


That is it for this Thurs/Fri.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  


                                                        ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           

 Aug 8, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :      Sat 9/8/14      Sydney, Australia     Time 2:45  am    (Really Sunday morning)

Hi everyone,

Are you all enjoying your  weekend?  I hope that you are.  

There sere soem great answers today from CPhill, Rosala, alan, DragonSlayer554, AzizHusain, and NinjaDevo.

A big thank you to each of you.    

Rosala is  back, she has been away because of illness.  We are all glad that you are all better now. 

Here are the interest posts for the day:

(1) Rosala's back 


(2) I don't know what Llamas have to do with it but it is a cute pic. 


(3)  A little LaTex lesson (I have already refernce this in the LaTex thread  )


(4) * Finding the equation of a polynomial when you are given the roots.


(5)  Simplifying a difference of 2 squares.


(6) * Why is Sinθ approximately equal to θ for very small values of θ 


(7) * Solving differential equations (This would go under calculus)


(8) * Percentage - Find a total when given a part.


(9)* I want this one in the Reference Material thread please Ninja.  

How do you choose the correct trigonometric ratio (sin, cos or tan) to use?


That is it for this evening.  It is past my bed time anyway lol. 


                          ♫♪                                 ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                                        ♪ ♫ 

 Aug 9, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :      Sun 10/8/14      Sydney, Australia     Time 7:10  pm  

Hi all,

It was a very quiet Sat/Sun today.  There were a few good answers given by AzizHusain, Alan and CPhill. Thanks for those. 

Here are a couple of interest threads.

* Complicated 'quadratic' equation - extension question, for interest only.


 What is a geometric mean?  


Another of Alan's 'specials' (Ninja: You can put it in extension algebra if you want, you decide)


 And that is it.    Enjoy the rest of your weekind.


             ♪ ♫                                   ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                                      ♫♪ 

 Aug 10, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :      Mon 11/8/14      Sydney, Australia     Time 10:20pm                   ♬  

Hi everyone,

Another good day with some excellent answers from CPhill, Alan, admin, Stu, Rosala, AzizHusain, and Will85237. Thank you all.                                                            

The King was back from the Crusades today. He honoured us with his presence and it seems there are to be big changes in the land of Camelot.

Okay, Now I will talk in English.  Mr. Massow, owner and developer of web2.0calc.com made some changes to the forum today.  

He has introduced topic coding on the threads.  The code will be chosen by the moderators.  I think it needs some refinement but I really like the idea.   

Also the look of the Questions page has changed.  The answerers (and partial answers) are not displaying as they were before.  I am not so keen on this.

The scores were also being played with today.  They were changed then returned to their former status a couple of times today.  I think it is fair to assume that a permanent change is in the air.  I have not spoken to Mr. Massow about the scoring system at all but I am in agreement that the present system is not particularly good.  

It may be a good idea for social posters to brace themselves.  I think everyone scores are likely to be slashed but social posters will be hit the hardest.  Hopefully we will all be able to live with the adjustments when they come.  I would expect some tinkering of scores to happen even after this but as I said,  I have not spoken to Mr Massow and I do not know what his intentions really are.  Please when this happens do not take it personally.   You are here because you enjoy the forum.  The points that you are given should be a very secondary pleasure.

Now for the interest posts:  

Interesting little 3D/algebra question.


*Word Problem - Really hard, simultaneous equations (Thanks Chris)


Thank you everyone. 

       ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                    ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                                     ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Aug 11, 2014

So, does this mean that my opinion's will be deleted? 

And will I go back to 85 points?!!?!?!?

Total horror.


 Aug 11, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :   Tues 12/8/14      Sydney, Australia     Time 10:05pm   (Really Wed morning)    ♬  

Hi all,

It's aleady getting busier I think.  Our fabulous answers were today provided by NinjaDevo, CPhill, Alan, AzizHusain, TakahiroMaeda, DragonSlayer554, admin, Will85237 and Rosala.  Thanks  

Our King is still deciding upon the 'look' for his (and ours) Kingdom of Camelot.   The score board has changed a couple of times again today.  Nothing is final yet. 

Here are some interest posts for today:

Rosala's Laughs


*Finding Complex Roots (Ninja, this is an Extension Senior Topic - Imaginary numbers)   


Bearings always cause a bit of a problem.


I hope that everyone who is back at school today is finding it fun and interesting.  

That is it for this evening.   Good night.

                   ♫♪  ♪ ♫                          ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                              ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Aug 12, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :   WEd 13/8/14      Sydney, Australia     Time 9:15pm      ♬  

Hello all,

Most US students were back to school today and the forum was immediately busier.  Our wonderful answerer today included Alan, Will85237, AzizHusain, CPhill, NonjaDevo, Kitty<3, TakahiroMaeda, and Rosala. Thank you all.


I only put aside a couple of post today and here they are:

Some fun here.  


Simultaneous Eauations - Word  problem    (thanks Chris)


I may not be around much until next Tuesday so you may have to cope without me.  I am sure that wont be a problem. 

Goodnight all, 

               ♪ ♫                                  ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪ 

 Aug 13, 2014

can i guard camelot while you are on vacations, Melody?

I am a great defender.

 Aug 17, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :     Mon 18/8/14          Sydney, Australia     Time 11:15pm      ♬  


Hello all,

Well I am back!  I have travelled 2000km (by car) in the last 5 days and attended a wedding.  How about that!

I have been really lucky to have DragonSlayer (the Defender), and Bumblebee (The Queens eyes and ears) caring for camelot while I have been away. Thank you, you have done an excellent job.  Thanks also to Chris and Alan, Aziz and Rosala, Ninja, Kitty and Zegroes.  Plus anyone else who has helped.  I really do not know who has been answering all the questions while I have been preoccupied.  I've been on the forum for many hours this afternoon but I did not get very far I am sorry.  

Also, now that Mr. Massow has changed the layout it is more difficult for me to collect all the answerer names. 

Anyway, I will do the best I can.

If anyone writes or sees an excellent answer or post could you please let me know so that I can ask Ninja to include it in one of his threads.  

Ninja, are you about.  I don't remember stumbling over any of your posts recently? There are a couple of threads here I would like you to archive.

Here are a couple of threads that I put aside.  I am sure there are many others.  I have not seen a lot of the posts, again I am sorry.


What to do to combat pop-ups 


* Statistics - Z scores


* Introductory Algebra


* Solving quadratic formula


*Linear Representation (co-ordinate geometry) of a worded problem.



Thanks to all of you.  I always wanted this forum to be like a club and I think that is the way it is going.

I am proud of it and proud of all of you.  


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 Aug 18, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :     Wed 20/8/14          Sydney, Australia       Time 9:00pm      ♬  


Hello all,


Lots of great answers have been posted by Alan, AzizHusain, Kitty<3, CPhill, NinjaDevo, Rosala, Latino_King, Sasini, Dragonslayer554.  Thanks all.  


If you would like to reference a particular post within a thread the address is linked to the "post date" on the top right hand side of the post.  If you click on this, the address in the address bar will change to the address of this particular post.  You can then copy it and paste it as your reference address.


Moderators now have the ability to categorise questions.

At present the categories are Fun, Mathematics, Off Topic and Physics.

Mathematics is then split into many sub categories.  

The idea is great but the topic headings do not work well.  I think if we can put together a categories list that will work for us, Mr Massow would be happy to consider it.

I am requesting that answerers give this some thought.  I think I will start a new Sticky Topic thread where you can post your ideas.  You can also private message me if you would prefer.


I have only  collected 2 interest posts.

1) Lets end the day with a laugh - Thanks Rosala


2) Matrices and the web2 calc.


That is it for tonight.  Enjoy the rest of you day.


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 Aug 20, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :     Thurs 21/8/14          Sydney, Australia         Time 10:20pm        ♬  


Hello all,

Well, Camelot is well endowed with great answerers and today these were Will85237, CPhill, AzizHusain, NinjaDevo, TakahiroMaeda, Rosala and Alan.  Thankyou, you are all wonderful.  The Queen is most pleased! 


I've received some great feedback on the new Sticky Topic Thread "Topic Categories"  

Everyone is invited to comment here.  

Together we should be able to work out some nice organisational improvements for Camelot.


Now for some interest threads:


* 1) Woking with speed (This is a rates question Ninja)  

CPhill recommended this question.  It is an interesting one.  



* 2) Vectors



* 3) Finding an angle using trigonometry.



* 4) Unusual Trigonometry Equation (easy)



* 5) Introduction to imaginary numbers



Remember if anyone ever want to recommend a thread to be included her just private message me the address. I would be very pleased to receive it.  


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 Aug 21, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :     Fri 22/8/14          Sydney, Australia         Time 9:00pm        ♬  


Hello all,


Our great answers today were delivered by TakahiroMaeda, AzizHusain, CPhill, DragonSlayer554, Heureka, NinjaDevo and Admin.  Thank you all.  


I have definitely not looked at all the questions and answers today.  The forum is getting too popular for that to be possible on many days.  However, almost all questions have been ticked and this can only be done by moderators or the question asker.  So I am assuming most answers are satisfactory or better.  

Please if you see a great question, or answer or you write a wonderful answer yourself please let me know and I will reference it in the wrap and Ninja may reference it in one of his fabulous threads.  I want to know what is going on but I will be increasingly relying on other people to keep me informed.

Chris, you have ticked off many questions today.  I really thank you for steadily taking over this area of administration and responsibility.  


Here are some interesting posts for the day:


* 1) Bearings with Vectors (Trigonometry or vectors)


* 2) Something interesting for the youngsters (Arithmetic)


* 3) Unusual Calculus/Cordinate geometry question.

I didn't understand what was being asked until I saw Chris's, followed by Heureka's solutions.    

Thanks Chris and Heureka.  


* 4) Permutations where some objects are not unique



That is it for this wrap. 

Enjoy the rest of your day.


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 Aug 22, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :     Sun 24/8/14    Sydney, Australia      Time 1:25am     (Really monday morning)   ♬  


Hello all,

Great weekend answers from xvxvxv, CPhill, AzizHusain, Alan, BlinxD, NinjaDevo and Will85237.  A big thank you to each of you.      

Edit: note to DS.  A bit thank you is a bit of a thankyou because each answerer gets a part of it.  Of course the thank you is infinite so the 'bit' is infinite as well.  Does that answer your question DS?



