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Area of triangle PQR = 10.2 square units
Area of triangle PRS = 11.5 square units
Area of triangle PST = 16.3 square units

A polygon PQRST is shown. The vertices P and R are joined with a dashed line, and the vertices P and S are joined with a dashed line.

The area of Figure PQRST is ______ square units. (Input whole number only.)

 Mar 20, 2019

If you draw the diagram, you can see that the pentagon is made up of the three triangles that we got the area of. So \(A=10.2+11.5+16.3=38\).


Hope this helps!

 Mar 21, 2019

I told you are Awsome, And lukey you do not have to throw a table or Two, and stuff Emerald Wonders Face with socks and answer the question this on was peceful....

Much Thanks LOGTHO 


Nickolas  Mar 21, 2019
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No thank you, I do not ask for the face stuffing with socks. We try our best to answer questions in the best way and fastest way possible. But I am faster... ;P

EmeraldWonder  Mar 21, 2019

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HiylinLink  Mar 21, 2019
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Nickolas  Mar 21, 2019

I'm not sure if you interpeted what I said correctly.

HiylinLink  Mar 21, 2019

XD I am not cocky, just stating facts XD

EmeraldWonder  Mar 21, 2019

LOL yeah XD

HiylinLink  Mar 21, 2019

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