The table shows the probabilities of winning or losing when the team is playing away or is playing at home.


               Home     Away     Total 

Win          0.2         0.05       0.25


Lose        0.6         0.1          0.7


Total       0.8         0.15        1.00


Are the events “winning” and “playing at home” independent? Explain why or why not.

Are the events “losing” and “playing away” independent? Explain why or why not.

adore.nuk  Feb 27, 2018


Although the experimental probability shows that playing at home gives a certain edge, mathematically the events "winning" and playing at home are completely independent since the 2 events are not linked whatsoever. Just take the example of flipping a dye. The probability of getting a Head = 1/2. If after 1000 flips you get a head, the probability of getting a Head on the 1001 flips is always 1/2 (head & tail are independent)

Veteran  Feb 27, 2018

are the events losing and playing at home independed as well, or no?

adore.nuk  Feb 27, 2018

I meant playing away.

adore.nuk  Feb 27, 2018

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