Use digits to write seventeen billion and twenty-three ten thousadnths. Where is the zero in the hundredth's place?


And last one: 1/4 in. = 100 mi

                     1 1/4in = ? mi

Guest May 22, 2017

17000000000.0023 is 17 billion and twenty-three ten thousandths written out.




Let's set up a proportion to solve:


\(\frac{\frac{1}{4}}{100}=\frac{1\frac{1}{4}}{x}\)  Cross multiply and solve

\(\frac{1}{4}x=100*1\frac{1}{4}\)  Convert mixed fraction to an improper one

\(\frac{1}{4}x=\frac{100}{1}*\frac{5}{4}\)  Simplify the right side of the equation

\(\frac{1}{4}x=\frac{500}{4}\)  Multiply both sides by 4 to get rid of the pesky fractions



Therefore, if 1/4in=100mi, then 1 1/4in=500mi!

TheXSquaredFactor  May 22, 2017

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