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A sphere is inscribed inside a hemisphere of radius 2. What is the volume of this sphere?


4/3 pi is right! Good job everyone, and hopefully I'll post my solution, later. smiley

 Feb 17, 2019
edited by tertre  Feb 20, 2019

\(\text{the inscribed sphere has a radius }\tilde{r} = 1\\ vol = \dfrac 4 3 \pi r^3 = \dfrac 4 3 \pi\)

 Feb 17, 2019

I ended the equation getting 33.49 

 Feb 18, 2019

If the hemisphere has radius 2, then the sphere will have radius 1. Solving for the formula of a sphere, we get 4/3 pi, which simplifies to about 4.2


HiylinLink, your answer is wrong probably becuase you didn't read the question carefully smiley


The sphere is inscribed in the hemisphere, so the sphere doesn't have radius 2, it has radius 1. If the sphere has radius 2, then your answer is correct. But since it has radius 1, the answer is 4.2

 Feb 18, 2019

oooooh sorry I never heard of hemisphere's before I proablly learn about those soon hopefully.

 Feb 18, 2019

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