Help with these I cannot get the rest right. 


 Aug 29, 2018

Problem 1:


This triangle has all the same side lengths, which means it is equilateral. This also means that all the angles are equal to \(60\) degrees. \(x = 60\) and the triangle is all of the following: Acute, Equiangular, Equilateral, and Isosceles. 


Problem 2:


I see you already have the degrees, so let's go straight to classifying the triangle. It is all of the following: Acute and Isosceles.


- Daisy

 Aug 29, 2018

(1) Since it is an equilateral triangle, the angle is 60 degrees.

It is acute, equiangular, isosceles, and equilateral.


(2) 50+2x=180, 2x=130, x=65 degrees.

Acute and isosceles.

 Aug 29, 2018
edited by tertre  Aug 29, 2018

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