Now for some interest threads:


* 1) Why is  $$-3^2=-9\;\; not\;\; +9?$$       (Great answer from Ninja)


 2) Box and Whisters plot (Statistics)


* 3) Introduction to algebra


* 4) Introductory set theory


* 5) Some advanced calculus (Thanks Alan)


* 6) Thinking Puzzle question - I want to think about this one some more! Thanks Chris  


7) Speed question.  These always make you think.


* 8) An easy speed question but a good one. 


* 9) Complex number proof   $$i^i$$ is a real number.



And, that is it for my weekend.  Most of you have still got some Sunday left so enjoy! 

              ♫♪ ♪ ♫                                  ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                                ♫♪ ♪ ♫ 

 Aug 24, 2014

Why is it a bit thank you?

 Aug 24, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :     Mon 25/8/14    Sydney, Australia      Time 2:15am     (Really Tuesday morning)   ♬



Hi everyone,

Today our great answers were provided by Alan, Heureka, will85237, CPhill, AzizHusain and NinjaDevo.  Thank you all.  


Here are some interesting post for the day:


* 1) Using the web 2 calc for unit conversions. MAYBE this could go in reference material.  

What do you think Ninja. 


* 2) Changing radians to degrees


* 3) Uni level Trigonometry


* 4) High level Trig


* 5) Is zero even or odd?


* 6) Directed numbers and plotting on a number line. An excellent answer from Ninja. 


7) I think this one was included yesterday but Heureka has added to it.  (with cosh and sinh)


That is about it for today I believe.  Thanks all. 


             ♫♪ ♪ ♫                                   ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                                    ♫♪ ♪ ♫ 

 Aug 25, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :     Tues 26/8/14        Sydney, Australia          Time 10:35pm          ♬


Hi everyone,

School is definitely on in the US.  The forum has already become much busier.  It is a very good thing that so many of you are dedicated to answering questions and to helping other students learn.  Today our answerers are TakahiroMaedo, Aliammar, Alan, Kitty<3, CPhill, AfroThundr3007730, AzizHusain, DragonSlayer554 and GoldenLeaf.   A very big thank you to each of you. 


Aliammar and AfroThundr3007730 have only just joined up.  We welcome you andhope that you enjoy the time you spend with us.  


Please keep in mind that it is impossible for me to properly look at every question and answer.  I rely on you to let me know of any particularly good or interesting posts.

Anyway, here are a few interest threads for the day:


*1) Ninja has been writing a lot of very good posts pertaining to using the web2 calculator.  I think that these need to be kept.  They are very good.   this is an example of 1


2) A bit of fun here 


* 3) Trig question - I liked it!


* 4) People always need to practice simultaneous equations 


* 5) Solving an equation (Great answer by NinjaDevo)


6) I am not sure what this one means - maybe you can work it out 



And that is it for my Tuesday evening.  Enjoy the  rest of your day.   


                      ♫♪ ♪ ♫                             ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                                    ♫♪ ♪ ♫ 

 Aug 26, 2014

Wait! You forgot about Questioner! He is new here!

this is just a reminder.

 Aug 26, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :     Wed 27/8/14        Sydney, Australia          Time 11:55pm          ♬


Hi everyone,

Lots of great answers today from Cphill, TakahiroMaeda, Alan, AzizHusain, DragonSlayer554, Rosala, Therealquestioner, zoomasd, HalleyWoodall17, Kitty   

Therealquestioner, zoomasd and halleywoodall are all faily new.  A big welcome to each of you, I hope that you enjoy our web2 forum and that you learn a lot as well.  


We are starting to get swamped in questions but even so I want to remind people that we are trying to help people to learn.  Just giving answers is sometimes the opposite of this because the asker does not have to think at all.  Please do not give full answers if there is a reasonable alternative.  For instance, if a calc answer is requested, tell them that the web 2 calc can be found on the home page.  You can tell them what keys to press but don't actually do it for them.  This is defeating the whole purpose.

Another worthwhile response might be to suggest someone googles an answer. 

Another might be to send them off to a learning site like a "mathsisfun" page or a video clip where they can learn more from other resources.  


Now for some interest posts:


* 1) I thought this quadratic equation was just a little different from usual


* 2) Finding a root of a negative number.


* 3) Vectors.  (thanks Chris)   


4) Comic relief for mathematicians.  Despite the heading this is quadratics NOT trigonometry.


* 5) Anyone fancy some physics?

I am sorry, I should have included other people's physics answers in the past. I don't usually understand it. That is my excuse and my apology in one.  


* 6) logs - 2 differerent approaches


* 7) Big numbers - thanks for the reference Alan.  Can you find somewhere for this Ninja? Maybe in reference?



And that is it for this Tuesday/Wednesday.  See Ya.


              ♫♪  ♪ ♫ ♫♪  ♪ ♫                         ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Aug 27, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap :    Thurs 28/8/14        Sydney, Australia          Time 9:55pm          ♬


Good evening, afternoon, morning all,

Our intrepid answerers today were Will8537, CPhill, NinjaDevo, TherealQuestioner, AzizHusain, Rosala, TakahiroMaeda, BluePhoenix912, Alan, Kitty<3, DragonSlayer554 and GoldenLeaf.  Thank you all.  


Yesterday I requested that people think before they give full answers as the aim is to teach not to do people's homework for them.  I saw a number of answerers respond very positively to this request.  Thank you, I am really pleased,  I am sure that we all want our answers to promote maximum learnning. 


The sticky threads "Great answers to Learn from" and "Reference Material" were  beautifully put together and kept updated by NinjaDevo.  This has been a huge benefit to me and to everyone who uses the forum.  

Unfortunately for us Ninja has now resigned from this job.  School will be starting again for him next week and he will be to busy for this extra responsibility.   I want you to know Ninja that I am extremely grateful for all that you have done and I seriously hope that you continue to have a very strong presence in the forum.  

If anyone would like to volunteer to help me with tasks like these I would be very grateful.  


Now for some interest threads:

1) An interesting function query.


2) Rosala's laugh 


3) A good one for the younger crowd


4) I like doing things the long way lol



That is it for my day.  Enjoy the rest of yours.   


              ♫♪  ♪ ♫                            ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Aug 28, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:    Sat 30/8/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 2:45am (Really Sunday morning)      ♬

 Hi everyone,


It's been 2 days since my last but as always there have been many questions and more than that many answers.  Our illustrious answerers have been AzizHusain, NinjaDevo, Alan, DragonSlayer554, reptyGT, Rosala and CPhill.  Thank you all.  


reptyGT is new.  Welcome to our Web2 forum.  We hope that you like it here.  


I ma really pleased to see that the type of answers that are being provided have changed a little.  There have been less full answers and more help to get started.  This includes being sent to other web sites to learn things.  There are many great free sites available and we should make use of them at every oportunity.

When we tell someone to use the site calc I think it would be a good idea to add that it is on the home page.


I have put aside a lot of interest posts.  It has been 2 days since my last wrap.  Anyway here they are:


1) Ninja presents his full answers beautifully - just look at this equation solution !!    


* 2) Today Aziz suggested this "Learning Calculus" website.  People should never forget that there are many really good information sites available on the web.       Thanks Aziz.


3) More questions here! (I included this last time too but it has been added to.)  


* 4) Minimizing question.  (Calculus)  We don't get many of these.


* 5) Great Simultaneous equations - elimination method solution by Ninja 


* 6) A little Physics anyone?  Thanks Alan


7) Unanswered puzzle  


8)Using the Desmos calculator to graph inequalities.  (thanks Chris)


9) Rosala's laugh.  Thanks Rosala 


 10) Good fluid solution question (thanks Chris and Alan)


11) I haven't had a chance to look at this yet but it might be interesting.


12) This advanced maths has  been included before but Heureka has added to it. (Thanks Heureka)


 That is it for this evening.  Thanks everyone you are all really great.   


                        ♫♪ ♪ ♫                              ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                              ♫♪ ♪ ♫ 

 Aug 30, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:    Sun 31/8/14       Sydney, Australia      Time 1:00am (Really Monday morning)     ♬


Hi all,

Our great answerers today included Honga, DavidQD, AzizHusain, Will85237 and CPhill.  Thanks all.  

I'd like to extend a very big welcome to Honga who is new to our web2.0calc forum.  We hope you really like it here.  


Now for a few interesting posts:


* 1) Proove that $${\sqrt{{\mathtt{5}}}}$$ is irrational.


2 and 3) Physics - I do wish I understood more Physics. 



4) How to find the last 2 digits.  


5) I always like these questions



That is it for this Saturday/Sunday.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.    


                            ♫♪♪ ♫                          ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪♪ ♫ 

 Aug 31, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:    Mon 1/9/14       Sydney, Australia      Time 1:30am (Really Tuesday morning)     ♬


Hi all,

Today our great answers were supplied by CPhill, AzizHusain, Bertie, Honga, Heureka and TakahiroMaeda.  A very big thank you to each of you.  


Now straight to our interest posts:


1) This one looks interesting.


2) A log/exponential simplification.


3) A little theory:   Fermat's last theorem.


4) How do you simplify a surd.  This is for our younger members.   


5) Good little puzzle question


*6) Trigonometry - what could the answer be? 


*7) Find the height of the triangle - A good one for our rug rats.  (said with great affection)



That is it for tonight.  Thanks everyone.    


            ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                 ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                                  ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Sep 1, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:    Tues 2/9/14      Sydney, Australia    Time 12:20am (Really Wednesday morning)     ♬

Hi everyone,

There were a of great answers provided today by AzizHusain, CPhill, DragonSlayer554, NinjaDevo, Kitty<3, Heureka, HalleyWoodall17, Honga and Alan.  A big thanks to each of you.  


I see someone gave me a point for my last couple of wraps.  Maybe Dragon?  Thank you, whoever it was.  


Now for the interest threads:


*1) Finding the last 2 digits of a large power or a multiple.   Some very impressive number work here (Thanks Honga)


2) Rotational Speed of a propeller 


*3) Probability, quadratics, ducks and geese.  It doesn't get any better than this! lol


*4) Trig Proof - More  impressive solutions from Bertie and Heurka (Thanks guys)



That is it for my day.  Enjoy the rest of yours.   


          ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                                 ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Sep 2, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:      Wed 3/9/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 10:45pm        ♬


Good day to you,


It was very busy today.  Anyone would think all the children of the world are back at school.  :)

Anyway, many great answers were given by AzizHusain, Alan, LLABlackJack, Heureka, Rosala, DragonSlayer554, CPhill, Honga, Takahiromaeda, NinjaDevo,HaleyWoodall17, CoopALoop, GingerAle and DavidQD. Thank you all.  Without wonderful answerers like you we would not have a forum.  

LLABlackJack and CoopALoop are both new to the forum.  We would like to welcome you and we hope that you like it here.


I am really pleased that external sources are being used more by answerers.  I would think that Aziz is our top answerer at the present time and he is refering people to many other sites.  He used this one  it to demonstrate one-to-one and onto functions.  Thanks Aziz.


I know the forum is really busy at the moment and to make answers longer than necessary may make it impossible to get through all the questions.  However,

a) Sometimes it would be good to give instructions on how to highlight web addresses, right click and choose the goto that is desired.  We are dealing with children and they do not always know how to do this.

b) Tell people that the web2 calc is on the home page.

I am sure there are other little instructions like these that could be very useful.

Perhaps once in a while a stand alone post of this nature could be put on the forum rather than stating it over and over in posts.  Would anyone like to do this for us sometimes?  It would not be a big job.


Now for the interest posts:

* 1) Fractions - Multiplying - Great explanation from Ninja.  


2) I liked this one (Thanks Takahiro)  


3) This early calculus one  made me think a little.    (I liked the web page Aziz sent me to too)


4) Now we are a chemistry forum lol  (Thanks DavidQD) 


*5) Some algebra on a rectangle. (Thanks Aziz) 


*6) I had some fun with this trigonometry question.


7) This one is causing some controversy. :)



That is is for my evening.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  


                ♫♪  ♪ ♫                             ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Sep 3, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:      Thurs 4/9/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 5:45pm        ♬


Hi everyone,

There were lots of questions but I got through it in good time today.  That's partly because I have so many great answerers working along side me and I am trusting that you get the answers right and I don't need to check too hard. Aziz in particular has been powering throught the questions, without you there would be no way we would get though them all.   I am also very grateful to have Chris (CPhill) working with me.  Chris answers a great many questions and also checks off many other people's answers so I have even less concern.   

Today's answers were given by Alan, Honga, CPhill, AzizHusain, That-cool-girl, LLABlackJack, Jaggy16, NinjaDevo, Nicki and Heureka.  A big thank you to each of you.

That-cool-girl and Nicki are both new members.  I would like to take this oportunity to welcome you to our web2 forum.  I hope that you enjoy yourselves here.


Now for today's interest posts, I only earmarked a few:


1) A bit of fun from Chris 


*2) solving inequalities with absolute values.


*3) I did like this problem question.  Thanks Honga   



That is it for my Thursday.  Enjoy the rest of yours.  


                    ♫♪ Y♪ ♫                             ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪ Y♪ ♫ 

 Sep 4, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:      Sat 6/9/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 3:30am (Really Sunday morning)      ♬

Hello everyone,   

This is not a very good wrap - it doesn't even have any credits. Sorry,  all of our answerers should know that you are wonderful.  

I guess it is more of a place marker.  The last couple of pages of questions have been covered properly but there are a lot of unanswered questions on the pages before that.  Most answers have been given credit but not all, I am sorry I will try to get back to them if i can.


This site is becoming increasingly well known and most schools in the world are active at present hence there are more questions than we can comfortably cope with.  Please make greatest effort with member questions. I would like our members to be looked after where ever possible. 


Now for a few interest questions that I collected:


1) Rosala's laughs - thank Rosala


*2) Simple equation solving in great detail. lol


 3) Here is an interesting 'chemistry' question (Thanks Alan)


 *4) A great simultaneous equation answer from Ninja.  


 *5) A look at limits.  Thanks Honga.



That is it for this very early Sunday morning.  Enjoy your weekends       


                 ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                  ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Sep 6, 2014

I told my friends about it at school. I give you points because I like the threads, even if they are boring.

 Sep 6, 2014

And I put it on my watch list. Thanks 

 Sep 6, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:      Sun 7/9/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 6:15pm     ♬


Hi all,

I powered through the questions last night and today (along with Aziz) and at a glance they all seem to have a reasonable answer.  Right back to the last proper wrap which was last Thursday.  I am very pleased about that.     (With the exception of a couple of high end commercial questions)   


Now for the credits.  Our great answerers over these few days have been HaleyWoodall17, Alan, AzizHusain, CPhill, Rosala, NinjaDevo, Honga, Kitty<3, Blazinkurama, DragonSlayer554, DevSeth, Heureka, Helen1709 and LLABlackJack.  A big thank you to each of you.  


Blazinkurama and DevSeth are both new.  I like to take this opportunity to welcome you to web2.0calc forum.  We all hope  that you enjoy yourselves here.   


Now for a few interest threads:


1) is it divisable by 3 - I handy trick to know (Thanks Alan)


*2) Solving an equation using a graphing calculator.


*3) Here is a great combination question.  They are always contraversial  LOL



And that is is for my Sunday.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.   


                    ♫♪  ♪ ♫                           ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Sep 7, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:      Mon 8/9/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 9:00pm     ♬


Good'ay mates,


I Just thought I would go all Aussie for a moment.

Today our great answerers were AzizHusain, Rosala, Alan, Lola200, CPhill, NinjaDevo,DragonSlayer554, AbdullahAlMohit, Honga, Heureka, and Kitty


I am very pleased that Admin has reinstated our FUN category.  Thanks Admin.   


Now for a couple of post that may have some interest.  I really didn't see a lot today.  I probably missed them because it is becoming very rushed around here.  


1) This one provided some humour and it is very comforting for your queen to know that her kingdom is so fiercely defended.   


2) I've only given this a short answer but some of our middle level people may like to take a look.



That is it for my Monday.  So good'ay to you all.


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 Sep 8, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:      Tues 9/9/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 10:45pm     ♬


Hi all,


Our great answerers today were CPhill, HaleyWoodall17, AzizHusain, Lola200, Alan, DragonSlayer554, Nba2k14, Pumpkinguy, NinjaDevo, ThAnswerGuy, Kitty<3, Milkshake, Heureka and Demogorgon.  I even answered a few myself LOL.  Thanks, you are all great!     


Our new answerers today were ThAnswerGuy, Nba2k14 and Milkshake.  Artorias is new too.  He/she didn't answer any questions but he/she introduced themselves on the forum in a special post.  I thought that was nice so I have included this new member too.   Anyway we are very pleased that you have all joined us and we hope that all your experiences here are really good ones.   


Now for some interest posts.  I pulled out quite a few today.   


*1) Using the web 2 calc to find the equation of a quadratic through 3 given points. (Thanks Alan)


*2) Calculus - Chris has suggested a web site as a self teaching site.  This should be added to our resources.


http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/Classes/CalcI/LimitsAtInfinityI.aspx      (This site too)

*3) I have an unusual method for dealing with ANY rates question.


*4) These average speed questions always trick people.  


5) We need to be very careful to answer the question that is put to us.  We often guess at its meaning but we must not add what is definitely not there.   


6) TheAnswerGuy has given us a web address where he makes "unicodeemicons"  I think some people would be interested in this.  


7) Finding the lowest common multiple of a big number.  (Thanks Heureka)


*8) Catesian to polar co-ordinates (Thanks Alan and Heureka)


*9) Co-odinate geometry.  Parallel line and restrictions on co-efficients.  (Thanks Heureka and Demogorgon)



That is it for my Tuesday evening.  Enjoy the rest of your day.     


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 Sep 9, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:      Wed 10/9/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 8:50pm           ♬


 Hi everyone,


Our fabulous answerers today were amoonstar, CPhill, Alan, NinjaDevo, Namodesto, Im_NotoriouszZz, Honga, Heureka, TakahiroMaeda, Randa, Leelee, milkshake, Alycat, mathrocks and Kitty


Our numbers are growing exponentially with respect to time.  Our newest answerers are Alycat, mathrocks, Namodesto, Im_NotoriouszZz, Randa, Leelee, and I think amoonstar.  We welcome you to our Web2 maths forum.   We have an awsome time here and now you can too.  


I only pulled out 1 post.  The forum is just too busy for the answerers to fully enjoy all the questions that come in.  I am sure there are some great questions and answers that come in but i don't see them.  if you see a good one please let me know.  You can PM it if you want to.  That would be great.   Anyway here is the lonely one that I put aside:


*1) limits (Thanks Alan)



And that is if for my Wednesday evening.  Rosala has suggested (very politely) that some differerent words would be nice.  She is right but I am afraid I am not very imaginative.  Sorry.    See you all tomorrow.  


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 Sep 10, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:      Thurs 11/9/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 9:00pm           ♬


A good day to you all,    


Today our wonderful answers were provided by DragonSlayer554, Reinout-g, CPhill, Honga, Alan, Leelee, Kitty<3, Zoomasd123, Heureka and NinjaDevo.  A great bid thank you to each of you.  


I have been on the site for much of today but I have not even attempted to answer every question.  I have however looked at your answers and given points when appropriate.  Even this may soon become too much and I do not think that all the points really get added to your totals anyway.  But for now this is what I am going to try and do.  The upside is that there should always be some unanswered questions around if you want to answer some.  I already try to leave some simpler questions around for our "rat pack" to answer anyway.   


Now for a few interest posts:


1) Dragon's wrap and a lesson on time zones.  


 2) Finding the area and the perimeter of a triangle given three coordinates (Thanks Chris and Heureka) 


 3) An inequality reminder for our Rat Pack.  


4) A fantastic presentation from Ninja.  You just have to put this in your questions to learn from.  Please. 


*5) A great standard deviation answer.    (Thanks Honga) 


*6) The easy solution is not always the only solution LOL  (Thanks Alan)


 *7) I never fail to be surprised at what the Web2 calculator can do.  (Thanks Alan)



And that is it for my Thursday.  Cheers!     


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 Sep 11, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:      Sat 13/9/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 8:35pm           ♬


He everyone,


Our wonderful answerers for the last couple of days have been Alan, TakahiroMaeda, Rosala, HaleyWoodall17, FreemanRufus, DargonSlayer554, CPhill, PumpkinGuy, NinjaDevo, Buddy2Bad, Kitty<3 and Herurka. Thanks 


I have not looked at the posts or answers all that well although I think all the answerers have been given credit for their answers. This means that I am less likely to notice any really good ones.  Sorry about that.  Anyway here are a couple of interest ones.


