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I'm curious if any of you guys on the forum could let me know on how to post an image on your question There's a way I think might work like the traditional copy and paste or is there another way. I thinking it will proably be helpful for my future questions.

 Feb 15, 2019
edited by HiylinLink  Feb 15, 2019

To post a image in your question you click the image button and it will give your two options. The first is to paste the Url or website of the photo. And the second is the upload one. So you click to upload and it will take you to your computer files, click on the image that is saved from your files to put into you question and it will show up. 


Hope this helps :P

 Feb 15, 2019

Thanks esmy

 Feb 15, 2019

No probs ;P

EmeraldWonder  Feb 15, 2019

A thread on how to upload a pic was posted very recently.

It is the first one in the STICKY TOPICS on the bottom  right of your screen

 Feb 15, 2019

got it thanks

HiylinLink  Feb 15, 2019

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