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Suppose that $f$ is a function and $f^{-1}$ is the inverse of $f$. If $f(3)=4$, $f(5)=1$, and $f(2)=5$, evaluate $f^{-1}\left(f^{-1}(5)+f^{-1}(4)\right)$.

 Jul 15, 2018


You are presenting high level questions so you are advance enough to learn how to present them properly.

I cannot be bothered interpreting this and I have read other people make similar comments.


The stuff between the dollars signs is in Latex.

Open the latex box in the ribbon, past the latex into there and press ok. Do not include the dollar signs.

Practice a little and you will find it easy.

If you need better instructions you can ask.

 Jul 15, 2018

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