1) Reinout-g's lunchbox unwraps have returned.  Good, I like this one  


2) 3 dimensional co-ordinate geometry.  This one looks interesting.  


3)Laught's from Rosala and FreemanRufus




And that is it for today.  Enjoy your weekend.  


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 Sep 13, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:     Sun 14/9/14     Sydney, Australia      Time 2:05am   (Really Monday morning)   ♬


Hi all,


Great answers were provided by CPhill, Alan, Rosala, Genisous and Dragonslayer554.  Thanks everyone.   


I looked at the list and thought who is missing.  Aziz is missing!  That is one for the book on modern history! I hope you are of having fun Aziz.  


Now for the interest posts:


1) Break even point  (Thanks Chris)


2) Using calculator to find remainders (Thanks Alan)


3) Radioactive decay   (Thanks Alan)


4 and 5) Good stuff to remember with trigonometry.   (Thanks Chris)



6) Look at this wonderful plot that you can get from three dimensional graphing (Thanks Chris)


7) Differentiating inverse trig


8) the effect of compounding never fails to amaze!



And that is it for this evening.  Some of you have a little weekend left.  Make sure you enjoy it.  


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 Sep 14, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:     Mon 15/9/14     Sydney, Australia      Time 9:550m        ♬


Hi everyone,


Lots of great answers today from CPhill, Alan, DragonSlayer554 and myself.  That's it, thank you 


Now for a few interest posts:


1,2) Equations with absolute values  (Thanks Chris)



3) A derivative exercise  (Melody)


4) Water currents and direction of swim.  I like these questions, they always make me think.  (Thanks Chris)



That is it for this September Monday.     


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 Sep 15, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap:     Tues 16/9/14     Sydney, Australia      Time 7:20pm        ♬

Good evening all,
Lots of fantastic answers from DragonSlayer554, Alan, CPhill, Rosala, NinjaDevo, WinterGhost17, Reinout-g and lots form me.  Thanks everyone.


Here are some of the more interesting posts:


1) Rosala's Laughs.    (Thanks Rosala)


2) Look you have just got to be impressed (or at least amused)!  (Melody and Chris)


3) $$f \circ g$$   this was a very poorly presented question but a good one to answer (Melody)


4) Fractions and factorising with algebra - Some of the older rat pack might like to try this one. (Melody)


5,6)  Some good physics and calculus  (Thanks to Melody, Alan and Reinout-g) 



7) Annuities and Finance  (Melody)



And that is that!   


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 Sep 16, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap  Thurs  18/9/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 4:50 pm    ♬  


Hi everyone.


The forum is far too busy to get all the questions answered.  I'm sorry question askers but that is the way it is and I for one did not even try.   


There were many great answers however and these were given by Alan, CPhill, Reinour-g, Heureka, SelenaPubbIT, Unknown Name. Kitty<3, Rosala, Nuijai and angelicaMarrufo.  A big thank you to each of you.  

Here are just a couple of interest posts.  I am sure there were many more. I need you to send the address of them to me by private message if you want me to include them.   


1) Reinout's Lunchbox unwrap.  Thank you  


2) We are gettin a collection of birthdays here! 


2) A touch of prabability.   Thanks to Alan and Melody


3) Plenty of enthusiam here.  LOL


4) A couple of fun answers (Thanks Anonymous and CPhill)




That is it for this Thursday.  


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 Sep 18, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap  Fri 19/9/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 7:45 pm    ♬  


Hi Everyone,

Another busy day with great answers from Kitty<3, Alan, Cooltje98, Rosala, Heureka, DragonSlayer554, Coolkille98, RedRanger, Rose98, Chloe,m AngelicaMarrufo and HaleyWoodall17.  Thanks you one and all.  


Now for a few interest posts:


1) A problem with the site calc (Heureka and Melody)


2,3,4) Calculus      Thanks to Alan ans Melody.    




5) Scientific notation multiplication, a thorough explanation.  Thanks Alan


6) Probability -  Birthday Paradox  (Melody)


7) Interesting graph.  (Melody)


8) Function Notation  (Thanks Alan)


9) Trig identity  (Thanks Heureka)


10) What is Trigonometry?  (Thanks Chloe)



That's it for the school week.  Goodnight from Australia.   


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 Sep 19, 2014

How about new people? Like minnie? And Alvarez received his star!

 Sep 19, 2014

I don't see all these.  Why don't you collect them for me and send them to me by private message and then I could include them all.    

 Sep 19, 2014

Ok. Minnie is my friend btw.

 Sep 19, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap  Sat 20/9/14   Sydney, Australia   Time 8:30 pm    ♬  


Hello all,


There have been some great answers from Heureka, Alan, Rosala, HaleyWoodall17, DragonSlayer554, Chilledz3non and NinjaDevo.  Thank you all.


It was really nice to see you back on the forum Ninja  


I have not been able to keep track of all the new people but I'd like to you all to know that you are very welcome here.  Hello to Dragon's new friend Minnie.  


Now for a couple of interest posts:


1) limits - Differentiation from first principals - Sort of.    


2) I don't understand this question.  Thanks for your interpretation Alan.  


3) Here is a colourful one by NinjaDevo  



That is all for today.  Thank you


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 Sep 20, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap     Sun 21/9/14     Sydney, Australia    Time 11:00 pm    ♬  


Hi all,


Today our fabulous  answerers were Alan, gliul, DragonSlayer554, Kitty<3, SelenaPubbIT, NinjaDevo, and Rosala.  Thank you all.  


Now for a few interest posts:


1) Some new ideas on continuous functions and floor notation.  (Thanks Alan, Chilledznon and Melody)


2) Gravitational Force.


3) How to divide by a fraction.


4) This compound interest one was different from usual.   (Melody)



Thanks everyone and enjoy what is left of your week end.  


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 Sep 21, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap     Wed 24/9/14     Sydney, Australia    Time 10:05 pm    ♬  


Hi all,


I am sorry, I have not been on the forum so much over the last 3 days.  But I have been on for many hours tonight and have looked at  every post and given all the answerers the credit to which they are entitled.


Our wonderful answerers have been Rosala, NinjaDevo, Alan, draagonSlayer554, Heureka, Chilledz3non, Bugzy28871, CPhill, gliu1, AngelicaMarrufo, Coolkille98, Cooltjej98, Trwbox, Reaper, Landry, Red Ranger, Aoanewbie, Red11Blue22 and last but definitely not least Kitty<3.   Thank you.  You are all wonderful.


I would like to extend a very special thank you to CPhill.  Chris, you hold this place together when I am absent, you are at my side when I am here and your descency and fantastic sense of humour gives this forum its life blood.  Thank you so much Chris.  I really appreciate everything that you do.       


Now for some interest posts:


1) Turning words into equations can be a difficult concept to learn.  (Thanks Ninja)


2) A look at limits (Melody, Chilledz3non and Alan)



3) Another top quality answer from Ninja 


4) Sector of a circle (Thanks Chris)


5) This is an old Puzzle but a really good one.  I hid CPhill's answer so that you can work it out for yourselves.

The $30 hotel puzzle.    (Thanks Landry)

This one has been around for ever - that is because it is so good!

I have hidden CPhill's answer so if you want the answer from a moderator you might have to beg.   LOL


6) Another special edition by Heureka (Thanks Heureka   )


7) More with imaginary numbers (Thanks Alan and Anon)


8) Here is something people might like to play with.


9) New Notation - I am not sure if it has been included before.


10) This Divisor Table is quite interesting I think (Thanks Heureka)


11) This looks pretty impressive by anonymous



That is it for my Wednesday.  Thank you everyone.     


                    ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Sep 24, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap     Thurs 25/9/14     Sydney, Australia    Time 9:20 pm    ♬  


Good evening all,  well it is evening for me anyway.  Good morning for all those west of the Atlantic Ocean.  


Lots of great answers today from Coolkille98, CPhill, Reinout-g, Alan, DragonSlayer554, Landry, Stormegetton, Adrienne, HaleyWoodall17, Quinn, AngelicaMarrufo, Kitty<3 and NinjaDevo.  You are all wonderful, thank you.  


There are a lot of new people every day.  I cannot keep track, sorry.  We are very pleased that you have joined our forum.  I hope that you find the forum useful and enjoyable.  If you are answering questions, thank you very much.  


Here is a few interest posts for the day:


1) Motion diagrams - These always make people think.  (thanks Chris and Alan)


2) Hint for finding quadratic factors.  Melody


3) I liked this one!   Thanks to Chris and Melody.   Thank you also to our new member Quinn for supplying the question. 


4) This is an good one for people who want to practice a bit of trig.  Thanks Chris.


5) Divide by zero - Not a good idea!


6) This puzzle is so cool!  I'm putting it in the Puzzles Sticky note!   (Thanks Alan and Stu)



That is it for my day.  Good evening/afternoon/morning all  


                ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Sep 25, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap     Fri 26/9/14     Sydney, Australia    Time 12:01 am    (Really Sat morning)  ♬  


My goodness - I had no idea it was that late.  It's  been a long day.  No wonder I am tired.  


Hi everyone,

The forum has been rediculously busy.  Fortunately Geno3141 joined us as a power answerer.  I hope you stick around for a while Geno.  We need you! LOL.  Talking about power answerers, someone should fill me in on how Aziz is doing these days.  If you talk to him please pass on my best wishes.  


Of couse we have lots of great answerers.  Here you all are: Geno3141, CPhill, Rosala, Honga, Alan, Coolkille98, DragonSlayer554, Reaper, Quinn, Heureka, NinjaDevo and Kelseymcnamara.  Thanks everyone. 


@  I would like to remind everyone that the forum calculator has atan not tan^-1 .  This needs to be explained to people.  

@ If people ask about the fraction button please direct them to the sticky topic "How do I type in Fractions"  You can give them other info as well if you want to.

@ There are many great teaching sites on the web like mathsisfun etc.  Make good use of these references.  They often explain things better than we can.  


Now for the interest posts, I've pulled out about a hundred, 14 to be more precise.  Oh well, here they are:


1) What does this question mean?  (thanks Quinn - is Quinn correct?)


