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For some things I am really geatful for are moderators when they can stop a bad thing from getting out of hand and I like to repay in some (forum) 

of way, Ha see the pun there...okay nobodys laughing anyway I don't have cash because becaaaause I'm just a teenager or a kid whatever which way you perfer but most teens would perfer teen because some reason there all grown up any I did say I would post a riddle once a weak and when I read post that are like the forums dark agaaes it appears that there was alot of what the moderaators and some members defined as fun so here it is  NOTE that - Dashes are spaces between code 








This dosen't look like much becasuse I did alot of arrangeing and stuff its definetly solvable because I sloved it ; )

 Mar 8, 2019

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