how do i put 17,522,800,00 into scientific notation

Guest Mar 2, 2017

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Did you mean to put one more zero at the end? There's a comma there but only 2 zeros after it.

I'm going to assume you meant:



Move the decimal however many places it takes to get it just behind the first digit.

Count how many places you move it and whether you moved left or right.

That makes it look like this:


For this number you have to move left 10 places.

Since you moved left 10 places, you must multiply by 1010 to get it back to the original number.

(If you move right the exponent is negative.)

1.7522800000 x 1010

 Then you can just drop the zeros at the end. So the scientific notation is:

1.75228 x 1010

hectictar  Mar 2, 2017

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