2) A guess job from melody, Chris has added to it since (thanks Chris).   Function notation.


3)Difficult volume question. (Thanks Chris)


4) A taste of factoring with complex (imaginary) numbers.  (thanks Geno3141)


5) Would anyone like to respond to this one?


6) Simultaneous log equations.  (Thanks Heureka)


7) Handling horrible algbraic fractions.    (Melody)


8) Rationalising the denominator, a little different from ususal  (Thanks Melody and Geno3141)


9) Introducing Kelvin temperature scale. (Ive forgotten who, sorry)


10) This is an example of where the wording must be thought about very carefully.  (Thanks Coolkille98) 


11) This might be a good one for some younger students to think about.  (Thanks to Melody and Quinn)


12) This one has got me stumped.   (Quinn is going to provide our 'good' ones - I like a challenge, thanks Quinn)


13)  This interest rate one looks like it might have been fun. (Thanks Geno3141)


14) I thought I would add this one because Chris says i got it wrong.  



That is it for tonight.  Not too long before you are all into the weekend.  Stay away from the maths homework, I need a break!  Only kidding.         Goodnight all.


               ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Sep 26, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap        Sat 27/9/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 8:25 pm      ♬  


Hi all,


Great answers today from DragonSlayer554, Geno3141, GoldenLeaf, Coolkille98, CPhill, Rosala, Chilledz3non, AlexM, Alan and NuclearGearhead.  Thanks everyone.     


Thanks for giving my wraps thumbs up Dragon, I really appreciate that.    


Now for a few interest posts:


1) Rosala's funnies   (Thanks Rosala)


2) Some of our clever, younger ones may find this question interesting.  I am thinking mainly of Ninja. (Melody)


3) A good one for high school physics students. (Melody)


4) This one was included yesterday as well but the question turned out to be incorrect.

There is a proper question with a proper answer now.  

Although I think heareka answered the harder original question.  (Thanks Heureka)    



That is it for this Wrap, Enjoy your weekend.    


                     ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Sep 27, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap        Sun 28/9/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 11:45 pm      ♬  


Hello everyone,


Our great answers today were delivered by Alan, Geno3141, NinjaDevo, CPhill and Quinn. A very big thank you to each of you.    


Now for the interest posts:


1) A Circuit called Infinite Loop and a place called Useless Loop LOL


2) Happy daughter's day (Thanks Rosala)


3) Factoring. Another great question from Quinn.


4) This one makes my brain hurt    (Thanks Gino3141)


5,6) A little maths in Chemistry.  (Thanks Alan and anon)



7) A good little log question  (thanks Anon, Melody and Alan and CPhill)


8) Another Physics graphs interpretation.  (We need Alan's input here)



Good night from Australia.  


                    ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Sep 28, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap       Mon 29/9/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 11:15 pm      ♬  


Hi all,


Today our favulous answerers were NathanDeAlien, Quinn, CPhill, NinjaDevo, Geno3141, DragonSlayer554, Alan and Kitty<3.  Thank you all.    


The site is playing up tonight.  Pictures are not displaying properly and for some reason i couldn't give 
Alan points on one of his posts, sorry Alan.  Hopefully these problems won't last long.  


Now for the interest posts:


1) Do donkeys fly?  What a silly question.


2) size of a tile - I really liked this question.


3) Proof by contradiction. (Thanks Geno3141, anon and Melody)   


4) This factorising question was included yesterday but Quinn has added to it and I really liked this new post.


5,6) Motion diagrams - These always make me think really hard.  

Alan, I have added a further query on these I think.  



7) More Physics - Thanks Chris



Thanks everyone.  


                     ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Sep 29, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap       Tues 30/9/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 9:35 pm      ♬  


Good evening all,


Great answers today for aoanewbie, MexicanWave6, Geno3141, Rosala, CPhill, DragonSlayer554, AngelicaMarrufo, Bugzy28871, NinjaDevo, Unknown and Alan and Stu.   Thanks all.


I was busy today and did not answer many questions.  I really  want to give a very big thankyou to CPhill, Alan and Geno3141.  Without you, very few questions would get answered.   I am very grateful to each of you for your great contributions to this forum.   


I do not have many interest posts because I have not looked at many questions or answers well.  Please, if you answer or see a really good question or answer send the address to me in a private message and I will include it in the wrap.   


1) Finding last digit


2) What graphing calculators do we use?


3) Even and odd functons  (Thanks Geno)


4) Vectors  (Thanks Chris)



Thanks everyone.  


                      ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Sep 30, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap       Wed 1/10/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 10:20 pm      ♬  


Hi all,


Lots of great answers today from Alan, Rosala, NathanDeAlien, CPhill, NinjaDevo, LyleandBrittany, Geno3141, DragonSlayer554, Radio, A sassy ninja, AngelicaMarrufo, Sru, Pyramid and Kitty


Again, i was absent most of the day so I have not answered very many.  Most have received some kind of an answer and that it absolutely the best we can do.  


Now for some interest posts:


1) MacLaurin Series Expansion  (Thanks Alan)


2) Simplifying negative and fractional indices.  (Thanks Alan)


3) A nice proof by Alan.  Thank you  


4) Speed with a good dose of humour - Thanks Chris.  


5) The title says it all - Thanks Chris.


6) Solving a trig equation - Thanks geno3141


7) What is a dependent variable?  - Thanks geno3141


8) Derivation of a calculus formula.   Thanks geno and Chris.  


9) I just found this post concerningWeb2 calclets.  I do not understand what they are for, can anyone explain them?


10) I only just did this one, I think it is alright. - Volume of revolution.



Thanks everyone.  


                ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Oct 1, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap       Thurs 2/10/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 9:55pm      ♬  


Hi all,


Our fabulous answers today were given by Geno3141, A sassy ninja, Alan, DragonSlayer554, CPhill, Unknown, Pyramid, Kitty<3, Rosala, tfb0806, Coolkille98, maxboo, and Quinn.  a big thank you to each of you.  


Some inappropriate messages are being sent to some of the Children.  Please DO NOT RESPOND to any of these.

Also, remember that people may not be anything like who they claim to be - even when they are being nice.

Do not give other members personal informations like your full name, your address, your phone number, your email address.  etc.

This is important please follow these guidlines,  they will stop you from being put in any danger.


Now for some interest posts:


1) Dragons 'opinion' of us all.   (Thanks Dragon)


2) This appealed to me.  (Thanks Dragon)


3) I liked this one.  It made me and Alan think.   Thermal expansion.   


4) Something for the youngsters. Gino has given a great answer here.  Perhaps one of the youngsters can set up the equation that he has described.  OR maybe you can show us another example of your own.


 5) Recursive Formula - This wording was unfamiliar to me - Thanks Gino.   


 6) I always like these speed, distance time questions.  Thanks Chris.  


 7) A touch of physics - Forces (Thanks Alan)


8,9) We don't just learn maths here!   (Thanks Dragon, CPhill and Kitty<3)




That is it for today - Thanks everyone!     


                     ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Oct 2, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap       TFri 3/10/14        Sydney, Australia      Time 6:55pm      ♬  


Good evening everyone,


Today our fantastic answerers have been CPhill, Geno3141, alan, AzizHusain, angelicaMarrufo, Bugzy28871, Dragonslayer554, aoanewbie and The Ghost of Web3calc.   Thank you all.     


Aziz has visited us today.  That is great, we have all miss you Aziz.  


Now for some interest posts:


1) The Ghost of Web2.0 calc has graced us with a visit, laying a lay of lavish wonderment at the feet of our dear Princess Kitty.


2) Playing with the imaginary number i


3)Trailing zeros in factorials.  I like these.  Thanks Gino and Chris.   


4) Graphing Trig  (Gino and Melody)


5) I really like your answer Gino.  


6) More Physics from Alan, I really must find the time to learn from you Alan.   Thank you.


7) Something interesting for the children.



Thanks all, 


                   ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Oct 3, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap        Sun 5/10/14 Sydney,     Australia Time 10:15pm      ♬


Hi all, 

Sorry, I have not been around much the last couple of days.  Today I was at the beach.  It is beautiful weather in Sydney at present.  

I have made sure that everyone has been given credit for their answers though.  Our wonderful answerers have been Alan, NinjaDevo, geno3141, Rosala, Asassyninja, CPhill, Dragonslayer 554, aoanewbie, AzizHusain, Math and Quinn.  A huge thanks to each of you.    


Now for a few interest posts:


1) Thanks Rosala, your laughs are always great.   


2) I like these.  Thanks for the answer CPhill.   


3) Graphing tangent function.  Thanks to Chris and Melody.


4) What happens if a number is raised to the power of 0?  Thanks for promoting the discussion Rosala.



That is it for today,  many of you have much of Sunday left but in NSW Australia, where I am, it is a public holiday tomorrow.  It is Labour Day, celebrating the introduction of the 8 hour work day. First introduced in 1856.  8 hours a day, 6 work days a week.   See you later.  :)


                 ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Oct 5, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap        Mon 6/10/14 Sydney,     Australia Time 9:45pm      ♬


Hi all, 


It was a quiet day today.  As always there were great answers from Alan, CPhill, radio and Adrienne.  Thanks you all.


CPhill often produces great mathematics answers but he also has a skill which I am sadly lacking.

He is a forensic mathematician.  He can read between the lines and work out what the intended question is.

I sometimes get stuborn and answer the question asked because I want people to learn to present their questions properly.  They can always repost with their intended question.

But even though this is sometimes true I am really not gifted at fathoming what an intended question is.  So with this one I really did not 'see' what the intended question was.  On re-reading the question I can see that I was at fault this time.  I needed to spend more time thinking about the actual wording of the question.

Chris read it properly and answered the intended question.  Sometimes the logic is more obscure than this, Chris really is quite gifted at reading between the mathematical lines.  It is an admirable gift.  Thank you Chris.



Other interest post: 

A little bit of physics anyone (Thanks Alan)


More Binomial stuff.   (Thanks Alan and Chris)


Trig   (Thanks CPhill and Melody)



That is it for tonight.


                     ♫♪  ♪ ♫                          ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                            ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Oct 5, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap           Mon 6/10/14 Sydney,         Australia Time 10:55pm      ♬


Hi all,


Our great answers today were from Alan, Geno3141, Ayanismith92314, CPhill, Aoanewbie, isiber17, radio and Coolkille98. Thank you all.   


