I would like to receive some feed back on my incorrect answers and with the correct aswer to why it is that. Thank you in advance.

a) yes

b) yes, infinity

c) no, jump

d) -oo

e) -oo

f) 0

g) 0

h) discontinous

i) 0

j) 0

k) 0

l) 0

m) no it has a jump

n) 1

o) -2

p) DNE

q) -2

r) no

s) -2

t) -2

u) -2


w) -4 infinite; x = -1 is a jump discontinuity; (1,2) the sharp cusp, i forget if thats a discon.

Veteran  Oct 26, 2017
edited by Veteran  Oct 26, 2017

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This is what I think


a) yes

b) and c)  The wording is strange but it is not contiuous at x=-1


d,e,f,and g are all -infinity


h) it is not continuous at x=-4


i,j,k,l all =0


m) Yes f is continuous at x=-2



n)    1

o)    -2

p) undefined

q)   f(-1)=-2

r)  f is not continuous at x=-1

s,t,u,v all =-2

w) f is continous at x = 3  (I think)

Infinite discontinuity at x=-4

x)  Jump discontinuity at x=-1


That is it I think.....

Melody  Oct 26, 2017

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