if you have the input values of 1,2,3and 4 and the outputs are all 5 is it a function and why?



need answers sooon plz and thank you 

 Feb 14, 2019

A function Is a set of number that have diffrent outputs if a number has the same output but diffrent inputs then it is not a function this problem that is giving isn't a function because all outputs are five

 Feb 14, 2019

I'm sorry your answer is incorrect.


A constant function, which is perfectly legit, maps the same value to every point in it's domain.


What is not allowed is mapping multiple values to a single point in the domain.


What we have described in the problem is a constant function with constant value of 5.

Rom  Feb 14, 2019

Okay thanks for letting me know I must be confused with a difrent type of function or rule

HiylinLink  Feb 14, 2019


Dont know if this helps.

 Feb 14, 2019

Or let me say it in a better way This may help you with future problems 

A function is a set of input numbers that each have diffrent outputs  no to diffrent numbers will have the same output like maybe you have the numbers 1234 and 5 (input numbers) and you end up with 67890 then that = a function because no two outputs are the same.

 Feb 14, 2019

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