Now for some interest posts:


1)Considerations when integrating   Thanks Alan 


2) It is really important to read worded questions carefully and interprete them correctly.   Thanks Chris


3) What is a rational number?  -  Thanks Gino3141


4) This trig one is just a bit different - Thanks Radio and Chris


5) Finding remainders using calculators.  Modular arithmetic     Thanks Chris and Melody


6) Divisability of numbers  Thanks Chris.


7) Playing with trig - Thanks Gino, CPhill, Melody and Alan.  


8) I love Chris's humour - and he is so quick off the mark.    


9) Tricky limits question - Great explanation from Alan.  


10) I found this one interesting.  Thanks Alan



Thanks everyone.    


                      ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Oct 7, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap           Thurs 9/10/14 Sydney,         Australia Time 10:50pm      ♬


Hi everyone,

I have not been on the forum that much for the last couple of days. And I have not caught up.  I will try to catch up tomorrow, otherwise it may carry over to the weekend.  I have checked all answers from page 811 - 813 and current but there are many from pages 805 to 810 that still need my attention.


The fantastic answerers from the pages I have checked are Radio, SamHenry, CPhill, DragonSlayer554, Alan, Anaya, Geno3141, Unknown, Bugzy28871 and Quinn.  Thank you all.


Radio left a puzzle on the forum that has not been solved yet.   Here it is.  Is someone going to give us the answer?



Here are the rest of the interest posts. 


1) Sum of rates questions can be really tricky.  Thanks CPhill


2) Making mathematical sense of words.  Thanks Chris


3) Differentiating Trig - always fun :)     Melody


4) Binomials, factorial and gamma functions - Thanks Geno and Alan and Quinn for providing question :)


5) I think the children will like this one - Thanks CPhill, DragonSlayer554 and anon.



That is it for tonight.     


                        ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Oct 9, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap           Sat 11/10/14 Sydney,         Sydney,  Australia Time 10:05pm        ♬


Hi everyone,


I think I have caught up.  I think I have seen every post.  I thought I saw a puddy tat but it was just Pepe Le Pew playing games with me.

A bit of nostalga.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP7k4LXM1rE         LOL

That is quite enough silliness for the end of one beautiful sunny Saturday!  (Not anymore, it is dark now!)

Ok, whose been answering ALL our questions?  That would be Geno3141, CPhill, Haleywoodall17, Radio, Alan, Rosala, SamHenry, DragonSlayer554, Kitty<3, Jackhammer and Arthurgoldblatt...     Thank you.  Without our fabulous answerers Camelot (this forum) could not exist.    


Now for a few interesting posts:

1) There are some amazing people in our world!  Thanks Rosala for beginning this thread and thanks to the anon who drew our attention back to it.   


2) Chris's Puzzle of the day  -  Thanks Chris


3) What is the number Phi   -   Thanks Geno and Chris


4) This trigonometry (tides) one took some thought, Chris also gave an approximate answer that was more easily found  -  CPhill and Melody


5) Finding the vertex from a quadratic equations. this is a realy good one for people to understand.  Thanks Chris.


6) A simple question that our budding mathematicians should understand :)  Thanks Chris


7) This Physics one looks interesting but I haven't had time to really think about it yet.    Thanks Alan  



Thank you all.  

                        ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫ 

 Oct 11, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap     Sun 12/10/14 Sydney,     Sydney,  Australia Time 1:15am    (Really Mon morning)  ♬


Hello Everyone,


Today our fabulous answerers were Geno3141, Adamlightner17, Rosala, CPhill and Radio.  Thanks all.  


Here are a few interest posts:


1) Let's learn a little about Delhi.  Thank you Rosala.   


2) There is always room for some maths humour.  Thanks Chris.     


3) Reducing by a percentage. Great question for the younger members.   Thanks Chris.


4) This volume question was a little different - Another good one for young and old alike - Thanks Geno3141  



That is it for this weekend.  See you all in the new work week.  


                         ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫  

 Oct 12, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap            Mon 13/10/14 Sydney,            Sydney,  Australia Time 11:55pm     ♬


Good evening folks,


I like the weekends they are a lot quieter.  It is late Monday night here but for many of you Monday has only really just begun.


Our wonderful answerers are Rosala, Geno3141, CPhill and Alan.  Thank you all.  


Here are the interest posts:


1) Light fun with numbers.


2) Why is 3.6 divided by 0.09 = 40?   (Thanks Gino and Melody)


3) I did find this one amusing.


4) Why does a negative times a negative = a positive     Thanks Melody and Chris.  



And that is it for this evening.


                       ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫  

 Oct 13, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap            Tues 14/10/14 Sydney,            Sydney,  Australia Time 6:20pm     ♬


Hi all,


Today our fabulous answereres were  Geno3141, CPhill, Alan, Baysour8989, Unknown, Naomi390323, gliu1, Bugzy28871, and Heureka.  Thank you all.   


I didn't notice a lot of interesting posts.  I probably need answerers to point them out more often.

But here are a couple.  I found the first one interesting although I have had no feed back on my answer yet.

It is good when askers are persistent in seeking an answer that they can fully understand.


1) Algebra concepts   Thanks Geno, Chris and Melody.


2) Two Physics questions - Maybe Alan can help out.   




That is it for tonight, thank you.

                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Oct 14, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap         Wed 15/10/14         Sydney, Australia        Time 8:50pm     ♬


Hi everyone,


Today was really busy,  if it were not for Geno3141 and CPhill  hardly any would get answered.  Thanks so much.  

Our other wonderful answerers today were Heureka, alan, TakahiroMaeda, Kitty and Pyramid.  A big thank you to each of you.     


Here are some interest posts:


1) a bit of light fun.  


2) Interesting simultaneous equations   Thanks Geno.


3) Chris puts his forensic skills to work yet again.  :)


4) Trig identities are fun   Thanks to Melody and Chris.


5) Vectors    Thanks Alan


6) Takahiro invites you to find the fallacy.   


7) Interesting velocity question.     (Thanks Melody and Chris)


8) miles per hour to radians per second   Thanks Chris


9) I wish I had more time to think about the ones Alan answers   Thanks Alan.      



That is it for today - thanks.  


                             ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Oct 15, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap         Thurs 16/10/14         Sydney, Australia        Time 5:45pm     ♬


Hello all,


Another very busy week day.  Fantastic answers were frothcoming from CPhill, Alan, Pyramid, thelonewolf, radio, a sassy ninja, howie, heureka, NathanJohnson and admin.  Thank you all.  


Here is a few interest posts:


1) Let's start with some really cool photography.


2) Integration by parts   Thanks Gino


3)  Terminology. New word anyone      Thanks Chris and Geno.


4) This one made for an impressive answer by Heureka 



And that is it for now.    


                         ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Oct 16, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap         Fri 17/10/14         Sydney, Australia        Time 6:10pm     ♬


Hi all,


It is the end of the week for me.  That is a very good thing.  The forum is a bit quieter on the weekends.   


Today our wonderful answerers included Heureka, Alan, CPhill, Geno3141, Quinn LancelotLink and Stormegetton.  Thanks all.  


Now for a few interest posts:


1) Demo of the distributive law.       Thanks  Alan and Melody


2) Revolting trig equation         Thanks Alan and Heureka            


3) Integer sequence   (not in OEIS either)     Thanks Heureka.    


4) There is always room for a puzzle         


5) Some monkey business is a foot.  Thanks LancelotLink.      Thanks for the serious answer too Gino.

(It is nice to see that LancelotLink can be funny without the use of itching powder)



And that is it till another day.  Enjoy the rest of your Friday.  


                        ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Oct 17, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap            Sat 18/10/14            Sydney, Australia           Time 8:05pm     ♬


Hi everyone,


Great answers today from Heureka, CPhill, Alan, alvarez, GoldenLeaf, Genop3141 and TheLoneWolf.  Thank you, you are all wonderful.


We had a visit from NinjaDevo and GoldenLeaf today.  That was great.  Thanks guys.  


Now for some interest posts:


1) A lovely visit from NinjaDevo and GoldenLeaf.   


2) Isn't it great when all our experts agree! Thanks CPhill, Alan and Heureka.  


3) Ratios in 3 dimensionsl figures   Thanks Melody and Heureka.


4) It is good to get some an integral   Thanks Chris


5) Rotation about the origin.  Thanks CPhill and Geno.    


6) Finding all rational roots of a polynomial.      Thanks Chris and Alan.


7) Finding the square root without a calculator.  Thanks Chris and Geno and anon.


8) Math or maths?  That is the question.  



And that is it for this Saturday eve.    See you tomorrow.  


                   ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Oct 18, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap            Sun 19/10/14                 Sydney, Australia Time               10:50pm ♬


Hi all,


I had fun today.  It is weekend so we weren't completely swamped but there were some really good questions. 

Our fantastic answerers were CPhill, Geno3141, Bugzy, Srinu, SevenUP and Alan.    Thanks  so much.  


Here is a few interest posts:


1) Integration by parts - It was fun :)    Melody


2) Working with ratios    Thanks Gino, Chris and Melody


3) What does it mean if you divide by a fraction


4) Limits - This one took some effort       Chris, Melody and Alan.


5) Complex numbers and trig    Thanks Alan   



That is it, enjoy what is left of your weekend.    


                    ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Oct 19, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap       Mon20/10/14        Sydney, Australia Time        12:10pm (Really Tues morn)   ♬


Hello everyone,


Great answers today from SevenUP, CPhill, Alan, Geno3141, Landry, Dragons, Heureka and DavidQD.

You are all fantastic.       


Now for the interest posts:


1) These inequalities look interesting.    Thanks Chris and Alan.


2) Determine equation of parabola in vertex form.    Melody


3) These physics ones look interesting. Thanks sevenUP and Alan


4) This is an old limits one but it has been added too. 


5) A good volume one for the younger set.  Thanks Chris


6) Comparing large numbers   Thanks CPhill and Geno3141



And, that is it for this Monday evening.    


                    ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Oct 20, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap       Tues 21/10/14        Sydney, Australia Time        7:20pm    ♬


Hi everyone,

Today our fabulous answerers were CPhill, Wicked, Geno3141, Kober383, Ashok999333, Heureka and Alan.

