@ I have NOT cursorily checked all posts up to and including question page 669+ and answer page 1816+

BUT this is where I am drawing a bit of a line.

The last couple of pages have been dealt with properly but there are many questions before that that have not been answered or checked.  

If you would like to go back and answer some of these questions that would be nice.  

There will be times when the forum is too busy to get through all of the questions.  This is a fact that I need to deal with.  



I encourage everyone to read the "End of Day Wrap"  It is how I communicate with the forum and sometimes it contains important information.

All the old wraps can be accessed.  They are in a Sticky Thread which are located in the bottom right hand corner of most pages.


Today's Wrap can be accessed directly. It is at the following address:




Thanks everyone,

                                                    ♬ ♬ MELODY ♬ ♬


Previous Wrap Lantern;


Melody  Sep 6, 2014

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