The city government is considering two tax proposals:
•    A lump-sum tax of $300 on each producer of hamburgers.
•    A tax of $1 per burger, paid by producers of hamburgers.
What is the both proposals effect on the following:(increasing decreasing or stay the same): AFC ATC AVC & MC

 Apr 26, 2017

Well hamburger brain, if you think about it for a minute (maybe 20 or 30 minutes for you), a tax, whether lump sum or per burger, only affects average fixed cost and average total cost, not any of the others.


Oh, just in case your brain is sluggish from hamburger grease, it increases the costs.

 Apr 26, 2017

Wow Guest, you must eat a lot of really healthy food, like maybe bananas...just as an example.... to keep your brain in tip-top condition smileylaughlaugh

hectictar  Apr 26, 2017

Two friends of mine practically live on bananas. Both like the daiquiri form, and one truly prefers it.

 I like bananas but they sometimes disagree with my carnivorous K9-DNA, making me nauseated.


There is a unique tip-top mind on here, represented by a unique artistic flower.  My banana-loving friend finds her presence refreshing and her intelligence inspiring.  I do too.    

Guest Apr 26, 2017
edited by Guest  Apr 26, 2017

Ohhh! surprisesurprise I came across a few LOST DOG signs....I guess they were just old and needed to be taken down? laugh



I bet whoever that flower brain is would would really really appreciate that smileysmiley

hectictar  Apr 30, 2017
edited by hectictar  Apr 30, 2017

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