Thanks all.  


Yesterday DavidQD graced us with his presence and today Zegroes made a return visit.  This is fabulous.  

Rosala has been gone a few days.  We need you back Rosala.  DragonSlayer554, we miss you too.  Please return as soon as you can.  Rose98 has been about today too.  Please linga a little longer Rose. 


I did not earmark any posts today.  Sorry.  It has been busy and that is part of the reason.  I do a lot of ticking off but I don't have time to really look properly.  I tend to put aside more questions when it is quiet.  


So that is it for this for this Tuesday evening.    


                    ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Oct 21, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap       Wed 22/10/14        Sydney, Australia Time        6:45pm    ♬


Hi all,


Great answers today from Alan, heureka, Geno3141, CPhill, TakahioMarda, Britishrain and LancelotLink.

Thanks all.    


Now for the interest posts:


1) This Physics one looks interesting.  Thanks Alan


2) This calculus one is of personal interest to me.    Thanks Alan    


3) Limits.    Great little demo from Chris.  Thanks to Gino too. 


4) This one has value  :)   Thanks CPhill and Anon.  


5) I was about to white this one out before I saw all the respones.  Then I decided to display it instead. :)


6) Probability notation  Thanks Geno3141


7) Britishrain thought some people could make use of these printable times table charts.  Thank you.


8) A play with factorials     Thanks Chris and Melody    


9) More calculus for Alan.   He has been offered some A.P.E. help though.    LOL



That is it for the middle of my week.  See you tomorrow.  :)


                    ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Oct 22, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap           Thurs 23/10/14         Sydney, Australia           Time 9:00pm         ♬


Hi everyone,

Today our great answers were provided by Heureka, Rosala, Geno3141, CPhill, Bugzy3141, Fieldmoue830, Alan, Lostjr126, and Britishrain.    Thank you all.   


I sent an email to Andre Massow yesterday requesting some improvements to our message system and also improvements to access of the member data base.  I will keep you informed if I become aware of any changes.


Now for some interest posts:


1) Rosala is back in Camelot  Yeah!


2) Solving trig equation, graphically and algebraically.    Thanks Chris and Melody


3) The web2 calc never fails to surprise.   Thanks Heureka.


4,5,6) This is a couple of good one for the middle school students among you.  Thanks Geno






7) Here's one I want to look at (haven't got to it yet) - Thanks Gino and Alan.


8) Maths in chemistry  Thanks Alan



That is it for today - thank you everyone.  


                    ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Oct 23, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap           Fri 24/10/14         Sydney, Australia           Time 7:30pm         ♬


Hi all,


Today our intrepid answerers included CPhill, Geno3141, Rosala, and Jillybean.  A big thank you to each of you. :)


i just pulled out a few interest posts today:


1) This simultaneous equations question was different - I liked it 


2) I always like these.  Thanks Gino


3) This one does look interesting.  Thanks CPhill


4) Here is a tough factorization.   



It is already weekend for me.  Many of you have got a whole day to go.  Too bad for you LOL.   

See ya next time.  


                    ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Oct 24, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap       Sat 25/10/14    Sydney, Australia        Time 1:10am   (Really Sunday morning)      ♬


Good Evening all,  


Great answers today from Heureka, Geno3141, Rosala, LancelotLink and Chimp Ayumu, Kitty<3, CPhill and Alan.  Thank you.  


I just pulled out a couple of interest posts and here they are:    


1) Calculus - rates - I like these but I got really frustrated because there are only 100cm in a metre.  Doh!  

Thanks Chimp Ayumu, LancelotLink, Chris and Alan (and even I eventually got it right)      


2) Limits  thanks to Alan, Gino and Melody.


3) A spot of physics anyone?   Thanks Alan and Gino



That is it - enjoy your weekend.   


                    ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                           ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Oct 25, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap          Sun 26/10/14           Sydney, Australia            Time 9:50pm      ♬


Hello everybody,


Fantastic answers today from Geno3141, Kitty<3 and Alan.


I just pulled a few interest questions:


1) Vectors.   Thanks Alan


2) Addition  Thanks Alan  


3) Proof with complex numbers    Thanks Alan, Gino and Melody.



That is it for my weekend but many of you still have all Sunday to go.  Enjoy  


                     ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                              ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Oct 26, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap          Mon 27/10/14           Sydney, Australia            Time 11:40pm      ♬


Hello everyone,

I forgot to put the credits   - I will add them now.   

There were many great answers from Alan, CPhill, Geno3141, Robtre, Robert, LancelotLink, TakahiroMaeda, Kitty<3 and last but definitely not least Reinout-g.  Thanks all.  


It was really busy today.  Perhaps the busiest Sun/Mon that we have ever had.     I find busy days frustrating because I do not have a chance to answer questions like I want to or to learn from other people's questions and answers.  Still it is usually better to be too busy than to be not busy enough.  


I put aside a great many posts today.  Most of them I have not even looked at properly, but they all look interesting all the same.  We also had a couple visits from LancelotLink.  He was behaving himself relatively well.  He made a couple of hilarious posts.  


1) This one looks really interesting.  Thanks Chris and anonymous.


2) This is another that I need to look at properly.       Thanks Alan and CPhill


3) This looks interesting.  Thanks Chris


4,5) These are hilarious.  Thanks LancelotLink  



6) This was different - how do you cut a cirlce in half without going through the middle.  Thanks CPhill and Gino


7) Chris tells me to include this under "things that confuse Chris".  It is really not that bad.  


8) This is a great middle high school revision question.  Thanks Gino   


9) I always like these.  This one doesn't look to hard but I could be wrong.   Thanks Chris   


10) This one looked good. Parabolic dish    Thanks Chris and Geno.


11) Chris's calculus is very impressive.  


12) Interesting info from CPhill.  



Enjoy the rest of your day/evening everyone.  And do whatever possible to make the new week is a really good one.  


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 Oct 27, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap     Tues 28/10/14      Sydney, Australia       Time 12:25am    (Really Wed morn)    ♬


Hi everyone,


Lots of great answers today from robtre, kitty<3, TakahiroMaeda, danemathesius, geno3141, spechtjshj, CPhill, unknown, Fisker, SamHenry, Alan, HannahL14, and Coolman.  Thankyou    You are all wonderful.


Here are some posts that may be of interest:


1) Some bright (school) seniors might like to think about this one.


 2) This looks interesting and not too hard.  Thanks CPhill


3) Another interesting one.  Thanks Gino


4) An interesting limit analysis from Alan.  


5) a little history lesson - Thanks Geno


6) Calculus used with population growth. Alan and  CPhill have not reached an agreement yet.  :))


7) I have to include some physics      Thanks Alan.   


8) Calculus in a commercial setting.   Thanks Alan


9) This is one that middle high school students could attempt.   Thanks Chris  



That is it for this evening.  Thanks everyone    


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 Oct 28, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap     Wed 29/10/14      Sydney, Australia       Time 8:35pm         ♬


Good evening all,


There were some great answers today from geno3141, CPhill, SleepyOwls,Will85237, Unknown, Alan and Linarose.

Thank you 


I may not have internet access sometimes over the next 10days.  So if I am not about much that may be why.  

I am sure Geno, CPhill and Alan will keep Camelot running very smoothly.  Thanks guys.  


Now for a few interest posts:


1)  A bit of 'imaginary' information :)   Thanks Gino and Alan


2) I liked this trig one.  Thanks Gino and Chris


3) I like these ones too.  function of a function.  Thanks Chris and Geno


4) How DID archimedes find pi ?   (This is a great question)    Thanks Alan and CPhill.  


5) Surface area of a cone    Thanks Chris and Geno


 6) CPhill and I like the way anonymous attacked this question.  Thanks anon.   



Thanks all.    


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 Oct 29, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap     Fri 31/10/14      Sydney, Australia       Time 4:15pm         ♬


Hi All,


There has been lots of great answers the last two days.  These were presented by Geno3141, CPhill, Alan, Will85237, Unknown, Linarose, Samanthamunguia99, reinout-g, darkangelsaura16, stormegetton, ZeroThe Protector and Kitty<3.  Thank you all.  


Now for a few interest posts:


1) This is a good question and answer  Thanks CPhill


2) This is a good one for junior High children   Melody.


3) This was a very active thread on limits.  Thanks Alan, Melody and CPhill


4) I really like it when question askers are interactive.   Thanks Anon, CPhill and Melody.



That is it from me on this Friday  


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 Oct 31, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap     Fri 7/11/14      Port Macquarie,   Australia       Time 11:00pm         ♬


Hi everybody,


I have not done a wrap for a whole week!  I have been away!  See the titile - I am in Port Macquarie.  I have not looked at all or even most of the posts and I have not collected the names of the answerers.


However,  I have collected some interesting posts and it is time for me to display them  


And here they are :


1) I really liked this question.


2) Trig equation.  This one is just a little different.  Thanks Alan.


3) Web2.0calc   It is always good to get lessons on useing the calc.  Thanks Geno. :))


4) This is a great area question.  I really like it!


5) Polar co-ordinates for complex numbers - something ese for me to wouk out.  Thanks Chris and Alan.


6) This proof stumped me        It is lucky we have Chris and Gino - thanks guys    


7) Similar functions - I really liked this question        Thanks Gino and Melody


8) This one really made me think!


9) This is similar to the above one but a bit easier. Thanks Alan


10) Find the range of this function.   Melody 


 11) This function question is not difficult - just unusual



Thanks everyone and enjoy your weekend (It has already started for me )     


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 Nov 7, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap     Sat 8/11/14      Sydney,   Australia       Time 12:50 am      (Really sunday)         ♬


Hi all,


I'm home again!   We had some great answers today from Alan, CPhill, gino3141, bailey, mathematician, and robtre.  Thanks all    


Our town Crier has put out a call to Chiurgeon Tud.  Queen Guinevere requires his attendance forthwith !



Now for today's interest posts:


1) This was a 'cute'  question.  Thanks Gino  


2) I like Venn diagrams      Thanks Chris  


3) Gino has used a great site to find Z score areas.  Thanks Gino


4) Another great Stats site from Gino!


