what is '?' ± 10 = 16

Guest May 29, 2017



Here is the original equation:




What is this telling us? This equation is really 2 separate equations. I've laid them out for you:

  1. \(x+10=16\)
  2. \(x-10=16\)

Now do you understand what \(\pm\) means? It means that you both add and subtract. Solve each equation separately, and you get both values for x. I'll start with the first:


\(x+10=16\) Subtract 10 on both sides to isolate x


Of course, you aren't done yet! You must solve the other equation, too:


\(x-10=16\) Add 10 on both sides to isolate x


Therefore, you have 2 solutions:


\(x=6\) and \(x=26\)

TheXSquaredFactor  May 29, 2017

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