5) I missed some answers- you have to be careful    Thanks Chris  



That is it for today - enjoy your weekend - I know that for many of you it has barely started  


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 Nov 8, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap     Sun 9/11/14      Sydney,   Australia       Time 10:15 pm             ♬


Hi everyone,

It was a quiet Sat/Sun today.  Still there were some good answers provided by Kitty<3, Mathematician, saseflower, CPhill, Morgan Tud and Alan.  Thanks all


Interest posts:


1) Chiurgeon Tud answered the Queen's summons.  It was nice to see him in Camelot.  I hope that he stays about for our sick need his care.   And his powerful magic may keep our bridge Troll at bay.      


2) Something to think about - Thanks Alan



That is it - Good night/day all. 


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 Nov 9, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap     Mon 10/11/14      Sydney,   Australia       Time 10:10 pm             ♬


Hi all,

Thanks for the thumbs up on yesterday's wrap Chris.  Much appreciated.  


It was fairly quiet today.  After all it was Sunday for many of you and it is approaching the end of the year.  In Australia schools are already winding down for the year.   


Still we had some great answers from CPhill, Alan, reinout-g, SevenUp and saseflower. A big thank you to each of you. 


Here is a few noteworthy posts:


1) Probability combinations Thanks SevenUp


2) A touch of Physics.   Thanks SevenUp and Alan


3) Taylor Series expansion  Thank you Alan  


4) Circumscribing a triangle.  Thanks to Melody and Alan


5) Edit entry

I think that this is confusing but thanks Alan and Reinout-g



Thanks all and enjoy your new week  


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 Nov 10, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap    Tues 11/11/14      Sydney,   Australia       Time 7:40 pm             ♬


Hi all,


There has  been about a million questions today.

great answers were given by CPhill, pachecachu, happy7, TayJay, geno3141, Kaepernicks and kitty<3.  Thank you all  


I collect most of the worthwhile unanswered question and put them here.



Here are a few interesting posts:


1) Mystery log question


2) This nonsense question created some good playtime  Thanks Happy7 and CPhill


3) Dance lessons for mathematicians   LOL


4) A bit of fun  :)



Thanks everyone. :)


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 Nov 11, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap    Wed 12/11/14      Sydney,   Australia       Time 3:35 pm             ♬


Hi everyone,


We were on a roll today.  Lots of questions and answers but we got through them all so I am writing the wrap early today :)))    Oh, Rosala returned to - that is great :))))) 


Great answers from Kaepernicks, xXFareXx, CPhill, reinout-g, geno3141, SevenUp, Kitty<3, Anonymous4338, Phanolo, Hc2027, justinas, happy7 and Rosala.  Lots of helpers today.  That is great. Thanks everyone.  


Now for a few interest posts:

1) Rosala's back  Hip Hip Horray!


2)Sometimes it pays to think a little even on simple questions   Thanks Gino


3) Matching equations to graphs   Thanks Gino    [I really want to study this some more] 


4) inverse functions  Thanks CPhill  



Enjoy the rest of your day -  Oh and thanks for the points on my last couple of wraps :)     


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 Nov 12, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap    Thurs 13/11/14      Sydney,   Australia       Time 10:50 pm             ♬


Hi all,


Lots of great answers today from Alan, Voodox, CPhill, happy7, Hc2027, Anonymous4338, taufique, geno3141, TayJay, Jillybean and Heureka.  Thank you all  

[thanks for my thumbs up yesterday :) ] 


We have a "Rat Pack" back.     It is not the same pack as before, we do miss DragonSlayer554 and Zegroes and Rose98.  But still it is great to have a rat pack back again.  From my observation the new 'rat pack' includes Rosala, Tiddle, TayJay, happy7, Jillybean and Anonymous4338     

Do not take offense to the term 'Rat Pack' it is a term coined by CPhill and it is most definitely a term of endearment :)))   CPhill and I both love having an active Rat Pack on the forum  

The 'Rat Pack' has been taking garbage posts and turning them into chat rooms although Jillybean made this one from scratch.                 http://web2.0calc.com/questions/random_1#r3

I do hope that DS can return soon 


Lets look at our other interesting posts :


1) What fun we have here.    Thanks LancelotLink.  I really liked these posts  


2) Ratios and using tables


3) I wish I had more time just ot think about some of these questions and answers.  Thanks Chris and Gino. 


4) Trig - I had fun with this one.  Thanks Chris       


5) solving simultaneous equations using matrices - thanks Alan.


6) Fibonacci and Phi


7) Just as well Alan know how to use the calculator :)  Thanks Alan



Thanks everyone :)


                     ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                              ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Nov 13, 2014

Why can't I give you more points?  I love the wrap!

 Nov 13, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap    Fri 14/11/14      Sydney,   Australia       Time 10:10 pm             ♬


Hi everybody and thanks to Happy7 and the others who have given points for my wrap.  I appreciate it and i am glad that you find the wrap worth while.    

If anyone would like to recommend any threads for the wrap please let me know.  The most obvious way is to send me the address by private message.  These days the forum is very busy.  I do not read all the questions and answers.  I expect that I miss many good ones.  So please let me know if any draw your attention.  More people than just me would really appreciate it.   


It was very busy today.  I am very glad that so many people get in and help answer questions.  Today these people were Lanayia, haimaithproblems, BrittanyJ, Alan, CPhill, Heureka, Relic, Happy7, Tiddle, geno3141, Anonymous4338, Mathematician and SevenUp.  There were some good answers from anonymous people too.  Thank you for all these great answers.   


Now for some interesting posts:


1) The children have been very acive today :)  A toungue twister from Jillybean   


2) This one was interesting - and suitable for the younger children as well  


3) gradient in 3 dimensions -thanks Alan


4) Modulus arithmetic is just another thing I need to study up on.  Thanks Heureka and Alan :)


5) Birthday Problem.  Alan's answers are always impressive  :))



That is it for today.  I wish you all a very pleasant evening/day and I will most likely 'see' you all tomorrow.


                         ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                              ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Nov 14, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap    Sat 15/11/14      Sydney,   Australia       Time 11:05 pm             ♬


Hi everyone - and once again thanks to those people who gave points to my wrap.  It is just nice to know that they are read and appreciated although I have always had positive feedback and I have always really appreciated it. 


Today there were great answers from Alan, CPhill, happy7, Dragontmaermaths, Tiddle, SevenUp and Geno3141. I appologise if I ever forget anyone.  I am sure I do sometimes but I would never do it on purpose. 


Here are some interest post for the day :


1) More Physics for me to learn.  Thanks Alan.


2) This is a repeat from yesterday but Chris added a method that I really liked. :)


3) One for the little kids     Thanks Happy7


4) A touch of physics  Thanks SevenUp


5,6) Functions of functions - these often confuse students - Thanks CPhill




That is it for today - enjoy your weekend  


                     ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                              ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Nov 15, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap       Sun 16/11/14        Sydney,   Australia         Time 8:30 pm             ♬


Hi Everybody,

It was a little quiet today - some people don't do maths on the weekend - go figure ?

Anyway we still had great answers from CPhill, BrittanyJ, jillybean, geno3141 and Will85237.  Plus LancelotLink left 315 some cute and furry offerings on loan. 


If you want to find posts by a particular member this is how it is done. Up the top right of your screen is a search box.  Jusy type in  by:LancelotLink   (or the member that you are after) then his/her posts will be retreived:)


Now for a few interest posts:

1) Partial fractions - I haven't seen these on the forum before.  CPhill and Melody  

Chris and I learned/revised how to do them.  They are needed for some integrations.  

This gave us a small sense of achievement.  :)


2) Introduction to algebra.

I have added this one to Reference material because if may be worth using again.  


3) some mind boggling Trig stuff   Thanks CPhill  


4) finding the present value of a bond (I have added this to the 'great answers to learn from' sticky post)


5) How time and angles are related to each other.  Thanks Brittany, Chris and Melody


6) This function one looks interesting.  Thanks Chris



That is it for Today.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.      


                     ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                              ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Nov 16, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap       Mon 17/11/14       Sydney,   Australia     Time 12:15 pm    (Really Tues morn)   ♬


Hi all,

Thanks for yesterday's points Chris.  I think either Happy7 or Rosala gave me 1 on my Lantern as well. Thanks Happy and Rosala  :)


Lots of great answers today from Mataxa, Rosala, Alan, CPhill, Geno3141, all-them-marvel-feels, Saseflower, Mekay14, pbclover and Heureka.  A big thank you to each of you :)


Now for some interest posts.


1) Let's end the day with a laugh  Thanks Roasla.


The next 3 CPhill brought to my attention.  Thanks Chris  

2) Interesting co-ordinate geometry question.  Thanks Alan


3) Great ratio / geometry question.     Thanks Alan 


4) Chris asked me to check this one out and i haven't even looked at it yet.  Shame on me. Sorry I just haven't had time.    Thanks Chris and Alan


5,6) This 'functions' one looks interesting  Thansk Alan and heureka



7) I liked this simple little question.   


8) I struggled with this function - I am sure it should be done in a more 'organised' way  


9) Complex numbers - thanks Heureka and Alan



Thanks everyone - you all make this forum a great place to be.  


                      ♫♪  ♪ ♫                                ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬                              ♫♪  ♪ ♫

 Nov 17, 2014

Melody just so you have asked or told who gave you that point!so lemme tell ya that i gave it!i just dont like mentioning it again n again thast i want to give you a point or something!it just makes me feel as if im doing you a favour so i dont like it!

anyways your welcome!


 Nov 17, 2014

@@ End of Day Wrap       Tues 18/11/14       Sydney,   Australia     Time 1:00 am    (Really Wed morn)   ♬


Hi everyone,


Lots of great questions and lots of great answers today. 

The answers were supplied by Heureka, CPhill, Geno3141, Alan, happy7, MrBalloon, tiddle, JewishNerd, saseflower and Jillybean.  A big thanks to each of you :)


Now for some interest posts:


1) This trig one amused me - it will no doubt 'amuse' me more when Geno explains his answer.  


2) this sum and product of the real roots of a polynomial created some interest. Thanks CPhill and Heureka


3) Heureka's answer to this co-ordinate geometry question looks interesting.  I answered it too.  We used very different techniques.  Thanks Heureka :)


4) Why are these answers different?   Thanks Heureka and Happy.


5) Another trig question that created a lot of interest.  Thanks Geno, Melody and Heureka   


6) Pyramid left us a new 'puzzle' to think about.   Thanks Pyramid